Sugar Rush

Channel 4 (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Episode 2.10
      Episode 2.10
      Episode 10
      Kim is freaking out. Saint asked Kim to move in and she said yes but now she's having major second thoughts. She's 17. She should be binge drinking and having reckless sex... shouldn't she? It doesn't make it easier that Sugar has finally got her act together and is loving the independent life she's living in her new little flat. With Kim keeping Saint waiting for an answer, she goes out with Sugar for an unforgettable night on the town. But at the end of the night, it's time to decide: is she ready to grow up, or not?moreless
    • Episode 2.9
      Episode 2.9
      Episode 9
      Sugar's thrilled when Mark invites her to meet his mum and dad. But when Kim makes a chance remark about being on her best behaviour, Sugar turns herself into My Fair Lady meets The Stepford Wives . How long can she keep up the act? Meanwhile, the improvement in Stella and Nathan's sex life has a very unexpected consequence.moreless
    • Episode 2.8
      Episode 2.8
      Episode 8
      Unfortunately for Kim, and her lesbian life-style, Nathan is getting increasingly worried about the break-down of family values. Kim is forced to suffer through new rules, though Nathan looks set to break them himself...
    • Episode 2.7
      Episode 2.7
      Episode 7
      Kim spends a night in the cells, but how will Saint react to Kim's behaviour?
    • Episode 2.6
      Episode 2.6
      Episode 6
      Shocked about Kim's incident, Nathan & Stella sends her to theraphy, where she doesn't want to talk.
    • Episode 2.5
      Episode 2.5
      Episode 5
      Saint goes to a sex festival, and Kim is at first concerned because of Saint's attitude, but when she starts getting concerned about Saint and all those women, she goes to have fun on her own, with some of Sugar's pills. Stella is looking forward to the swinger dinner with the new neighbors, while Nathan is tottaly nervous. But, at dinner time, instead of only changing their spouses, they will also change their minds.moreless
    • Episode 2.4
      Episode 2.4
      Episode 4
      Kim has everything she ever wanted, New love and her best friend back in her life. But how can she fit both of them into her spare time
    • Episode 2.3
      Episode 2.3
      Episode 3
      It's going well for Kim and Saint, until Kim wonders how much does Saint misses men.
    • Episode 2.2
      Episode 2.2
      Episode 2
      Kim believes that there are two kinds of women in the world - the manipulative ones and the ones stupid enough to fancy them.
    • Episode 2.1
      Episode 2.1
      Episode 1
      The episode opens with Kim still alone with only her electric toothbrush for company. Her parents are back together and Matt’s gone Goth and they all know that she's a lesbian which Nathan is still coming to terms with it all.
  • Season 1