Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on Ion Television
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Pilot (1)
Sue Thomas leaves for Washington D.C. She will stop to pick up Levi who has been abused and will serve as her hearing dog. As Sue arrives in D. C. She finds out they aren't ready to have a deaf person work in the FBI. Sue continues to tell Levi her story about her mom "the Iron Witch" and how she was taught to speak and later finds that going to school is hard, Sue is stopped by a cop who has no idea she is deaf.moreless

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  • Sue Thomas is a deaf person working in the FBI. She found herself working in "SPEACIAL PROJECTS". so one day at work see met Jack, and Jack realized she could read lips, and since he worked for SVU, she was needed.moreless

    I absoulty loved this episode becasue I was randomly just relaxing in front of the TV and there it was. This show had may attention for the whole time. People on TV know a days you never deaf people, and sue thomas is so pretty. she is a great actrice and levi is also very quite. This episode had drama, comedy romance, suspence. It had everything I was looking for.

    after seeing this show it made wanting more. I have watched it every week for the last few months and I am still not board of it. This so far is one of my favourite episodes.moreless
  • There is a definite art to making a pilot episode for a new series where you give the viewer enough details to catch their attention, while retaining the mystery that will make them come for more...moreless

    There is a definite art to making a pilot episode for a new series where you give the viewer enough details to catch their attention, while retaining the mystery that will make them come for more...

    It has to be even harder when the inspiration for one of the character is still around and someone you want to celebrate the life of. Where do you draw the line between reality and make belief? The line is very thin. Yet, the Johnsons succeeded in finding that balance and drawing us in. They made the viewer connect with Sue Thomas and want to see how she would adapt to her brand-new independency and exalting career.

    The mix and match of characters and actors created a great chemistry that pulled me in and made me stick around for 3 short seasons that were over too soon.moreless
  • Sue Thomas leaves home to begin her new job in the F.B.I. She will pick up her new dog, Levi who had been abused but will now serve as her "ears". The story begins when she became deaf and how she dealt with it in her young life.moreless

    This episode was an eye-opener for me. I have heard of people with seeing-eye dogs but I haven't heard of a person with a hearing dog. I also liked how it showed as she went minute she could hear the TV blaring, the next she could hear absolutely nothing. This episode has created a new perspective for me about how deaf people are often rejected in the work force because they are deaf. Like when Sue first started her job in the F.B.I. as a finger-print anaylst. The people of the F.B.I. obviously didn't think she could accomplish any more than that. Then in comes Jack Hudson, a special agent who was curious enough about this new girl asks her to read lips for him. After discovering something about his own teammates, Jack works to get Sue on his elite team. Of course the two leading characters, Jack and Sue, have a love interest in each other which adds to the appeal of the show. This show has been truly a ground-breaking show, a show for the first time in history has a story about a deaf woman in the F.B.I. portrayed by a deaf actress. Deanne Bray is a wonderful, earnest personality embodied into her character as Sue Thomas. I, for sure, will continue to pray for the show's future. This is one that can't be cancelled like this!moreless
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Markus Parilo


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • If you look carefully, Sue and Lucy are watching "DOC"!

    • Lucy's duties - as a rotor - are that of a receptionist/secretary who assists the rest of the team in tracking down information, pulling up reports from other offices, and lending support. Rotors in FBI vernicular are support personnel.

    • The Bullpen is room 311. When Sue looks on the FBI directory to find the number of the Personnel room, this is the number that is written. And since Personnel moved to the 6th floor and the team moved down in its place...

  • QUOTES (2)

  • NOTES (4)

    • The song used for the opening credits is "Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews.

    • Trivia item: two actors appear in both the initial episodes of Doc and
      ST:FBE. Billy Ray Cyrus ("Doc" is on the TV in Sue's room) -- and Jack
      Jessop (in "Doc", without his mustache as the guy losing his memory because
      of his medication).

    • Music featured in this episode:
      "Someone Else's Star" by Bryan White

    • Dave Nichols also appeared on the series Doc which is made by the guys who make the show SUE THOMAS F.B.EYE as well.

      Jack Jessop who is also in the pilot of Sue Thomas was in the same episode of Twice In A Lifetime with Dave Nichols.

      This episode is credited as a single episode in the guide, so some actors who appear in part 1 but not part 2 (or vice versa) are credited for both parts in the guide here.