Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Ion Television (ended 2005)





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  • Sue Thomas was the best show on television. Good for the whole family to watch together. That's what my family did.

    This show was awesome! You wouldn't have been able to find a better show on tv. Really fun to watch, unbeliveably superb.
    I loved this show from the begining, me and my whole family watched it together.It's a true story about the time Sue Thomas worked in the F.B.Eye.
    Sue Thomas is obviosly the main character, I think she's a really cool character.
    Jack is another cool character, about as good as Sue.
    Bobby is the best charater on the show. He is so cool!
    Lucy's also cool, she and Sue are close friends.
    Tara is about the same as Lucy.
    Myles is a bit selfish, but still a good character.
    Demetrius is not on as much, but still good.
    I think they are all part of what makes the show so good.