Sugar Rush

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:50 PM Jun 21, 2005 on Channel 4



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    • Matt killing his hamster by drowning it in paint, and Kim using this to justify the fact that she almost killed him.

    • he predictable ending – in which little brother Matt eats the drugs and accidently overdoses instead of Sugar. And it was a little annoying that there were apparently no consequences to this other than her parents putting Matt into therapy and Kim sleeping over at Sugar's place.

    • Gross-out moment – Kim contemplating stealing Sugar's soiled knickers.

    • Kim was very unlikable in this episode, motivated only by selfishness and lust. She acted, at best, like a pervy stalker. She was contemplating and almost carried out date rape. The fact that the drugs she was going to use to try and drug Sugar nearly killed her brother didn't bother her and she exploited Sugar's sympathy because it meant she would get more physically close to her. While having fully rounded characters is a good thing – and pretty much everyone else gained an extra dimension to their character – it's probably not a good idea to make Kim so unpleasant when we're seeing this story from her point of view.

    • The cheesy pop classics from Kim's childhood: Barbie Girl by Aqua and Tragedy by Steps, plus some great disco/handbag house stuff, the pick of the crop being I Feel Love by Donna Summer and Put 'Em High by Stonebridge.

      Edit: other music in this episode,
      James Clarke - Blow up & go
      Fatboy slim - Kalifornia
      Shaznay Lewis - Dance
      Nouvelle Vague - Just Can't Get Enough
      Blur - Jets
      Portishead - Mysterious
      Jet - Cold hard b****h
      The Bees - The Russian
      Steps – Tragedy
      David Holmes - Paper underwear
      Goldfrapp - Utopia
      Eva Cassidy - Songbird
      Nouvelle Vague - Love Will Tear Us Apart
      Primal Scream - Autobarn 66
      Nouvelle Vague - Just Can't Get Enough

    • They seem to be able to pull the rug from under us. Our loyalties were reversed this week, as Kim was the selfish one while Sugar showed genuine sympathy about Kim's brother's accidental overdose, and stated that her mother tried to kill herself a few times after father left.

    • The exchange between the two chav girls gossiping in the girl's toilets: "I swear on my mother's death bed!" "You hate your mum!" "Alright, my cat's then!"
      • Best Kim narration this week: "It's amazing the things you do when you're a fucked up teenager. Adolescents are hormonally insane."

    • Stella's "talks" from the past with her daughter: how Snowy the bunny turned brown overnight, the inevitable excruciating "now you're a grown-up talk" and Kim's nightmare soap opera situations of what her "talk" would be about this time- she thought it was either that Stella and Dale were going to emigrate together, Dale was moving in, her dad was moving out and Kim's room would become the showroom for the new decorating business, or that Dale was in fact Kim's brother.

    • Kim contemplating telling her mother the truth about why she had all the house's prescription drugs in her room "There's this girl, Sugar, who I like, I really like, I suppose you could say I'm obsessed, and basically if I don't shag her soon I'm going to explode, so I thought heavy narcotics might ease things on a bit." And the lamest of lame excuses she came up with: " It's for a school project – Domestic Dangers: Toxicity In The House!"

    • Stella is feeling guilty about her affair with Dale the hunky decorator so she can't enjoy him licking her out. He's more concerned about satisfying his boner when he's only got a half hour lunchbreak. When Stella leaves abruptly as she thinks Kim is suicidal, he contends himself with ordering a porno film called Chitty Chitty Gang Bang via room service.

    • The much darker themes of this episode. After two light comedy episodes this one had a lot of dark absorbing drama – Kim's obsession with Sugar getting more intense, Stella displaying guilt about her affair, Nathan's despair at not being able to keep his family together as well as the main issues of the programme being date rape, drug overdose and suicide.

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