Sugar Rush

Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 2.1

Aired Tuesday 10:50 PM Jun 15, 2006 on Channel 4
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Episode 2.1
The episode opens with Kim still alone with only her electric toothbrush for company. Her parents are back together and Matt’s gone Goth and they all know that she's a lesbian which Nathan is still coming to terms with it all.

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  • Great to see it return

    Brilliant to see that sugar Rush season 2 seems to be just as promising as the 1st season. I was afraid it just wouldn\'t work, that maybe season 1 should be left to stand-alone in cult status...but instead, I\'m exceedingly happy it\'s returned.

    So, the new season has brought more great music, more great Kim, gladly mini-sightings of Sugar (I am fond of the girl!) and the crazy family, as well as a whole lot more lesbian fun ;)

    It was also nice to see...*insert actress\' name here* (the one spanking Kim, who played Jo on Hex. It\'s odd, because on Hex I was convinced she was gay until we saw her with a man...maybe the actress is and the vibes managed to come through the character?

    So, nice to see the electric toothbrush, in a full-circle sense - both season starts including it, that is. Also, we seem to be going a little more adult...

    Anyway, hope the rest of the season matches this!moreless
  • A lots changed since season 1, Kim's come out, Sugar's in prison, and Nathan and Stella are back together. And yet Kim's still hopelessly awkward, Sugar's incarceration hasn't changed her at all and Nathan and Stella are still as dysfunctional as ever...moreless

    This ep focused on Kim getting herself out there at the word of Sugar, who even in a prison visiting room is frank as ever, telling her how sad she is for having no social life. Kim takes her advice and gets an invitation to a lesbian club by a female sex sop owner who's caught her eye but when she seems uninterested at the club Kim ends up alone at the bar until...

    An older woman approaches her and the two hit it off before heading back to her place where Kim finally sees some action, it's all going perfect until she finds out she's still in school. Although it turns out she has a fondness for the school girl fantasy ad proceeds to spank her...only to be interrupted by Stella and Nathan. Nathan does not approve but it simply reminds Stella how non-existent her sex life is, even with the help of sex therapy. Can a school uniform spice things up for them too?

    When told, Sugar does not approve of this spanking business and in a fit of what seems to be jealous anger she tells Kim that she's being used and worst of all it turns out she's right.

    Back at the club her older woman has moved on to her next young victim and Kim's left distraught until she meets up with her sex shop friend who apologises for making such a mess of trying to pull her and decides to makes things easier by giving Kim here phone number, and suddenly everything seems better. Even Sugar's sorting herself out in prison by announcing to the whole visiting room that she "needs some cock" and even thou she's worried how her life will be when she gets out Kim reassures her that she'll be fine, she'll make sure of it....

    So from sexy shenanigans, to hilarious one-liners to the odd tearful breakdown this ep had it all, wrapped up in the usual Sugar Rush package of a super cool soundtrack, sharp writing and excellent performances all round, bring on episode 2...moreless

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