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I enjoyed this episode because it was not solely on Ava, which is becoming slightly upsetting. Okay, now to the major parts of the episodes that either bothered me or made me happy.

Mike & Rachel: It was so cute seeing them work together. I am glad that their relationship is not a bore like other T.V. relationships are when the couple I want finally get together.

Harvey & Cameron: If Harvey does not wipe the floor with Cameron. I am tired of him trying to get ONE OVER Harvey. He needs to find a girl so he would stop riding Harvey so hard. It is fun to see their witty fights though :D

Louis & British guy's name I have yet to know: I like their feud. It is a hate-love relationship that I like to see. Besides, Louis needs someone that is on the same level as him.

Harvey, Jessica & Darby: I, honestly, do not know how to feel about Jessica. One minute I hate her. One minute I like her. I am just thinking "Harvey, choose wisely who you trust" because everyone is just suspect !! I allow myself to like Darby, only a little, but I do not trust him either.

Harvey & Stephen: When they worked together for that brief moment, it was like me watching oil & water try to mix. They do not mesh well together.

Donna & Harvey: I approve as long as Donna does not EVER betray Harvey in the process. Harvey does not have time for betrayals !! BE CAREFUL DONNA ! Other than that have fun :)

Bonus: I saw a little bit of the fun Harvey I love so much in this episode. He needs to take a break from being so hardcore all the time !

Overall, lovely episode. I am so excited about next week's episode, especially what Harvey & Donna does. I NEED to know their history together!

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