Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - Season 2

Ion Television (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Kiss
    The Kiss
    Episode 19
    Sue and Jack go undercover at a law firm to find out why a lawyer and judge were murdered. The only connection the team has to go on is that the judge and lawyer worked for the same law firm. Myles mentions another connection his sister Ann also works at the same law firm. Myles takes the opportunity to reconnect with his sister while trying to uncover who was behind the murders. Ann tells Jack and Myles that Hillary was using a computer program where dates and other things were tracked. Jack learns that Brian Peyton was the hit man behind the murder of James Radley.moreless
  • Concrete Evidence
    Concrete Evidence
    Episode 18
    Jack gets a new case for the team to solve. Jack and the team must convict Tony Hill for killing an FBI agent. Jack learns that Tony Hill is getting out of prison after serving 5 years of his prison sentence. Jack asks cousin Sal to get a confession out of Tony about the murder of the FBI agent. As the team digs up more evidence to convict Tony Hill for the murder of Shep they undercover another murder that took place in 1999. Cousin Sal is found dead in his hotel room due to a drug overdose. Jack learns that the District Attorney will let Tony Hill out again because there isn't enough evidence to charge him with both murders.moreless
  • Hit and Run
    Hit and Run
    Episode 17
    Sue and Jack investigates why Dan Malone went on a shooting spree that killed several economists. Tara learns that several files are missing from Hammer Dynamics from the back up server. Sue, Jack, and Bobby go where they think Dan Malone might be. As they continue to track Dan Malone's whereabouts Jack gets shot and Sue comes to check on him only to be kidnapped by the suspect.

    Jack issues an Amber Alert (which helps locate missing persons by putting information on television, street signs) to find Sue. Sue tries to gain her captors trust by getting Dan to tell her information about the shooting and try to convince him that the FBI was shooting at someone else.moreless
  • Elvis Is in the Building
    Sue does some digging into Troy's past only to learn that Tory's brother Ben came back into his life. Sue and Jack head to the local gas station to tell Troy that his brother Ben will be a dinner guest Tory doesn't like the idea. Also Bobby continues to perform at The Black Dragon and stop The Scorpions (a Chinese gang) from delivering heroin to The Black Dragon. Troy gets to meet his brother's wife and his son who is deaf Troy figures that his brother just wants something from him because of his handicap. Troy is angry because his brother walked out on him as a little boy.moreless
  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man
    Episode 15
    Dimitrius takes an undercover assignment to catch a criminal. Donna stops by the FBI office to meet her husband for lunch. Donna tells the team that she is expecting a baby. Donna wonders if Dimitrius really want this baby or if her husband is using the undercover assignment as an excuse to hide his true feelings about having a baby all over again. Dimitrius gets word that his wife had a miscarriage and realizes that he should have been there when Donna needed him most.moreless
  • The Mentor
    The Mentor
    Episode 14
    Sue meets Jack and Bobby 's mentor who comes to Washington D.C. to ask for help in tracking a suspect whom Wes Kenner believes brought weapons grade uranium into Washington. Jack, Bobby, and Sue must try to track him down before the uranium is used to make a bomb. Dimitrius acts as a relief supervisor for Ted Garrett who is on vacation. Dimitrius gets in trouble for giving the go ahead to take over see case that began in Washington D.C. 's jurisdiction. Larson doesn't like the way Dimitrius is handling the case due to his lack of experience in dealing with the Russians. The team must go to court to make an appeal to have the case kept in Washington D.C. 's jurisdiction. Tara learns that Jack and Bobby's mentor faked his own death. The team must go to court to make an appeal to have the case kept in Washington D.C. 's jurisdiction. Tara learns that Jack and Bobby's mentor faked his own death. Jack soon figures out that was the only way to learn that help was needed.moreless
  • The Holocaust Survivor
    Sue tries to help a holocaust survivor find the man that killed her parents 60 years ago. Sue realizes that the case soon becomes personal for her after learning what Helga suffered as a result of being in a concentration camp. Sue learns that 60% of the estimated 6 million Jews that were killed were also considered " Defective " because of being deaf or having some other kind of handicap. Helga tells Sue that a man named Otto Zimmer killed her parents. As Helga and Sue are playing cards Otto Zimmer is spotted outside Sue Jack and Helga trying to run after the cab to catch him. Helga describes for Sue and Jack what the past 60 years were like for her and realizing that she not only saw her parents and sister killed, she also learns that even the capture of the man that took the lives of her parents and sister are only just the beginning of healing 60 years worth of pain.moreless
  • The Lawyer
    The Lawyer
    Episode 12
    In this episode the team tries to stop a terrorist attack on Washington D.C. As Jack tries to stop the Al Qaida leader Jack learns that his methods come into question when a Civil Rights complaint is filed against him. The suit against Jack claims that he used racial profiling to arrest the suspect. Now Jack faces the possibility that he will lose his job with the F. B. I. Jack meets with the suspects lawyer to warn her that if she reads her client's statement she may activate a sleeper cell that may trigger the terrorist attack. Tara begins a relationship with Stanley who will help Sue figure out the hidden messages the suspect is sending. Jack learns that the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is investigating Jack because the suspect, he arrested, feels that his Civil Rights were violated.moreless
  • To Grandmother's House We Go
    Lucy's Grandmother stops by with bad news. Mrs. Dotson will need to leave home and pay $110,000 to have them fixed. Lucy, Sue and Jack plan to stop Concove Construction by moving into a house the document as needing no repairs making Sue the homeowner and pay for repairs she can't afford.

