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Sugar Rush

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Sugar Rush explores the world of Kim and her earth-shattering lust for the gorgeous and sassy Maria Sweet, otherwise known as Sugar. And if Sugar wasn't enough to blow Kim's mind, there's also her dysfunctional, embarrassing family - a mini-freak for a brother, an obsessively house-proud dad and a mum who's behaving as if she's the one who's 15 years old. Each episode is a different journey inside Kim's world as her wry observations take us into the mind of a screwed up, loved up, lustful adolescent experiencing the bright lights of Brighton and the rush of forbidden love for the first time.
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  • good first season - bad second.

    too bad. i really liked the first season, but the second has been totally diffrent. its been ok i guess, but not as the first one. the first was fresh and had some new ideas, it was a great story about teenage life, great acting, and it maked you care about the characters. the second has been more of a soap opera. like any drama series. the first had some exitement - the second, relationship drama. i cant say that i really cared if they would end up together or not in the end. hard to explain what i meen here, i guess in the first the characters was really beleivible and intresting, the second they were only soap opera people. overall, good show though, too bad they didnt do a third season (and went back to the way it was in the beginning...). i recoment it to everyone.moreless
  • Risky but well done!

    When I first heard of this I thought it was pushing the boundaries a bit as very little stuff like this has been done on British television but after recently watching both of the series' together I am impressed.

    The actors chosen were perfect for the roles and the chemistry between them was excellent, giving the audience a great number of laughs and a somewhat realistic insight into the minds of different teenagers in today's society.

    The second series, in my opinion, was the better of the two, with many hilarious scenes as well as heart-wrenching ones. I doubt they will but I shall live in hope of a another series.moreless
  • An English show about 15-year-old Kim, and her obsessive crush on her best friend Maria 'Sugar' Sweet...

    I was 15 years old when I first saw this programme and I was a bit like, "Whoa, what the hell is going on!" Hollowed by "Eww, she's a lesbian". But, it was the in-thing for everyone at school, so I watched it regardless. I didn't really get into the show or think very highly of it, after the series ended I was just thinking, "Right, well that wasn't obvious". Then when series two came along, I thought, 'What in the name of Jesus have they done to it!' I watched the first 2 episodes, got bored and didn't watch it again.

    Then I read the book and re-watched both series as a 17-year-old, and the only word I can use to some it up was "Wow"... I was shocked at how good it actually was! Though the book is a LOT different... I still think this show is legendary and I'm shocked that so many people didn't watch it or see it for what it was. Though I still think that series two was its downfall. It took everything that made it away and it completly ruined it. But it was still enjoyable to watch.

    Basically I think that every teenager should have to watch this show. It would probably stop the homophobia that teenagers in the UK (and US) have. Because it did for me I went from homophobic to pro-gay in the space of a week.

    Overall, best show for teenagers that has ever been made. The OC and Dawsons Creek aint got jack on Sugar Rush! :Dmoreless
  • a really great show!

    i have to say i didn't really expect much from this series.. i mean i thought it is just going to be another teenage drama kind of show but as it turns out i was wrong..

    i am not Brittish so i haven't really heared about this series until a friend emailed me and told me the she found this new show and that i might like it.. so then i found a way to watch the show and i was surprised how much the show got me hooked..

    this show is not just another teen drama.. it is so much more.. and now i am so thankfull for my friend for introducing this series to me..moreless
  • suprising good

    this is a good little teen drama i first though when i saw all the promo's for the forst series it would not be something i would be intrested in but my friend convinced me to give it a go and it is suprising good and more than fit for a mainstream audience and not just for a niche market of people.

    i know some people might think this show makes english girls look slutty but it just makes us english girls out to be as open with our sexuality as we are i know some of the so called "bible belt" (no offence implided) in america might disagree with this show but it shows english people to be slightly kooky, mad and ecentric which we are so this show is a great representation of young britsh culture and should be rewarded as somoreless

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