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  • An English show about 15-year-old Kim, and her obsessive crush on her best friend Maria 'Sugar' Sweet...

    I was 15 years old when I first saw this programme and I was a bit like, "Whoa, what the hell is going on!" Hollowed by "Eww, she's a lesbian". But, it was the in-thing for everyone at school, so I watched it regardless. I didn't really get into the show or think very highly of it, after the series ended I was just thinking, "Right, well that wasn't obvious". Then when series two came along, I thought, 'What in the name of Jesus have they done to it!' I watched the first 2 episodes, got bored and didn't watch it again.

    Then I read the book and re-watched both series as a 17-year-old, and the only word I can use to some it up was "Wow"... I was shocked at how good it actually was! Though the book is a LOT different... I still think this show is legendary and I'm shocked that so many people didn't watch it or see it for what it was. Though I still think that series two was its downfall. It took everything that made it away and it completly ruined it. But it was still enjoyable to watch.

    Basically I think that every teenager should have to watch this show. It would probably stop the homophobia that teenagers in the UK (and US) have. Because it did for me I went from homophobic to pro-gay in the space of a week.

    Overall, best show for teenagers that has ever been made. The OC and Dawsons Creek aint got jack on Sugar Rush! :D
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