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  • Not a smart choise.

    This show is horrible the acting and writing is so bad it makes me ashamed to Canadian probably the worst show in the history of TV. i respect the fact that it is based on a true person but that did such a horrible job making it. in fact i would put in some money to have this show taken off the air and all the film destroyed and the actors and writers locked in prison for being a part of it. and then anyone who liked it should be sterilized so that they don't pollute the human gene pool and have some sort of identification so that everyone knows that they are a watcher of sue thomas fb eye.....gods even the name makes me mad only a stupid show would change the i in FBI to eye and think it is good.
  • Good premise, but not well executed. Viewers looked more for the romance than the drama and real life hardships for deaf, burn victims, amnesiacs, etc. Created a stereotypical cast instead of becoming the cutting edge drama it could have been. May it r

    Good premise, but not well executed. The spiritual implications totally missed the mark with a lot of viewers as evidenced with fan fiction writers who insist on creating characters totally outside the show\'s premise. Viewers looked more for the romance than the drama and real life hardships for deaf, burn victims, amnesiacs, etc. Created a stereotypical cast instead of becoming the cutting edge drama it could have been. Glad its over, even though we still get inundated with reruns 4 nights a week. May the show rest in peace and its actors enjoy their new endeavors with fond memories of what could have been.
  • Pretty good show but as usual the fake English man undermines an otherwise decent effort.

    This is quite an entertaining show. Not too serious, with quite decent story-lines. Only thing is as usual the stereotype English thing screws it up. I mean how hard is it. There's an authentic Australian (except of course real Australians use expletives every other word!) But for some reason, in a business where English actors a clamouring to get work they find an American to play an Englishman. And supposedly one with class, who oddly enough pronounces class in a lower class way. I guess having dodgy teeth is enough as far as most Americans know to pass for English. The main other problem with American tv and film is the moral endings. It all gets a bit goody-two-shoes after a while. Luckily that rule only exists in America.
  • Its OK (most of the time) sometimes it can be a bit gross.

    I don't usually watch it that much, i like watching 'Early Edition' more i think. But it did inspire me to try and learn sign language, just as early edition inspired me to try and learn Braille. (i'm not much good at either.)
    I can do ASL colors and things like horse, dog, cat, more, no, yes, etc... and i can reconize the braille numbers and stuff but nothing great yet, but i am working on it.
  • Best Show Ever!!! Please Bring It Back!!!

    I can't believe they ended this show!!! They didn't really give it a chance. I just found it 3 days ago and I've already finished watching all the episodes. I cried so hard when I found out it ended. I was really hoping to see Jack and Sue get together, though. I'm positive more people would have watched this show had there been more time... Please please PLEASE bring this show back!!! I watch it all the time on BYUtv, but I would really like to see more episodes. I'm sure all the other fans of Sue Thomas would say the same. (And maybe Sue and Jack could be together?) This show is so amazing. It's safe to watch and has a huge emotional appeal. The actors are great, and this is the only show I've watched where I just can't say goodbye. There's no way that this show could just end here!!! Please bring it back, everyone loves this show!!!
  • Sue Thomas-FBEye-April 10

    Please do not replace Sue Thomas FBEye with Twice in a Lifetime. And please aire it 5 days a week like Doc and Touch by an Angel. These are the three series I have been watching. Many lives are touched with the messages conveyed and played by terrific actors and actresses.
  • Episode "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"

    Does anyone know if the dog who acted with Levi was actually a friend of Levi -- they really seemed to know and like each other. Very cute!
  • I love all the characters in the programme all play really good parts and it is enjoyable to watch i hope to see Sue and Jack get together for real and not for the job lol.x

    Sue Thomas FBI is one of the best programmes i have ever seen. I hope there is new series due to come. I love watching all the CSI programmes but this programme tops it. I hate to miss up but one good thing im with virgin so i can do catch up so i dont have to miss it and i will keep watching them over end over again. I also have my family hooked as well. What i did love was having the real Sue Thomas appear on the show that was really nice. Levi plays a great part to when he went missing i cried because it was sad. So my review is Sue Thomas FBI is absolutely brilliant and i give it 100% who ever wrote it should be acknowleged brilliant work.x
  • This is just some information that i thought Yannick might be interested in......

    I have watched Sue Thomas quite a few times,when i heard that Yannick Bisson was on it...main reason my mom used to babysit Yannick when he was about 2 or dad worked for his dad at Beaver Marine in Digby N.S.There were 2 different summers when mom babysit because they did two jobs in the Digby area.One job was a bridge and the other was the Bay Ferries wharf.If Yannick sees this my mom would love to hear from him again after all these years..
  • Sue Thomas FBEye is the story of a pretty, intelligent, and funny young woman who happens to be deaf. She gains a job working for the FBI as a lip-reader, serving as a means to gain intel. Based on the true-life story of Sue Thomas.

