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  • A young deaf woman comes to work in the FBI and is discovered by a special agent of her lip-reading abilities and is put into a team of elite G-men along with her hearing dog.

    I really love how they portray Sue Thomas as a deaf person, using a deaf actress to properly convey the message on how deaf people can thrive in this fast-paced world. I really admire the producers of the show and how they not show graphic violence, no sex scenes and are dedicated to creating and making episodes that touch peoples' lives. I certainly will continue to hope that there will be a season four for STFBE and I will certainly watch more new episodes!
  • I love this show since I first saw it with my mom four years ago. I am a Jack\Sue fan. I like the plots and twists and turns and of course the humor which the wtiters inforce every week. I was sorry that they canceled it.

    I love this show since I first saw it with my mom four years ago. I am a Jack\Sue fan. I like the plots and twists and turns and of course the humor which the wtiters inforce every week. I was sorry that they canceled it but I will just have to watch the reruns and relive my favorite Jack\Sue moments and my favorite episodes and my mom and I will just have to continue to yell at Jack for not having enough guts to tell Sue the truth of his feelings.
  • sue thomas is one of those shows thats hits the heart. it was a thouching show of a blind woman who had a dog and worked for the FBI. and she wanted to go out with her co-worker jack. good show and i hope it comes back on!

    sue thomas is one of those shows thats hits the heart. it was a good show it watch on saturday night. it had some good charecters and the show didnt take itself too serisously. it was a touching story that proved the fact that just because you have a diaspiity doesnt mean that you cant work and have a life with someone or interat with other people. i am in a wheelchair and i really found this show to be very influential. and even through she is deaf she can still talk to people without using sign launguage and she can still use sign launguage to other people that are deaf. i think they should renew this program for another seasona and they should put the other seasons on dvd. its a good show.
  • a very good show about crime

    this show is good it is about a deaf person (sue thomas) who joins the F.B.I.

    they are saying will jack and sue get together not gonna happen it will end the series

    it is very good and it is worth watching

    my fav episode has to be were they are introducing the show and saying how she joins the F.B.I and it is saying about her guide dog Levi how they meet and things

    it is a really enjoyable show to watch and it shows crime in a different way and it shows how the F.B.I is like

    very good
  • Sue is offered a permotion and struggles with whether to stay or go, meanwhile they deal with a tough case and both sue and jack face their feelings for each other.

    I really liked this show aside from the fact that it was the last one for a while. But what I really wanted to know was, does any one know who is the artist and what is the album name of the song in the episode of endings and beginings?
  • Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is a show about a deaf F.B.I. agentand the many problems she faces

    ST:F.B.Eye is a very unique tv show. Sue the deaf agent finds it hard to fit in at first but soon the others warm up to her Jack in particular. The hole team in their department of the F.B.I. in Washington face many different challenges from love and romance to terrorism, murder and politics. If you are interested in F.B.I. shows or are interested in crime fighting shows then i would strongly recommend this show. The characters are very interesting and the plot lines are very different.Sue and her sidekick Levi, her hearing dog always find time to save the day with the help of her friends, and sometimes he friends have to save her. But i think it is a really great show and you would be made to miss it.
  • One of the best shows they really teach you about life.

    This show really taught me about life and how hard it would be to do that. I like the fact that they had all these twists in the plot especially between Jack and Sue without that the show just wouldn't have been as good. They showed you the value of friendship. You were always laughing because of all the things that they made Miles do.
  • I am so going to miss this show and was a bit surprised that PAX again cancelled a very good show. It seems every time I truly love a show on PAX and become addicted it gets cancelled. What can I say, go figure!

    This show is so super great. I love it because it\'s unique and different. It has comedy, action, adventure, and a bit of romance as well as human interest. I realize PAX has cancelled it as they do all of their great shows and I will miss is very much.
  • A very good show.

    A very good show. This show has amazing preformances, great plots, great characters and a also taught me, as a hearing person, a lot about the world of a deaf person. It's amazing to see how the deaf deal with the hearing world and how Sue Thomas never gives up and proves again and again and again that even though she's deaf, she is as good as any other person. It's even more amazing to see how her friends at work accept her disability. This show is based on a true story (as far as I know) and this is incredible to see how human the characters on that show are.
    Hopefully, the show will run for a long time, so we, the hearing people will be able to learn more and accept disables people like Sue Thomas.
  • Show really brought out the deaf community and my awareness of how to communicate with the deaf.

    I really liked this show as well as all my family members - I taped every episode and hope that it comes out in DVD. I really hope the developers will find a new home so the show will continue. Excellent family show without the provacative language and promoted drama as well as providing a sense of humor.
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