Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - Season 1

Ion Television (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Billy the Kid (aka: Question Mark)
    Lucy & Sue meet Lucy's mom for dinner when she is in town for a bridge tournament. She tells Lucy that she & her bridge partner are engaged
  • The Fugitive
    The Fugitive
    Episode 18
    The Team is on the trail of a fugitive who may be heading back to the wife he abused, while his two cohorts search for diamonds that were hidden before his arrest. Soon, however, the investigation alerts the Team to suspicious meetings between the fugitive and a certain person, though things may not be exactly as they seem...

    Meanwhile, Sue is invited to attend the wedding of a girl she knew from high school -a less-than-positive time in her life- and the invitation brings a mix of old and new feelings.moreless
  • The Hunter
    The Hunter
    Episode 17
    Sue meets Logan Taylor who says her dad helped catch the hunter Jerome Soggins in the 80's and tells Lucy, Sue and Charlie (who asked Sue for help in solving the case) that her dad told her that the wrong man was convicted. Jack has to give a deposition to clear his name of killing the chicken. Myles & Sue talk to Jerome who was convicted of two murders and had hoped Ben Taylor would clear his name and request a DNA sample and hope to match Jerome's DNA with the old evidence. Sue Myles look for cab drivers picture with an "X" drawn through the picture. Darcy tells Sue Myles and Bobby that the hunter wrote to a reporter but the letters were sold to someone. Logan learns that her dad did love her by keeping letters and pictures. Tim reads Darcy's article on the hunter case which leads him to think his dad is the hunter and says his dad was violent man and would recall seeing his dad clean himself up. Sue & Myles talk with Kenneth who admits to killing some of the cab drivers but not the others because he could get away with it (Tara finds that Kenneth's DNA didn't match the letters) Jack finally clears his name thanks to Howie and DNA!moreless
  • He Said She Said
    He Said She Said
    Episode 16
    Sue goes on an FBI and DEA task force. Has love hit Levi and Sue? Charlie and Troy try to fix something at Lucy and Sue's apartment.
  • Prodigal Father
    Prodigal Father
    Episode 15

    Bobby gets unwelcome news when a convict with a connection to him has information regarding a case, but disagrees to share it unless Bobby is involved. Agreeing to it with mixed feelings the plan gets underway, but when a serious event befalls one of the Team, certain members reflect on life; with Bobby facing his uncertainties head-on.

  • Missing
    Episode 14
    Tara is contacted when her card shows up among pirated software in the residence of a missing woman -the Team's favourite waitress- who previously said she needed to speak with Tara. Working the case, Tara realizes how little they actually knew the waitress despite frequent exchanges at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Sue and Jack bring in a man guilty of stealing and selling furs from his workplace, but the man's story and disposition has Sue determined towards a different kind of justice, with Jack following her lead.

    And, an Agent steps into the public eye--with a surprise waiting for him on the other side of the camera!
  • The Leak
    The Leak
    Episode 13
    Myles takes part in what he thinks is a normal SWAT takedown of a suspect but turns deadly as Americans become a part of the takedown. Myles must try and deal with what happend. Sue now tries to find the leak which may take her to the Senate!
  • The Heist
    The Heist
    Episode 12
    Lucy & Sue go to a deaf club & Sue runs into an old friend. Jack & the gang try to find 2.4 million dollars that is missing. The FBI is looking for Nancy Jeter's husband. Sue and Lucy learn to sign (not speak at the club.) Sue and the team look at the path of the SUV & the armored truck. Sue feels less pressure because sign language is easier to read. The FBI thinks Dan Jeter may have kept his plans a secret because of his debt problems. Jack tells Sue one of the guards died, Lucy feels left out as Sue gets comfortable with her friends. . Jack gets a DNA sample from Mrs. Jeter after hair was found the van. The FBI thinks Dan was framed to steel the money & later killed and using a fake I.D.moreless
  • Dirty Bomb
    Dirty Bomb
    Episode 11
    Sue confirms that a shipment of strontium has made it into the U.S., and the Team is against the clock as they try to locate it before it becomes a 'dirty bomb'. Aligning themselves with a less-than-settling ally, one of Jack's first busts, the Team works with all they've got; but is it enough to stop the devastating threat in time?
  • Diplomatic Immunity
    Diplomatic Immunity
    Episode 10
    Overhearing an altercation on the street, Bobby acts out in defense of a woman by getting physical with a man -a Sudanese Diplomat. The diplomat filing a complaint against Bobby, the Team works to reveal the dark dealings being carried out behind the "shield" of immunity, while Bobby's livelihood -along with the freedom of a certain reporter- hang in the balance.
  • Greed
    Episode 9
    Eve Gaylord tells Sue that her company Alta Tec is in trouble. Jack asks Sue to investigate Eve because has information on Alta Tec that could cause the company to collapse. Jack asks Sue to run a check on Eve so they can make sure she isn't lying. Sue & Eve are in danger now that Eve has agreed to help. Miles wants to really win the game against rival agency DEA but will Sue agree to be the secret weapon? The case against Eve is in trouble because Eve was let go from Alta Tec. Sue meets Scott from DEA and wants to find out how to beat the FBI. As Sue and the gang looks at Alta Tec documents they find records of chats and e-mails. When a witness Jack was getting diplomatic immunity for dies due to suicide Sue fears Eve could be killed next.moreless
  • Silent Night
    Silent Night
    Episode 8
    When Sue's parents come to spend Christmas with her, things are not all warm & fuzzy as both Sue & her Mom have different ideas on how to keep Christmas. Meanwhile, a case involving a robber in a Santa suit has Bobby squaring off against a cynical reporter; but with the spirit of the season alive, things may just turn out for the best.moreless
  • A Blast from the Past
    Dimitrius gets word that someone he put behind bars 10 years ago, begins stalking him. Dimitrius can't recall why he put Jed behind bars. Mrs. Gans says someone told her she and Dimitrius make a good couple. Lucy needs help in trying to prove that she was set up to cause a ding to Dr. Elliot's car. Jed Whitaker continues to stalk Dimitrius and his family. While he questions if he should quit the FBI. Lucy takes the paint of the doctor's car to find out if Lucy caused the ding.moreless
  • The Signing
    The Signing
    Episode 6
    The FBI wants a deaf car thief as an informant. Sue must try to win his trust by talking to him through sign language.
  • A Snitch in Time
    A Snitch in Time
    Episode 5
    Sue gets her first informant, Howie, who claims to have information on a highway robbery ring run by a man named Franklin, whom we never see. But Franklin and his associate Riggs are only willing to talk to Sue. Meanwhile, Myles wants a new office but to get it he must try to find a way through his adversary, Randy.moreless
  • Assassins
    Episode 4
    In an attempt to get them to tolerate each other, Eldridge assigns Sue and Myles to be lead agents on a case relating to a visiting foreign dignitary, but friction remains as they work the case with the rest of the Team.

