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Tuesday 10:00 PM on USA (Returning summer 2015)

Something has been bugging me for the last couple episodes (beyond the questionable quality of this season's storylines), pertaining to a question I've had and read an iteration of as raised by @JT_Kirk in a discussion of "Conflict of Interest" and then again when I re-watched for the umpteenth time the movie Shooter (2007). My question for all you lawyers and those having any knowledge of US federal and NY state jurisprudence is this: what authority is Cameron Dennis operating under in both the bribery and the murder indictments? How is a special prosecutor in the NYC District Attorney's office pursuing charges against a foreign national for crimes committed in a third foreign country?

In Shooter, the Attorney General of the United States (Brian Markinson, Continuum) couldn't bring charges against Colonel Johnson (Danny Glover) for the genocide of an Ethiopian village because the AG's office doesn't have the authority to act on crimes committed on foreign soil, suggesting that the matter needed to be investigated and tried in the International Criminal Court. If the nation's most powerful lawyer doesn't have authority to act in the one case, how is all this business with Ava Hessington even going down in NYC?

Or is it simply a matter of the writers getting it totally wrong and thinking we the audience would never question it?

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