Season 2 Episode 5

Break Point

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 2012 on USA

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  • Suits - 2x05 - Break Point - SpoilerFreeReview

    A really good episode that really progressed the mythology of the show and made one hell of a change within the dynamic of the show. For a spoiler-free review, visit

    lonelycritic . tumblr . com/post/28399694264/suits-2x05-break-point-review

  • Gone but to Return Soon

    Great episode that involved all the main characters of the firm. There is a great storyline playing out and I didn't believe Donna is gone for good, Harvey and Donna will be back together soon, making jokes and picking on Lewis within a few shows
  • Sarah Rafferty!

    Sarah Rafferty is soo GOOD till when Jessica said "Yes" when Donna asked "Am i being fired?" the camera stay focus on her!

    Great episode! But please bring Donna back!
  • Bring Donna Back

    Sarah Rafferty is an excellent actress. Please bring her back. She actions are uncalled for, but she always has Harvey's back. I want more backstory between these 2.
  • Is Donna really gone?

    It's so sad to see Donna taking the fall and getting fired! There was fire in her eyes as she got on the elevator to leave. Is she really gone from the show?