Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Ion Television (ended 2005)





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  • We love this show. We have only watched stfbeye 2 months. we tuned in and looked forward to it everyday. All of a sudden it was gone. It is a wonderful show unlike all the bloody, violent shows they love putting on prime time tv. Please bring it back.

    Sue Thomas F.B.eye is truly a wonderful program. It is sweet, exciting, lovable and habit forming. Each character is endering and finds a place in your heart. They are like family. Shows with animals in them always make an impact on families. Levi is a special dog. Being dog lovers it caught our interest right away. F.B.I. dramas are always of great interest. This one is better than most as the stories are more realistic and less bloody. It shows the hum drum of each day. Not everyday is running after people and shooting all over the place. There is more to this drama than that. Please bring it back. I am sure there are more tv watchers out there like us that need to be introduced to this great series. Thank you for listening .....