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  • good first season - bad second.

    too bad. i really liked the first season, but the second has been totally diffrent. its been ok i guess, but not as the first one. the first was fresh and had some new ideas, it was a great story about teenage life, great acting, and it maked you care about the characters. the second has been more of a soap opera. like any drama series. the first had some exitement - the second, relationship drama. i cant say that i really cared if they would end up together or not in the end. hard to explain what i meen here, i guess in the first the characters was really beleivible and intresting, the second they were only soap opera people. overall, good show though, too bad they didnt do a third season (and went back to the way it was in the beginning...). i recoment it to everyone.
  • Risky but well done!

    When I first heard of this I thought it was pushing the boundaries a bit as very little stuff like this has been done on British television but after recently watching both of the series' together I am impressed.

    The actors chosen were perfect for the roles and the chemistry between them was excellent, giving the audience a great number of laughs and a somewhat realistic insight into the minds of different teenagers in today's society.

    The second series, in my opinion, was the better of the two, with many hilarious scenes as well as heart-wrenching ones. I doubt they will but I shall live in hope of a another series.
  • An English show about 15-year-old Kim, and her obsessive crush on her best friend Maria 'Sugar' Sweet...

    I was 15 years old when I first saw this programme and I was a bit like, "Whoa, what the hell is going on!" Hollowed by "Eww, she's a lesbian". But, it was the in-thing for everyone at school, so I watched it regardless. I didn't really get into the show or think very highly of it, after the series ended I was just thinking, "Right, well that wasn't obvious". Then when series two came along, I thought, 'What in the name of Jesus have they done to it!' I watched the first 2 episodes, got bored and didn't watch it again.

    Then I read the book and re-watched both series as a 17-year-old, and the only word I can use to some it up was "Wow"... I was shocked at how good it actually was! Though the book is a LOT different... I still think this show is legendary and I'm shocked that so many people didn't watch it or see it for what it was. Though I still think that series two was its downfall. It took everything that made it away and it completly ruined it. But it was still enjoyable to watch.

    Basically I think that every teenager should have to watch this show. It would probably stop the homophobia that teenagers in the UK (and US) have. Because it did for me I went from homophobic to pro-gay in the space of a week.

    Overall, best show for teenagers that has ever been made. The OC and Dawsons Creek aint got jack on Sugar Rush! :D
  • a really great show!

    i have to say i didn't really expect much from this series.. i mean i thought it is just going to be another teenage drama kind of show but as it turns out i was wrong..

    i am not Brittish so i haven't really heared about this series until a friend emailed me and told me the she found this new show and that i might like it.. so then i found a way to watch the show and i was surprised how much the show got me hooked..

    this show is not just another teen drama.. it is so much more.. and now i am so thankfull for my friend for introducing this series to me..
  • suprising good

    this is a good little teen drama i first though when i saw all the promo's for the forst series it would not be something i would be intrested in but my friend convinced me to give it a go and it is suprising good and more than fit for a mainstream audience and not just for a niche market of people.
    i know some people might think this show makes english girls look slutty but it just makes us english girls out to be as open with our sexuality as we are i know some of the so called "bible belt" (no offence implided) in america might disagree with this show but it shows english people to be slightly kooky, mad and ecentric which we are so this show is a great representation of young britsh culture and should be rewarded as so
  • I love this serie.

    Sugar Rush is one of those gems of lesbian television reminding us all what it was like to be an awkward teenager falling for the wrong person and trying to get our head around being queer at the same time. Add in a very dysfunctional family (mums got her secrets without giving the game away, brother wears a bubble helmet all the time and dad can't see where the problem is with the family) and you have the makings of an excellent show. A word of caution however this is a short DVD, I was suprised when I was able to watch the whole thing in an evening so probably one to turn around quickly so you can carry on watching the rest of the series. Stylistically this feels a lot like a younger, gayer version of the Channel 4 show 'As If' and if you enjoyed that well you'll probably like this.
  • not alot of people really watch it but they really missing out!!! its that good!!!

    well sugar rush my favorite show of call time and thats a big thing to say. i saw the first series and fell in love with it only to find out that there's a second well it was like six christmas's at once and now its over im sadend and now don't no what to do with my thursday night. who ever cast the actors and actresses is turly amazing and who ever scripwrites is truly a model. the comedy and heart hitting episodes truly show of the year.
    the only bad point is there needs more episodes and seasons!!!!!!
  • what does kims parents do.

