Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Season 2 Episode 15

Rocket Man

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on Ion Television
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Rocket Man
Dimitrius takes an undercover assignment to catch a criminal. Donna stops by the FBI office to meet her husband for lunch. Donna tells the team that she is expecting a baby. Donna wonders if Dimitrius really want this baby or if her husband is using the undercover assignment as an excuse to hide his true feelings about having a baby all over again. Dimitrius gets word that his wife had a miscarriage and realizes that he should have been there when Donna needed him most.moreless

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  • This episode mostly follows D. In the beginning we find out that D and his wife are pregenant but he seems reluctant about it. From that point on, we see some troubles with Donna but his friends are always eager to help him out.moreless

    In the first few scenes, we see D and Sue talking about a snitch that they sent out named "Mohommad." Mohommad comes to them with information about a guy that they have been investigating for a long time who sells guns. When the opporutunity comes, they all go undercover and seize one gun with the promise from Bobo, the seller, for more. They pull Bobo in and he tells them who he sells for. Not only that, but the man Bobo sells for reports to someone even higher. Now D goes in as the bait with Bobo and Mohommad at his side. Everything goes as planned except for a chatty friend and a joy ride. Joy ride? Yup, Anthony, the guy Bobo sells for, comes out and says that its a precaution and that it is to make sure no one is following them. If that does happen, hes never leaving the car. So Bobo, D, Anthony, and the guy Anthony looks up to, Remi, all pack into a limo and drive off. With no signal for help from D, the team backs off, still following at far distance. Then, the limo pulls into a parking garage. Jack seems to panick in a very controlled way and asks Tara for men on foot and in the perimeter of the building. When the limo pulls out, Jack and Sue follow it only to find out they are watching an empty car. After, they take in the limo driver but he doesn't help any. Meanwhile, D and Bobo have been taken to a huge empty warehouse where they is shown the inventory. D is happy with it and opens the briefcase he has been carrying which is full of money. Only, not enough. Now that Remi knows, he is not happy. Bobo looks terrified while D plays it calm saying that is how he does business. That pre-caution thing. He'll call his guy and ask for the money. Remi is fine with that only he gives the place where they are to meet. Not a problem. So, D reaches for his phone but Remi quickly asks, ok demands, to call his guy. That pre-caution thing again. D calmy hands the phone to him with a nod. Jack, while in the car trying to get any information from the limo driver, suddenly hears his phone ringing and grabs it. "Its D." He jumps out of the car and answers only to hear another voice over the phone. He asks who it is and then asks for D. Remi hands the phone to D who tells Jack where to bring the money, tells him hes ok, and hangs up. Jack jumps back in the car and tells Bobby to get the limo driver out. He tells Sue to go with Bobby and that scene ends. Next, we see D and the rest of the gang getting out of the limo and going to the place where the trade will take place. As it turns out, its a restaurant. The two main guys are ahead and so Bobo starts panicking asking D questions about if everything is going to be okay. D calms him down but not before the two guys overhear. They go in to the restaurant and you see Remi whispering something to Anthony. Remi and D are next seen in the restaurant alone making small talk when Remi's bodyguard im guessing tells him that he has a call. Remi leaves and the bodyguard sits down now facing a somewhat fearful D. Next scene, Bobo is in the bathroom with a guy holding a knife to his neck. Bobo is terrified and teh guy holding the knife tells Remi, who just enters, that D is an FBI agent. Remi quickly says take care of him, about Bobo and walks out. Last we see of Bobo alive. Anthony is now at D's side telling him to come out side. He shows a gun and says with a smirk "Thats more of an order then a request." Jack is now driving up with Myles in the passenger seat and he is saying that D should not be coming out yet when they see D, Anthony and big bodyguard guy walking toward another limo. They get close enough and both opens the door hitting the two guys. D gets a hold of them and Myles helps. Jack asks where Remi is and next scene is D and Jack inside the building walking down the halls, guns drawn. They find the bathroom and Bobo dead. After they are at the bullpen and D gets the news that Donna had a miscarriage. He goes to the hospital and Donna tells him that it was a girl. Then, they are back at the bullpen and they figure out where Remi might be. After finding him at his daughters boarding school, they arrest him. We then see D at home where he recieves two white booties for the baby. He ordered them earlier and asked them to be sent to their home. After a sad moment, Donna and D make up and hug. Then, we are back at the bullpen. My favourite part - While everyone is talking, the camera goes to Jack who is leaning over his desk to get something and groans. Lucy asks if he's ok and he looks around kinda like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cooky jar. Immediately, Myles take the invitation to share with everyone that "Agent Sparky" went out and lifted a lot of weight. "How much was that again Bobby?" Bobby quickly hmms and says "300 pounds seems to ring a bell." Tara jumps in with another one of her "Lets play where phrases are found" with "Ring a bell.. now thats an interesting.." Bobby covers her mouth and Sue says, "300 hundred pounds? Thats a lot." (The reason he went out and benchpressed 300pounds in because they were all talking about Mohommad earlier and Sue told Jack that she had seen Mohommad benchpress 300pounds. Obviously he was jealous) Jack smiles and Bobby quickly says "Theres a reason they call them dumbells." He pushes Jacks shoulder with his hand and Jack immediately reacts in pain. "Ahaaa.. ok. Are they charging a cover, or is it open mic night?" He sarcastically adds as he massages his shoulder. "Is it bad?" Sue asks sweetly. "Nah, it only hurts when I.." he gets off the desk and squints. "move." Sue then reminds him that she was serious when she had said earlier that some people like brains more then muscles. Jack nods and quickly asks, "Well, what if a person has both?" Sue smiles and says, "Well then they would be quite a catch wouldnt they?" Jack smiles his lop-sided smile as Sue turns with a smile and walks away. Jack looks really happy when we hear Levi groan. Jack looks down and says, "What are you looking at? I am quite a catch." Levi groans again and puts his paw over his eyes and Jack walks away. The Endmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Bobby used to be a member of SWAT and was most probably a tracker in those days - based on Jack's admission in the episode The Heist, that the Bureau paid for a tracking seminar for Bobby.

