Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Season 3 Episode 4

The New Mafia

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2004 on Ion Television

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  • When investigating a mofia boss Sue and the team meet Tony an undercover agent already deep into the case. Sue and tony automatically have a conection.

    This is an excellent episode and exactly why i watch the series. you can clearly see the connection between tony and sue and jacks jealousy is clearly evident. Subtely it shows the growth in the jack/sue relationship. This episode has all the right mix of attraction, drama, jealousy and adventure. a great recipie for an even better show. I also like how Sue isn't pining over Jack. I mean its clear that they like each other alot but you can't just sit around and cry. he'll make his move someday but in the mean time sue gets out there. I also like how when sue finds out tony is married she cuts it off without even a tear, she didn't let that jerk get away with it. You go girl!
  • Although I thought this show was good, I cannot beleive that us as veiwers and Jack beleive that Sue could be attracted to Tony. We all want sue with Jack and to beleive that she could be attracted to Tony after being in love with Jack for so long.

    Jack does not make a very good hench men. He is to nice and cares to much for people. tony on the other hand cares about Tony. Sue is a very smart person and for us to beleive that she could be attracted to Tony is ridicules. To say that she was and to hurt Jack the way she did is unmentionable. Jack should not let her away with it. Even though she did apologize at the end. She should be kissing more but than she did. At the end when she says I'm back she should have apologized again and again. Come on Jack what were you thinking, you obviously showed how much you cared for her, maybe she should do the same.
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