    I love this show more than anything, I never want it to end. It is way to short a show. Anyway every time I watch this show I always end up wondering what her parents do for a living. They never seem to go to work, and kim and her brother never seem to have to go to school either. All in all I love this show. It makes me want to live in brighton so much. I love the characters and how strange it is.
  • I don't know what it is about Sugar Rush, but i'm drawn to it...

    I love shows like this... the dramas that are on late, and Sugar Rush is no exception. The whole storyline about a teenage lesbian who fancies her best friend is very unique and interesting. Each episode brings up many questions and makes you craving more. Now that season 2 has started and Sugar is in prison, I wanna see more. I wanna see how Kim copes with her sexuality and who she gets with. This show is just so different from anything I watch, and that's why I like it. It's amazing... x
  • sugar rush series series 2 starts on the 15th June - not the 1st.

    Best new show of last year. I watched the repeats on E4 too because i thought it was that funny. a fifteen year old lesbian always thinking how she\\\'s going to get in the knickers of her best mate? theres no way any other channel would touch this apart from channel four. it broke a boundary, like Queer As Folk did. I couldn\\\'t see myself reading the books though. i\\\'ll be waiting to see the first episode of sugar rush season 2 on the 15th june. She\\\'s going further afield in this series, with different partners so it should shed some variety on the will she wont she debate..
  • olivia hallinan playing a 15 year old lesbien virgin a great series funny,sad,depressing and bitchy

    ok so kim moves to brighton with her mum,dad and freaky brother who thinks he's from another planet and has wet dreams over "curvy pink aliens"
    kim is sexually obsessed with her best mate sugar aka maria sweet who is not gay!
    but how long can she keep her secret?
    and how will her phsyched family including her tarty mum and clean-freak dad react
    great girly movie/series must see
    plz mail me an tell me if u dis/agree
    see ya
    x x x
  • The best new British comedy-drama for years.

    Sugar Rush is brilliant, compulsive viewing, telling the story of 15 year-old Kim (Olivia Hallinan) who has moved with her totally dysfunctional parents and strange brother to Brighton. Here she's met, and fell totally in love with Sugar (Leonora Crichlow), a smoking, drinking, man-eating beauty.

    Adapted from Julie Birchill's novel, the scriptwriting is everything from funny to bizarre to sad. The highlights have to be Kim's sarcastic "Dear Diary" type voice-overs.

    Brilliant though it was, it should only be one series; there is nothing more that can constructively be done with the characters, without turning them into a soap-opera.

    A great beacon of light amongst the dross of "reality" TV.
  • This truly is the best Teen Drama ever.

    This truly is the best Teen Drama ever.

    Why did I become interested in this?

    I had just finished watching some other programme on the same channel and the first episode showed on to screen.I din't have a clue what it was but then I thought it was 'Girls In Love' which starred Olivia (Kim), and I thought that can not be a children's show, once I heard swearing.

    I became interested, and has added to my list of favourite shows.The next time I go shopping I am buying the complete season on DVD!

    This is a marvellous Drama, and should last for a long time.
  • Loved it - but this should be the only season of it. Spoilers.

    I'd seen it advertised on Channel 4 about two weeks before it came out. I thought it looked really good. First night came when it was on, and I fell asleep two hours before it started. I didn't wake up, and completely missed it.

    Fast forward seven days, and the new episode is on. I didn't think there'd be much to catch up on, and I think I was right.

    Ever since the second episode, I loved it. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that I could relate to it so much, or if it was the sarcastic lines/monologue of Kim. Either way, I looked forward to it every week.

    Although I did like it a lot, I think it'd be better without another season. They've done everything they could; Kim and Sugar finally got together. If Sugar meant it or not, I suppose we'll never know. I think it's better that way though.
  • Some love it, some hate it. Read my review to hear what I had to say about Kim and Sugar's antics.

    I didn't think much of the first few episodes, but I have to say, the story quickly grew on me, and I loved it. But the series seemed to jump too quickly into the story. Sugar is a quite annoying character, and I don't know if that is because of the character, or because Lenora Crichlow can't act. I think the only person that seems to save this series is Olivia Hallinan, who plays Kim, because she's an excellent character, and perfect for Olivia to play.

    A positive thing to say is that I can relate to Kim when it comes to the sexual feelings for girls, though I don't feel her desperation to have sex.