    Lucy comes home to the smell of smoke leaving Lucy and Sue wondering why they smell smoke. Alice (Lucy's Grandmother) thinks the oven caused the smoke.

    In other news Levi lost his little companion Bunny in the end they can't find it so the F.B.I chip in to get Levi a new Bunny.moreless
  • Into Thin Air
    Into Thin Air
    Episode 10
    Sue helps look for Katie who was kidnapped from Gallaudet University. Sue & Jack question Lance who says he didn't kidnap Katie. Sue & Jack don't believe the story. Sue learns that Katie was adopted and found her biological mom after 19 years.
  • Bobby Gambling (aka: The Gambler)
    A woman offers Jack, Sue & Bobby someone big Johnny "Red" Moreno who laundered money through KBJ investment group through a poker game. Bobby risks his job to get the bad guy. Sue and Lucy try to figure out why Levi is acting oddly. Sue and Lucy learn that Levi's Flee medicine is making him act odd. The next day Levi takes the wrong pill leading him to act strange and force sue to continue to live her life without Levi after he runs away.moreless
  • Political Agenda
    Political Agenda
    Episode 8
    Sue gets a taste of political life in Washington when she meets a congressional aid named Paul Minton, Sue looks into the past of Liz Bradley who was a Journalist. Sue questions Brian (who dated Liz) he says he shot her. Brian's Sister Shelly believes he was setup. Sue gets mad when the ad she made tells people who to vote for. Sue and Jack discover why Brian couldn't have killed Liz Bradley.moreless
  • Bad Hair Day
    Bad Hair Day
    Episode 7
    Tara decides to get her hair done, but soon a robber holds up the salon. Tara tries to go about business but has trouble dealing with what happened. Tara wonders if she should leave the FBI because she shot someone for the first time. Amanda (Sue's friend) finds a lost dog and wants to keep it.moreless
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (2)
    The FBI worries that an upcoming march could be the target of a possible terrorist attack. Sue tries to enlist Betty's help in trying to capture her husband. Jack and the gang find where the Bubonic Plague was stored and how Joseph maybe spreading it. As Betty learns more about her husband she understands that Sue was right about him.moreless
  • The Newlywed Game (1)
    Sue and Jack go undercover as a married couple to figure out why a neighborhood couple are receiving calls from a known terrorist; with the assignment proving to be a source of enjoyment for both the "newlyweds" and their playful colleagues. But pleasure is soon replaced by seriousness as startling revelations are discovered...moreless
  • Cold Case
    Cold Case
    Episode 4
    The Boys are apart of an online bachelor auction, soon Myles gets the most bids for charity. Sue tries to honor a dying mother's wish, to find out who killed her daughter Julie. The FBI talks to Brian Cooper who killed Julie because she helped rob the bank. Sue learns that there is sometimes a limit to how much justice is allowed by law.moreless
  • Homeland Security
    Homeland Security
    Episode 3
    A housewarming party of Myles' reveals a painting of his to be a fake and the proud Agent determinedly seeks to bring down the people involved. His aspirations must be put on hold, however, when a traffic accident reveals a terrorist threat.

    Meanwhile, Troy films a documentary of his week for one of his classes and concerns are expressed over Charlie when the older man displays behaviour consistent with a serious condition.moreless
  • The Sniper
    The Sniper
    Episode 2
    The gang gets word of another shooting making this attack the third one in two days. Jack tells Sue that he was a Sniper before working for the FBI. Sue then gives Jack a report that tells only about the barrel of the gun used but not the type of gun used. Just as Jack goes to rest he learns the Mayor was shot. When Jack gives a press conference he gets the idea to make himself a target in hopes catching the sniper. Sue goes to the dance with David, but Jack doesn't want Sue to worry about the case.moreless
  • The Girl Who Signed Wolf
    Sue meets Amanda, who tells her she saw a kidnapping. Everyone has trouble believing the story except Sue. Sue first met Amanda at Career Day some years ago. Myles meets Nora who wants to write a book on him. Sue learns someone died of Ricin poisoning by Castor Beans. To make sure her story is true, Amanda sees the kidnappers again (after sneaking out of her home) she plants a tracking device. Tara gets a note that terrorists know where Amanda lives, Amanda's dad wants help in communicating with Amanda. Myles gives Nora an idea for her book, she wants to focus on Amanda and get to know Myles.moreless