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  • I absolutely love this show!

    Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is a great show! I'm learning American Sign Language or ASL so it's really interesting to me! Plus, the mysteries keep me coming back for more! Sue Thomas is a deaf F.B.I agent who can read lips and has a hearing dog named Levi. She has friends like Jack, Lucy, Bobby, Myles, Tara, and Dimitrius who comfort her when she needs it, and they have fun. It's not always about the fun because when you're an F.B.I agent, you have to focus on your work. I love the cases and the twists in it. It always keeps you at the edge of your seat just waiting to find out what's happening next. I love the excitement and thrill and I also love trying to read the signs. Since I'm a student in ASL, we watch this show during classes sometimes. It's great when you recognize what Sue or someone's signing. It's an interesting show with great plots, so it gets a 10 of course!
  • Sue Thomas:F.B.eye is a show about a deaf woman who can read lips and joins the F.B.I. At first, Sue is put in finger printing because of her "disability", but when Jack Hudson realizes Sue's talent, he puts her up as a full time F.B.I agent. A really gre

    Sue Thomas:F.B.eye is my favourite show, ever! It has everything that I enjoy: Action, romance, a bit of comedy and a bit of drama. Who could ask for anything else?! It's also educational. It teaches sign language and I've actually leaned a lot of signs. It can't be cancelled!

  • I love this show since I first saw it with my mom four years ago. I am a Jack\Sue fan. I like the plots and twists and turns and of course the humor which the wtiters inforce every week. I was sorry that they canceled it.

    I love this show since I first saw it with my mom four years ago. I am a Jack\Sue fan. I like the plots and twists and turns and of course the humor which the wtiters inforce every week. I was sorry that they canceled it but I will just have to watch the reruns and relive my favorite Jack\Sue moments and my favorite episodes and my mom and I will just have to continue to yell at Jack for not having enough guts to tell Sue the truth of his feelings.
  • This show is so amazing!

    There are a lot of shows that can tug at your heart strings, and make you get so involved, but Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, is definitely one of them. Personally, I consider it to be one of the best, beautifully emotional T.V. shows out there. Following the Jack/Sue plot line certainly was one of my favourite things to do seven-four years ago. I still remember those three years, I would sit on my grandmother's couch and just watch. Missing any episodes wasn't an option and I didn't. I know I was so sad when it ended and Jack and Sue weren't together, but that's life.

    Now, the DVD box sets are supposed to be coming out and missing one, like four years ago, isn't an option.
  • Best Drama Show out there!

    This is one of my favorite drama on T.V. I watched every episodes since it started and I have continued to watched regardless that is repeating.

    This show has the many necessities that a good drama needs without the gore that many have today. To add to the show there are many great one liners that are thrown in to give the show a funny but serious quality to it.

    The cast brings the bar a little higher for other drama show. They portray the show very well and the chemistry the cast has together makes the show what it was and is today.
  • i love this show!! it is soo great.

    I absolutely love this show!!! I love how it is based on a true story, somewhat. Ithink it is great how her co-workers accept her diasability without judging her too much. Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love myles' character, he is just so funny!! please, please, please, bring it back!! I think Levi is just soo cute and I admire how well trained he is in the show. This is truly a family show, a great family show. please remake it, make more seasons!! I love the chemistry between Sue and Jack. i would love to see new episodes of this.
  • Sue Thomas was the best show on television. Good for the whole family to watch together. That's what my family did.

    This show was awesome! You wouldn't have been able to find a better show on tv. Really fun to watch, unbeliveably superb.
    I loved this show from the begining, me and my whole family watched it together.It's a true story about the time Sue Thomas worked in the F.B.Eye.
    Sue Thomas is obviosly the main character, I think she's a really cool character.
    Jack is another cool character, about as good as Sue.
    Bobby is the best charater on the show. He is so cool!
    Lucy's also cool, she and Sue are close friends.
    Tara is about the same as Lucy.
    Myles is a bit selfish, but still a good character.
    Demetrius is not on as much, but still good.
    I think they are all part of what makes the show so good.
  • Why something this wonderful, moving, original, well written and cast was cancelled leaves me speechless. This world could use this show more than ever. To me it is a classic and when it comes to DVD, I will buy every episode.