    "Sue Thomas FBEye" is a funny, interesting, and clean show that is family-friendly, and yet fun to watch! Usually it portrays wholesome values and morals that people (religious or not) can agree with or at least recognize as positive.

    The show is also sometimes controversial, tackling issues such as terrorism, religion, and racial profiling. However, I believe that it does this with sensitivity and respect, while also not trying to sugar-coat or side-step the gravity of these issues in today's modern, Western, society.

    I really enjoy Ms. Bray's portrayal of Sue Thomas, as well as the characterization of her role. Sue Thomas is a woman that is positive and realistic, despite the undeniable challenges and struggles that her deafness sometimes presents. She is surrounded by loyal, understanding, and supportive friends/co-workers. I also like that it is a quality, Canadian-made show that features good Canadian actors/tresses. It is solid and enjoyable!

    I enjoy watching this show because I always leave with a smile on my face. It is wonderful to sit down and truly relax with a show. I don't care if it is sometimes overly-simple, or that the good-guys always win in the end. I don't watch "Sue Thomas" to be critical and negative about it; there is enough of that in real life! No, I watch the show just to enjoy myself, and remind myself that there are good people in the world who are trying their best to preserve our safety, rights, and freedoms.

    Is the show perfect? No. Is it a postive influence? Yes. It is something that adults and children alike can enjoy and watch together. It also reminds us that despite the obstacles we might face in life, we too can succeed and choose be a positive, encouraging, proactive influence on those around us and our society, instead of the cynical, self-centred, and overly-serious role that we often get consumed by.

    A great show! Check it out! Enjoy!
  • A family favourite, great stories, animals and corny jokes - what more could you ask for?

    Sue Thomas: F. B. Eye is a splendid, innovative and entertaining program. It manages to demonstrate how able bodied people do not have all the answers and sets a vision of the way our world could work without prejudice.
    The straight forward plots and clear goodies and baddies make this program one which the whole family can enjoy together. That is from Grandma to junior., Although the jokes are a little corny they can still make you laugh (or groan!)
    Mind you, I think Levi steals every scene in which he appears, as he is clearly a very clever canine
  • The End, For Now?

    I am confused, at the end of the final episode "The End, For Now" appeared on the screens. Does this mean there could be a chance of a third season?

    Please bring Sue Thomas Back, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen, and there where alot of touching episodes!!!
  • So what now?

    I love this show, but is it true that it has ended once and for all? If so, what happened to Jack and Sue getting together?

    I have to say the best actor in the whole show had to be Levi (Jessie) that dog is amazing.

    This was a great family homespun drama, something you were never affraid to leave your kiddies in front off while you did something else.

    I enjoyed every single episode and hope that the last season truly isn't the last.
  • Amazing!!!!

    I discovered this show a couple of years back here in the UK and ever since the first time i watched it i have been hooked. It is a superb family show, with good morals and clean humor. Call me boring but i love how it is educational as well.
    I was highly disappointed when i heard about the cancellation to the point that i sent letters to both the network and sony- several in fact. But alas so far it has not been revived.
    Why is it the good ones that are wiped out???
    It may have finished a while back but i am still addicted to the show and its characters...and i am still holding out for it's return.
  • Bring it Back!

    Sue Thomas works at the FBI, helping out with cases that are part of the everyday job. Sue works hard to do her best and help out as best she can. Sue can read lips, sign fluently, and can have a good time even though she is deaf.
    I personally like the chemiostry between Sue and Jack. I think that they should have made them ointo a couple but nooo they couldn't. They just had to take the show off the air. Even thought they may never bring it back I wish they would at least put it on DVD so we could buy it and always have it.
  • One of the best shows they really teach you about life.

    This show really taught me about life and how hard it would be to do that. I like the fact that they had all these twists in the plot especially between Jack and Sue without that the show just wouldn't have been as good. They showed you the value of friendship. You were always laughing because of all the things that they made Miles do.
  • Return Sue Thomas

    I never saw Sue Thomas FBI when it first premiered years ago. I recently started watching it and fell in love with the show. Now it has been removed from PAX. We want it back!!! It's one of the best shows out there! I haven't watched PAX since!

  • Sue Thomas FB Eye is a show based on the real life of a deaf woman who could read lips and sign, and surprise, surprise, her name is Sue Thomas too. The actor who plays Sue Thomas in this show is also deaf. She can read lips and sign as well.

    This is a great show, and right now I am watching my favourite episode so far, The Newlywed Game. It is a GREAT episode. Jack and Sue have to pretend that they are newlyweds. Its SO funny. They go undercover because a well known and feared terrorist is making calls to a small suburban family. A nice neighbouring house is for sale and the only way to get close to the couple is to move in. Sue gets to go because of Levi. The woman is a major contributor to a organization that helps train service dogs. This episode is to be continued.
  • Great show. Should definitely be picked up for another season. The actors are great and do complete justice to their characters. A very informative show that everyone shoul watch.

