Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Season 3 Episode 13

False Profit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2005 on Ion Television

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  • Sue investigates a cult following a kidnap attempt.

    An interesting instalment in this the third and final series of Sue Thomas FBEye. It follows Sue's attempts to help Lily Jensen (played by Jackie Rosenbaum) to re-unite with her parents after being sucked into a cult called Mind Prophet. Not one of the stronger episodes by a long way but it does include some humorous moments including Jack flirting with a garage mechanic (Sammy) and blaming his attraction on “the badge”. Meanwhile the team are caught up with each others quirks in the office and they set out to catch Miles who claims he doesn't have any. Worth watching, the episode moves at a brisk pace with humour and intrigue thrown in.

    Sue goes undercover along with Tara to prove to Lily that the main man behind the cult organisation is up to no good. When he suspects Sue of being against the teachings of Mind prophet he kidnaps her. The team face a frantic effort to track Sue down before time runs out. Lily is re-united with her parents.
  • A kidnapping of a young woman leads Sue and Tara to infiltrate a cult called "Mind Prophet" to save her before it's too late. Meanwhile the rest of the team are trying to identify their quirky habits and change them except for Myles who insists he doesn't

    Sue and the team investigate the kidnapping of a young woman who turns out to be in a cult called "Mind Prophet". A surprising twist in the finding of the young woman leads Sue and Tara to infiltrate the cult to find out what happened to other young women who have disappeared after becoming a part of the cult.

    I love the sense of humour mixed in the plot when the team are trying to kick their odd habits while working on this case. This plot was definitely cleverly written.
  • Sue and Tara investigating a group "mind profit" Sue has contact with a woman "Lily" Jack doesn't like it that Sue is in that group. Sue is getting kidnapt when "mind profits" thinks Sue is not positive to the group.

    I think this episode gives a good picture of the way those goups can work. Jacks concern to wards Sue is sweet and touching. I think this episode is not very exiting but, it is a good story. I like to see the hole team, the way they work together. I always want to know how the serie will go and how it ends, and how Sue and Jack are. Only when the last words are spoken and its the end of the episode, I wish the next one would follow right away. All regards to Levi, he is wonderfull, as in every episode.