    The show is simply wonderful. As a film and tv writer, I strive to achieve excellence and positivity in my work that will bring smiles and pride as well as excitement to the audience. In this high techno world of mumbo jumbo, with throw away shows and reality tv, I was blessed to have come across Sue Thomas, FBeye. An oasis in the media desert, this show is everything a classic, well written and performed show was meant to be. Dream casting, an obvious comeraderie amongst the cast and great pacing. There is never a lost moment in any episode and I grew to love each starring character. The courageous use of handicapped people including Joel Sonnenberg further cemented my love of the show and the compassion as well as passion that permeated each story line. If I knew the real FBI had people like these, I would have joined long ago. My wishes for all the cast to continue to do quality work like this and hopefully I may work with any of them in the near future. Bless this show.
  • Show really brought out the deaf community and my awareness of how to communicate with the deaf.

    I really liked this show as well as all my family members - I taped every episode and hope that it comes out in DVD. I really hope the developers will find a new home so the show will continue. Excellent family show without the provacative language and promoted drama as well as providing a sense of humor.
  • I love Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.

    In my opinion, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye should have stayed on the air way longer than it did. This show is so much fun to watch and the storylines that they come up with are fantastic. It sucks that we didn't even have a proper series finale and we didn't even get to see Sue and Jack become a couple. I think they should atleast make atleast one more episode as the series finale. I loved the whole cast, but my favourite character is Bobby. I love his personality, he is so good looking, and I love his Australian accent. I think Sue's dog Levi, is so adorable. I really miss this show and I wish they would bring it back on the air.
  • When I first saw the show Sue Thomas I was hooked. I watched all the time. More than anything I'd like to see the show again. It would be great if they released a DVD out in stores. I'd be the first one in line to get it.

    I think the show Sue Thomas was great. Being based on a real person makes it more interesting. All the things she was able to do in her life was remarkable. It goes to prove that no matter what your situation or struggles. With a positive attitude and faith. You can overcome and do anything you have your mind set on doing. The actress that played Sue was fantastic. The dog Levi was so cute and smart. For her to be able to work with the FBI the way she did. What a great way to use her talents then of to serve our country. I would love to meet the real Sue Thomas one day. I'd also like to meet the actress who played her on the show. This show should have been picked up by another station for more folks to see. If more saw this show it would become a bigger hit than it is now.
  • Quality television show.

    In the current times, it is hard to find quality television. Most shows on the networks have little meaning. It's either about someone being killed or how to kill someone. There are very few comedies on the network that make any since. I found Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye to be humorous and inspiring. The relationships between the characters was uncommon. Though I would have liked to see them put Sue and Jack together as a couple. If this program would not be returned to the networks I would at least like to have a DVD collection of the entire show.
  • This show was a bout a woman who left home to get a job in the fbi even though she had earing loss and had a hard life

    this show let us see how hard life could be and what we must do to be the best that we can be
    like sue who had hearing loss and not many friends she went to a new job and tried to be the best that she could be and didnt let any thing stop her and look what she accomplished she made many new friends and got a great job trying to help others and to keep the world safe even though she had disablities
    that just shows us that no matter what we should just go out and do the best at what we can and not let nothing stand in our way
  • "Lack of Funds"? PLEASE!

    I first found the show F.B.Eye while my family and I was on vacation in Niagara Falls, Canada. I was flipping channels and got bored... then I found this show and kind of shocked to see a show that an actor is actually deaf on both real-life and on the show. The show I was watching was the last show, which made me wanted to see more.. well, now I'm watching the show on PAX channel every night at 8pm EST back in USA. Tonight is the second show of the first season. Bring the show back for another season to see how Sue doing after deciding to stay with FBI, not moving to NY.
  • Great show.

    Sue Thomas is a great show. I enjoy watching Sue talk sign language I understand sign language.
  • most brilliant show on tv.

