Season 2 Episode 12

Blood in the Water

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2013 on USA

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  • Best episode of the season

    After a horrible mid-season finale and lackluster season premiere, this episode put the series back into my favorite TV show lists. Harvey learns that Allison Holte is poaching clients and associates, who are convinced that the battle with Hardman has greatly weakened the firm. Harvey is tasked with finding a way to stop Holte before she steals a very valuable client, and learns that Holte is stealing associates based on a list that Louis gave her. Louis, who already lost a promising associate as well as Lady Louis as a result of Jessica's punishment, is put through the ringer by an enraged Harvey, who convinces him that he's the reason for all their current woes and the firm would be better without him. He's then tempted by Holte to join her firm, and decides to leave the firm he loves. What happens next are two really great scenes: One involving Jessica, who states that, despite punishing Louis severely for his actions in the mid-season finale, Daniel was right in making Louis a senior partner and she does genuinely respect him. The other involves Louis and Mike. Mike gets physically assaulted by Tess's husband (deservedly so) and Louis patches him up, revealing that he and Harvey weren't always the bitter enemies they are now; they had a professional rivalry, but after the day was done, they'd part friends. Mike asks Louis to help him with the Holte case, and thanks to his help, Holte is defeated, and Harvey, after some persuasion by Jessica, finally begins to forgive Louis in a simple non verbal gesture.

    I love this episode because we FINALLY are shown the consequences of the characters' actions. It also really helps develop the inner workings of Louis's mind. Seeing Louis as an actual person who cares about the well being of others and not a self serving a-hole always puts a smile on my face. He knows he made a mistake in voting for Hardman and making Harvey's life miserable, and genuinely wants to redeem himself, but Harvey's rage is so great that he won't even consider the possibility of forgiving Louis. Harvey is completely in the wrong this time, and Jessica, having been toeing the line of unlikeability all season, goes back to being her stern yet fair season 1 self and shows Harvey the error of holding a grudge against someone who is honestly sorry for his actions.

    And Mike gets beat up, too as a finale to his affair with Tess! Well, that arc was certainly short lived. Let us never speak of the Jenny-clone again.
  • Rocking!!!!

    I am so glad the series is back again. Harvey, Rachel, and Donna continue to ROCK!!!!!
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