Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Season 3 Episode 7

Simon Says

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2004 on Ion Television

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  • Sue gets caught up in the latest case, putting her own life at risk as the team races to find a serial killer who is murdering high powered women and making them "perfect".

    If you only watch one episode of Sue Thomas:F.B.Eye, make it this one. Although it's a high drama episode, there's still some comedy thrown in in the form of a new coffee maker dilemma in the office. As Sue gets wrapped tighter and tighter into the case, the team dynamic becomes apparent, they way they all care deeply about one another. Tara stays with Lucy and Sue to keep her safe, and Jack's feelings for Sue are brought to the forefront. But Sue doesn't let herself become the damsel in distress either. She stands up for herself to both Jack and Simon. When the episode reaches its climax and Sue and Simon meet for the final time (sans Levi), you are on the edge of your seat, experiencing the terror right along with her.

    All in all, this episode is a perfect opportunity to see who the characters really are, and how Sue isn't going to let herself be pushed around just because "Simon Says".
  • Sue and the team must track down a serial killer of successful women before he strikes again...and Sue becomes his next target.

    I had shivers go through me this episode. For one thing I have never seen Sue tackled a case like this and trying to get inside the killer's mind. I really love the scene when Jack and Sue were at the crime scene and Sue starts talking in first perspective, scaring Jack. My eyes were riveted to the TV screen throughout the whole episode. I also like how the writers put in some of the typical humour, it took the edge off. (Eg: Tara, Myles, Bobby trying to get the coffee maker to work. Lucy trying to find a plumber.) This episode is one of the best of them all!
  • The plot line was brillient

    From watching ST:F.B.E. on the hallmark channel i have found that this episode is the first in series 3 and i thought that it worked really well. It showed how much Jack Likes Sue how it showed how much he cares for her. I particularly like the part when he came back to the apartment and shot the killer and he said, \"i just forgot my phone.\" he looked so relieved that he had to return to the apartment Jack saves the day, well Sue again. I thought it was done really well. It was also quite funny when Jack was the one carrying all the bags everything he does shows how much he cares for her. Anyway i felt that this episode was done really well and i am looking forward to the rest of the series.