    I love this show. It\'s GREAT! I think it is just so infomative and educating. I love getting to watch and learn the sign language. I think that Deanne Bray is a fabulous actor and just does such a great job with the role. It should be brought back. It is too bad it was not more widely known ang on a more popular television station. I think it is great that people are becoming more aware of the fact that anybody can do anything if they try hard enough. Especially being that the show is based on the life of a real person. Everybody should see this show. Bring it back.
  • My husband and I just found this show this year. We love it!

    My husband and I just found this show this year. We love it! It's in reruns so it often runs opposite current shows we like. We watch it when it doesn't conflict with current shows. Otherwise, I tape it Monday thru Thursday and we watch it all those other times there's nothing worth watching. I like to try to make sure I watch them in order.

    By the way, I especially like the theme song. I would love to have the complete lyrics. There are a few words I can't understand.
  • This show is amazing! It is a wonderful show for the entire family and entertaining for everyone. Please bring this show back!

    Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is an outstanding television show and should continue to be recorded and aired. This show is wonderful for the entire family and entertaining for everyone. The show is clean. It shares the message of Jesus Christ. Each actor is excellent in portaying his or her character. Sue Thomas is an inspiration, for the deaf and hearing. Sue is a hero for anyone who watches the show. Sue Thomas F.B.Eye fulfills its purpose in being considered a drama. Each week is a new plot. The F.B.I. scene is interesting to men, women, and children. The show also gives hints of a possible futer romance with Sue and Jack. Viewers are waiting anxiously to see how the lives of these characters will play out. Please do everything possible to bring this show back.
  • GREAT SHOW -- Please bring it back!

    I hope they decide to bring this show back and continue it. I just discovered it and it\'s a GREAT show. Family friendly, very fun show! And my kids are hooked too. We are a family that actually doesn\'t watch TV, and this show is about the only exception to the rule, it\'s that good.

    The show is filled with laughter, compassion, suspense... just a delightful show.

    I first watched this in ASL class and since then im hooked. I so after barrowing every taped show my teacher had my parents finally got dish so i have the channel. But now there all reruns im very disappointed and really wish that it gets put back on. I still watch the reruns but i want some new ones!
    p.s is it true deanne bray is pregnant?
  • Good role models.

    There's so few shows on TV that are interesting, worth watching, and positive. It's a 'crying shame' STFBI didn't make it. My kids, 13 & 9 just love it! My son now wants to be an FBI agent.

    Let's hope the producers can get the funding together for several movie specials. We'll definitely watch!

    Producers; if you're reading this, contact the Christian Film & Television Commission and see if they can point you in the right direction for funding.
  • I love this show my reasdons for loving it are:

    I love this show soooooooooooooo much I will never forgive the pax people if they cancel it forever it was the most popular show on pax ive een written letters to the producers and stars to try and get it back STFBE will live forever even if it isnt on tv
  • i would have to say that the whole sue thomas has been amazing and there was never a dull moment

    i would have to say that sue thomas is a programme made to make u think like it made me think so much i now know how to speak sign languge i would have to say if sue thomas ended it wouldn't really make sense becasue every1 is thinking is sue gonna get wiv jack how much sucsess is sue gonna have if any1 knows about them making more sue thomas write about plz i would appreciate it alot
  • One of the Best Shows ever

    I love Sue Thomas F.B.Eye. It has just the right amount of everything that makes movies and TV shows good: action, comedy, and a smidgen of romance. The characters were well writen and developed. I was soooo sorry to see it end. I am hoping to see it start up again soon. I would also love to see it come out on DVD.
  • This show is wonderful in every way! Action! Romance! Educational!

    This show is wonderful in every way! Action! Romance! Educational!

    The best part of all is that the Johnson Brothers are in good talks to bring it back after the 'Little Deanne' or 'Little Troy' is born!

    Deanne is Deaf herself and helps educate so many people in just how 'regular' those with hearing loss can be.

    Sorry, I'm just not a wordy person so trying to write 100 words is TOUGH! Should I run through the alphabet to finish up? Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, pi, omicron, phi, rho, sigma, tau, upsilon, chi, psi, omega.
  • a very good show about crime

    this show is good it is about a deaf person (sue thomas) who joins the F.B.I.

    they are saying will jack and sue get together not gonna happen it will end the series

    it is very good and it is worth watching

    my fav episode has to be were they are introducing the show and saying how she joins the F.B.I and it is saying about her guide dog Levi how they meet and things

    it is a really enjoyable show to watch and it shows crime in a different way and it shows how the F.B.I is like

    very good
  • Sue is offered a permotion and struggles with whether to stay or go, meanwhile they deal with a tough case and both sue and jack face their feelings for each other.

    I really liked this show aside from the fact that it was the last one for a while. But what I really wanted to know was, does any one know who is the artist and what is the album name of the song in the episode of endings and beginings?
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