    I can watch all the episodes over and over again. The only 2 down sides is 1 you buy the dvds in the uk, and secondly why didnt sue and jack get together, there was so much chemistry between them.
    Please release them in the u.k and i shall be the first one to buy them all. Jack and Bobby are handsome and i was just getting used to miles.
    I adore the dog who plays Levi, He his so well behaved. It is good the way it is done with the others having to learn to sign so they could talk to sue.
    I enjoyed seeing the real sue thomas in other episodes and they were playing reversed roles. well done to all the cast.
  • It's coming back April 6 - yes!

    Great actors, great messages, funny, dramatic, touching - everything to love in a show - and now the show is coming back - to Animal Planet! Thank Levi, Sue's hearing dog played by Jesse, with leading the show over to Animal Planet!
    It starts Monday, April 6, 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT/MT) with the two-hour pilot episode - then it will run Mondays at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT/MT).
    And if it does well in the ratings, they may make new episodes!
    So please tune in and enjoy all your favorite episodes! And let's let Animal Planet know how glad we are they have brought it back!
  • As usual, I found this one late and quite by accident.

    I watch Murdoch Mysteries and so was on YouTube looking for Yannick Bisson videos when I came upon this show that seemed to have a lot of videos for Yannick.
    Well, I may be slow to get started, but once I started watching, albeit on YouTube, I could not stop. I have since found it in reruns on a local network and am thoroughly enjoying myself!
    Its a very compelling show partly because its based on a true story, but also because each of the very different characters is easy to invest in. It is a "police" drama but its also very character driven and I like that element in this series.
    And, last but not least, its one more Yannick Bisson treat for the eyes and the soul!
  • A Christian based show about a deaf woman name Sue Thomas who comes to work for the F.B.I. Because she is able to read lips she is very helpful in cases where the team needs to know what a suspect is saying. It has adventure and is very entertaining.

    This is one of the best shows that ever played on television. It is very entertaining and educational even. If you're looking for adventure, comedy, or just something to fill that extra slot of time you have, this just might be the show for you! I've watched many different shows and I can honestly say that you can't find much better than this show to keep you captivated for an hour. It just has something about it that makes you want to keep watching the show and "solving" the cases and capturing those bad people with this one of a kind team!
  • A great show with seemingly 'real' people. Believable characters, who are not always sugary sweet to each other. I love to see the rest of the FBI crew signing to understand Sue, and the fact that they always place themselves where she can l

    I am an Aussie currently house sitting in Canada for six wonderful months.
    I encountered Sue Thomas FBI when I was first here two years ago, and loved it.
    I was devastated to see at the endof the show yesterday that it is the end of the series for the moment.
    I see the last episode was filmed in 2005 - what are you doing - get your act together and get some more of the show in the can.
    I LOVE IT!
    Of course the fact that we have Rick Peters, an Aussie in the show too, makes me likeit even more, but I love Sue and the rest of the cast - even the nasty guy.
    I think this sort of show does great things for the acceptance of people with so-called disabilities, and it helps adults and children understand sign language and want to learn it themselves.
    Having he 'real' Sue Thomas in the final show was wonderful.
    Thank you so much for a great show, but PLEASE film lots more episodes, and PLEASE send it down to Oz.
  • This was our ONLY "Got to see it" show. We were heartbroken when it disappeared.

    Sue Thomas FBEye was about a lot more than crime drama. This program gave beautiful illustrations of what character and true friendship are all about. It also helped people (especially young people) see that individuals who are "different" are not really all that different after all - we just need to give them a chance. The cast were believable and loveable. They dealt with real issues in a compassionate way. It's worse than a shame that someone didn't see the value in continuing this amazing program. I hope it gets another chance. We are rooting for it in Colorado!
  • We love this show. We have only watched stfbeye 2 months. we tuned in and looked forward to it everyday. All of a sudden it was gone. It is a wonderful show unlike all the bloody, violent shows they love putting on prime time tv. Please bring it back.