      Since they did not send Jack to that seminar, we can assume that Bobby had previous experience and this was to further his knowledge.

    • When Jack and Dimitrius conclude that he was gone about "53 minutes ...
      minus 10 for the switch", and Tara estimates they were "averaging about 40
      miles an hour", Tara puts a map on the wall, with a circle indicating where
      the warehouse could be. But the map is clearly of northern D.C. and suburban
      Maryland. D.C. is 10 miles square, so the circle must be less than that
      across. 40 MPH for 43 minutes is about 28 miles.

    • Tara puts Langley Park inside D.C. It really is where Tara put Silver
      Spring, which is actually where Tara put Falls Church, which is really to
      the west of D.C.

    • When Bobby closes the safe at the end, 2 security procedures are violated:
      the Closed indicator was set *before* he closed it, not after; and he gave
      the dial a simple spin, rather than 3 full spins to clear it.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Dimitrius: Give it to me up high. (Sue high fives with him). And down low.
      Sue: What exactly are we celebrating?
      Dimitrius: An informant made contact with Bobo.
      Jack: The clown?
      Sue: The arms dealer. Trust me, he deals in a lot more than cotton candy and balloons.

    • Myles: Are you sure your informant just hasn't gone overboard trying to impress his cute little handler?
      Bobby: Who wouldn't want to impress our Sue if they had the chance?
      Jack: And what girls' heart doesn't go pitter patter at the thought of a man portable air defense system?

    • (Myles and Jack just rescued D, after he went missing for several hours)
      Myles: As for you. If you think you can go running off, willy-nilly, without calling to tell us where you are, we are going to have to move your curfew back to 11 o'clock. (D looks bewildered and Jack rolls his eyes) Good to have you back!

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