Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Season 3 Episode 19

Ending and Beginnings

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 22, 2005 on Ion Television
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Ending and Beginnings
With the offer of a great promotion comes mixed feelings for Sue, who must decide whether to remain with the individuals she's grown so close to, or take her career's path to a new life in New York.

Meanwhile, a break in the Team's latest major case turns sideways and Jack becomes the victim of identity theft; and may become the victim in another way as the turn of events with Sue leaves him distracted on the job....moreless

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  • sue gets a promotion, she now has to decide if she is going for it. It's a hard choise to make. Someone has acces to Jack creditcards and he wants to know who. Meanwhile he's feels sad of sue's promotion to New York.moreless

    A beautiful episode. It's only a pitty that is had to end here. Just now I want to know, what will go on between Sue and Jack. The words "the end" and "for now" guess this isn't the end. Well I hope not. I loved to watche the show. The flash back of Sue,about all the things that happend during all episodes, make me want to see the whole show just again. Glad that I have some episode on tape. I can see them when ever I want. Missing a lot, is making me surch for the whole show on dvd, but can't find it yet. I'm glad there are many fans, so with the site's and pictures I can enjoye a bit more.moreless
  • This CAN'T be the end. One of the few decent shows on TV worth watching? Please tell me it's coming back soon.

    Hopefully now that Deanne and Troy (married in real life) have had their child, it won't be much longer until they start to film Season 4. Just like "Doc", the finale should be Sue and Jack finally getting hitched. C'mon PAX, don't let this gem of a TV show get cancelled. We all want to see Sue back again.
  • Sue is offered a promotion in New York. Jack becomes the victim of idenity theft. Sue wrestles whether she should take the job even though it means leaving behind all her friends...including Jack. The real Sue Thomas appears too!moreless

    I loved this episode. Sue gets offered a promotion which involves moving to New York. She knows what an opportunity it would be for her but leaving her friends behind would be hard for her. As the song \"Pray for Me\" plays, you\'ll see flashbacks when she first arrives in D.C. when she meets Jack Hudson and the best of the best of the other characters. This episode is classified as the series finale by PAX though the producers/writers are fighting really hard to bring it back...hence the reason for \"The End.. for Now\" in the final credits.moreless
  • season 3 finale. hopefully not the last episode ever.

    I haven't seen this episode yet. Just wanted to say I hope the show comes back for a season 4 and Please let Jack and Sue get together!!!!!They belong together, it's soooooo obvious!

    Tara and Bobby are together and Lucy and Myles are together, Demetrius is married and Levi's a dog. Sue and Jack are the only ones not paired up and they like each other, it's just that both of them are too scared to tell each other how they feel. They would make the cutest couple!!moreless
  • Jack get a big bill and almost gets shot sue gets a big promotion and has to make a choice the up side sue and jack can now have a relationship.moreless

    Glad she didn't go but upset that Jack didn't have a chance to confess his feelings to her.

    Oh well maybe next season they'll get it on. after all it may say no romantic relationships with members of your unit but don't foreget when we enterd the series lucy was romantic with miles yuck!!!!!! so maybe it can work i mean the feeling are deffinitly there.

    Now that Darcy and standly are gone and Tera and Bobby have admitted that they have felling for eachother there might be some room for romance there as well. no all that left in lucy she needs someone to. (miles is a hopeless cause)moreless

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Tara: Whoever would have believed it would be Myles to play the romance card?

    • Jack: How many big screen TVs does this joker need? The real Jack Hudson would be happy with just one!

    • Jack: Oh,hi.
      Sue: Hi.
      Jack: You took the stairs?
      Sue: We didn't have time to walk this morning. We needed some exercise.
      Jack: Oh. I was actually wanting to talk to you.
      Sue: Really? About what?
      Jack: Um, about your moving, and leaving and everything.
      Sue: I see, I d-
      Jack cuts Sue off before she can finish her sentence
      Jack: Before you say anything, can I just tell you what it is I was planning to tell you?
      Sue: Ok.
      Jack: I, uh, I was up all night thinking about it and I didn't want you to go without at lest knowing what it was that I was thinking.
      Here Jack pauses before going on
      Jack: I understand that this is a great, great oportunity and I would never want to stand in the way of your career advancement, but I want you to know that I wish you weren't going. We're all gonna miss ya, as a team, and uh, I'm gonna miss ya personally, a lot, and I..I just wanted you to know that.

    • Sue: And...I've been told it's even better the second time around.

    • Jack: This guy picked the wrong F.B.I agent to mess with!

    • Final Credits: The End For Now...

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    • St Patrick, an Irish patron saint, died on March 17, 651. After years of enslavement he dedicated the rest of his life to converting pagans to Christianity, amongst others using the three-leaved shamrock to explain the trinity. Although March 17 is not an official holiday in most of Canada or the USA, is it widely celebrated with parades and other festivities, themed around all things Irish and all things green, attracting many non-Irish and non-Christian celebrators too.