    Sue Thomas F.B.eye is truly a wonderful program. It is sweet, exciting, lovable and habit forming. Each character is endering and finds a place in your heart. They are like family. Shows with animals in them always make an impact on families. Levi is a special dog. Being dog lovers it caught our interest right away. F.B.I. dramas are always of great interest. This one is better than most as the stories are more realistic and less bloody. It shows the hum drum of each day. Not everyday is running after people and shooting all over the place. There is more to this drama than that. Please bring it back. I am sure there are more tv watchers out there like us that need to be introduced to this great series. Thank you for listening .....
  • STFBE is about a deaf woman coming into the FBI and while facing her own challenges, she faces challenges of the FBI. It's a great familiy show, and teaches good values. Its heartwarming, and you cant help but fall in love with all of the characters.

    i absolutely LOVE this show!! LIke i said, it's heartwarming, and i fell in love with ALL of the characters. I loved JackSue pairup. I was sad/mad that they "ended" the show like leaves you wanting to know what happens next. I am 14 years old, and not to be putting down my peers, but i think this show is better than all the rest that my peers watch that has sex related or cussing and whatnot. This teaches good values, and even has god in it.Its a great family show.One i don't actually have to "secrectly" watch.
  • One of the Best Shows on Television! The actors ACT! Rated AWESOME for Reality!

    It is really nice to see a show that is closer to reality. I rate it up there with CSI:Miami, CSI\"NY, NCIS, Numbers, Close to Home, and more. Bring it Back!

    The acting is superb. Each actor brings a sense of realism. It\'s like actually being in a Real FBI office and not one that is just based on showmanship. This I know from personal experience.

    Deanna is one of the best actresses I have seen in a long time. She, like the real Sue Thomas, has shown that handicaps can be overcome. All I can say is BRING IT BACK!

  • Sue Thomas is a deaf woman working for the F.B.I. The show is great and I like how the show usually ends on a good note(more shows should do that).

    This is the fourth best show on television, out of all the shows that have ever been on television! My entire family watched it together every Sunday. That is when it used to have new episodes,anyway. We've watched almost every episode at least twice. The show needs to come back on the air! It had good storylines and characters. There was always the right amount of action. The characters are real, believeable, and the type of good guy you like to cheer for. Not to mention they're fighting for the american way of life. Please bring this show back soon! Everyone enjoys this show.
  • Loved this show!!!

    Loved this show!!! Still miss it - my dog loved Levi. Am watching every rerun I can find but would love another season and DVD's of the first 3 season's. Hope they bring it back or at least do a movie to finish it up. Also love that they used Michael W. Smith's "Pray for Me" as the final song in Season 3 final (Endings & Beginngs).
  • please can you fetch this show back even if it is just for 1 season so that Jack and Sue can get together it would make a whole heap of people happy

    i love this show and miss it loads. I need it to come back so that my week nights are no longer filled with the rubbish that has replaced it. The show gave an insight into the life of someone who against the odds managed to find the place she needed to be and that made the most of her lip reading talents. So I beg you please fetch the show back and make me a happy gal once again. Even if it is just for 1 more series so that Jack and Sue can finally get it together please.
  • I love this show. I would really like to see it back on the air or available on DVD.

    I really like this show, it is not just action or just drama. It really keeps me interested and wanting more. I watch every episode that comes on even if it is a repeat. It would be very nice if they would put it back on the air. I am hooked.
  • We love this show! We just discovered it in February and can\\\'t believe it\\\'s not on anymore. We want it to come back so we can see where these great characters go!!!

    We love this show! We just discovered it in February and can\\\'t believe it\\\'s not on anymore. We want it to come back so we can see where these great characters go!!! We want to know if Sue and Jack ever get together. The storylines are great and the show keeps you in suspense until the end.
  • great shows! i don't know about you all, but i'm totally deaf, and i really enjoy watching those shows! finally have real deaf people using real signs in some shows..i could tell the difference between real deafs and "fake" deafs (actors/actresses acting

    the shows are very's good way to read them as well as learn signs..they use ASL signs..also you can learn how deafs live and how they communicate. please keep the we both deaf and hearing people enjoy. finally we deafs can watch real deafs sign on tv! please keep it going on.
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