Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Season 1 Episode 10

Diplomatic Immunity

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2003 on Ion Television
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Diplomatic Immunity
Overhearing an altercation on the street, Bobby acts out in defense of a woman by getting physical with a man -a Sudanese Diplomat. The diplomat filing a complaint against Bobby, the Team works to reveal the dark dealings being carried out behind the "shield" of immunity, while Bobby's livelihood -along with the freedom of a certain reporter- hang in the balance.

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  • This is a great episode! Bobby stops a diplomat from beating up a woman, and consequently loses his job at the F.B.I. It also tells about how there are still slaves today in other parts of the world and America. And it shows how horrible it all is.moreless

    As I already said this a great episode. Possibly my favorite Sue Thomas episode. The very begining is funny. Then it shows what a good guy Bobby is when he gets out of the car and runs across the street to try to save the woman. Bobby getting suspended from the F.B.I. is a great plot line. I love how all of the team went over to Bobby's house to keep working on the case with him. Besides this being a serious episode about slavery in Africa and America, it did have some very funny parts. Examples: The begining with the map, the half eaten doughnut, and all the parts with the team in Bobby's appartment. I couldn't stop laughing! Not to mention Jack to Bobby "You look thinner in all black." And Bobby getting the lock open faster than Jack with his nice old fashion tool! Which compares to the parts in this episode were it talks about slaves, which just made me want to cry. This episode was able to balance the two aspects very well. Which is one reason It's so great. Basically all the parts in this episode were good and memborible. Here are a few: Jack risking his job to help Bobby get back his, Mutumbu in the allyway with Bobby, and Darcy in jail. I like the fact that Darcy goes to jail in order to keep Bobby from losing his job and then Bobby goes and turns himself in (as being her informant) in order to get Darcy out of jail. (This would probably make more since if you've seen the episode.) I also like how all the members of the team were there at the end to open the diplomatic cantainer (in order to help Bobby get his job back). Even though it could have cost them all there jobs. Two small lines I liked. Bobby, "Right, this is all for the cause of justice." Darcy, "And don't forget the American way." I saw this as a refrence to the episode when they met and Darcy says a similiar thing. The other line I like is when everything over with and Jack says to Bobby, while there visting Ingri Raga in the hospital, "Well, in case you were wondering if it was all worth it." (In refrence to him losing his job, and them rescuing the slaves.) The ending scene in Bobby's apartment was really great and funny. I liked when Bobby said, "I'm growing,mate. Into the man I always wanted to be."(refearing to himself cooking.) Then he looks at Darcy as he said that to impress her. I really, really like all the parts in this episode with Bobby and Darcy! The actors did a terrific job. All in all this is a great episode. Everything I said may not make since, and that is because I cannot find the right words to describe how really great this episode is.moreless

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