    And meanwhile, an under-the-weather Lucy feels unappreciated around the Bullpen and considers a new position, while a temp in her old position tests the Agents' nerves; particularly Myles'.
  • Bombs Away
    Bombs Away
    Episode 3
    Sue Thomas now joins the team. Sue & Lucy move in together and Sue has her own office & Levi has his own desk! Jack & Sue talk to someone who reported a bomb threat Jack wonders if the threat is real. Jerry white isn't much help when asked if he knew anything on the threat. Sue wonders how she will tell Lucy she doesn't to live with her the co-workers seem to hate Jerry White. Sue wonders why Mr. Proctor had oil on his hands a bomb is found in the home of Henry Proctor. Sue tells Jack her findings and gets a new car!moreless
  • Pilot (2)
    Pilot (2)
    Episode 2
    Sue is made a temporary member of the team despite Myles Leland being upset that the FBI is pandering to "people like her".

    Sue also tells Lucy about Myles cheating on Lucy with another woman. At first Lucy doesn't believe it, but later on she finds out the truth.

    Meanwhile, an investigation into a man called Albert is made because it seems "Albert" is suddenly loaded with cash and Jack suspects he is getting rich in a non-legal way.

    Charlie's business goes up and flames and Sue realizes that a criminal they are tracking named Renko maybe responsible for the arson. Sue discovers from the tape that Jack gives her that Drexler, another criminal being tracked, is smuggling diamonds from outside the USA into New York City, and Myles and Bobby are both jealous that Sue is helping out.

    Sue and Jack talk about their pasts to each other while in New York waiting for the bad guys to show up, and we learn that Sue lost a friend who was a fellow skater in an accident.

    The bad guys are making a sale and Sue tries to get closer to see what they are saying because she can't understand them--since they are speaking Russian.

    Lucy asks Sue to come to Bobby's party and also does some sign language for Sue.

    Lucy also thinks Sue and Jack have feelings for each other.

    Sue and Lucy go to Bobby's party and Jack apologizes for getting mad at Sue earlier. Jack, it turns out, has a girlfriend named Rhonda Walters, so Sue feels a little sad.

    Meanwhile, Sue gives Charlie a cookbook and learned that it was Renko who forced Charlie to see the Gas Station. Sue and Charlie decide to track him down but Jack and the team are already there. Sue unfortunately gets captured by Renko and Drexler, so Jack goes to rescue her, but he and Levi (Sue's dog) are shot in the process. The bad guys run for it but are captured by Myles.

    We also see another flashback of how Sue and Levi meet, and the dog handler explains to Sue that Levi isn't a good dog to get because Levi was abused by his previous owners.moreless
  • Pilot (1)
    Pilot (1)
    Episode 1
    Sue Thomas leaves for Washington D.C. She will stop to pick up Levi who has been abused and will serve as her hearing dog. As Sue arrives in D. C. She finds out they aren't ready to have a deaf person work in the FBI. Sue continues to tell Levi her story about her mom "the Iron Witch" and how she was taught to speak and later finds that going to school is hard, Sue is stopped by a cop who has no idea she is deaf.moreless