    I read the book, and was disappointed it wasn't at all like the series, though. A problem was I hated the end of the book, because it made Kim out to be an idiot, and well, the end of the series made Kim out to be an even bigger idiot.
  • Sugar Rush Is a new show on channel 4 about a 15 year old girl called Kim who's family move to Brighton and she becomes sexualy obssessedwith her new best friend Maria 'Sugar' Sweet. This TV show is based on a book by Julie Burchill.

    This is a great show Kim has alot of problems to deal with during the show with her hamster killin brother Matt who thinks that he is an Alien, her mum Stella had an affair with Dale the decorator and gave her husband Nathan crabs which exposed her affair, then there's Sugar who now knows what Kim feels for her and messes with emotions, and Kim's stalker nextdoor neighbour Tom and Kim keeps sending him mixed messages towards him.
  • So Kim Fancies Sugar who fancies anything in trousers, Kim\'s mum stella in the middle of a midlife crisis had an affair and moved out, her dads gone a bit mental, her brothers who has been every colour in the rainbow has now started menstruating!

    What and amazing and refreshing idea! Great to seee something totally new on tv. Week after week I\'m both moved and amused by Kim\'s struggle to deal wtih her sexuality, her mixed up family and teenage life as it is today.
    Olivia Hallinan is great as Kim not over playing the character in any way, this show is both amazingly realistic and at times slightly shocking.
    An incredibly intersting and gripping drama the likes of which we dont see much of these days.
  • Totally brilliant, don't miss it!

    Totall brilliant show. I love this programme, the cast are excellent.
    I never miss an episode but I was totally gutted for Kim in episode 7. Hopefully Sugar will see sense soon!
    I\'m not really fussed in the stories that Nathan and Stella get, they are a bit pointless.
    Can\'t wait to see how episode 8 goes.
  • This show is amazing!! Its very funny and gets you wondering about whats going to happen in the next episode. Its ace!! Obviously i love it coz of my name. Olivia is so pretty n gorgeous in innt. its the best show this year.

    i just want to say this show is the best ive seen in a long time. Its funny, wierd n sexy. The cast are amazing and must have alot of self confidence to do what they do, especially sugar and stella.
    Kim little brother Matt is so funny , thinking he is a alien from another planet and painting himself.
    I wonder whats going to happen next tuesday now that sugar knows how kim feels. ooo its so exciting :D I think im obsessed with it. If anyone else is please add me as a friend and we can talk about it all the time . :D :D I love it. I hope theres going to be another season after this! and i hope it comes out on dvd that would be ace! i love sugar rush xxxxxx
  • Exciteing, truthful and funny what more could you want realy.

    Sugar Rush is a superb drama which i enjoy loads, i thought it was about time for sexuality to be tackeled in teenagers and Channel 4 has done that. The show is based on a gay 15 year old virgin and her life and family. I think its realistic and tackeled smartly my self being a young teenager and struggling with my sexuality am very glad to see a show like this on telly it helps you to understand the topic more. The show its self is fast paced full of excitement and humour and has all the aspects of a good series so lets hope it does well.
  • So, Kim is a 15 year old Lesbian who has a crush on her best mate Sugar, her Mum is off sleeping with a decorater, Dad is completly oblivious, and her brother... well, he's just her brother. Sugar Rush is the typical teenagers sucky life.

    Sugar Rush is a brand new TV Show on Channel 4, based on the book by Julie Burchill. It tells the story of Kim, a young lesbian girl who is obssessed with her best friend Sugar. Sugar loves sex, smoking and drinking and is the most popular and outrageous girl in her school. Kim tries so very very hard to get closer to Sugar, but things seem to go a bit pear shaped, with boyfriends and unconscious brothers getting in the way.

    Sugar is not Kim's only problem. One day when she gets home from school, she unfortunately comes across her mother Stella... and the house decorator... having sex. Since then, her Mum patronises and blackmails Kim into not telling Dad Nathan, who of course, is the nice guy who doesn't suspect a thing.

    Theres also the hamster drowning brother that lives in a space suit, who tends to lock himself in his room and paint things blue.

    Sugar Rush is hilarious, full of suspense, sad on occasions, and is overall a lot of fun. Be prepared for rodent death, date-rape and pubic lice, but you won't be prepared for how brilliantly original this slightly odd Drama masterpiece is.
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