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Suits S03E08: "Endgame"

Harvey and the gang finally—FINALLY—cleared Ava Hessington of the murder charges while proving to the world once and for all that she may be a spoiled little girl with a hidden Scrooge McDuck vault where the cash pool is kept at an ambient temperature at all times, but she totally didn't order the hit on those pipeline protesters. Harvey also managed to remind Cameron of a time when Cameron wasn't a lying scumbag who fabricated or withheld evidence as it suited him by... fabricating evidence in the form of Darby's testimony about how he knew what British Harvey was doing the entire time. Suits, your double standard is delish. 

Darby's testimony also gave the newly reconciled Harvey and Jessica a convenient chance to screw the man over, even though he quite readily agreed to throwing himself under the bus for the sake of their case and his guilt-laden friendship with that vile woman. The stage is set for the Suits "endgame" of Pearson Specter being an actual thing. All Jessica had to do was apologize to Harvey for that time she made him act like a total A-hole—because as a grown man, Harvey definitely isn't responsible for his own actions if the meanie Jessica acts like a total meanie. Also, their work environment seems horrific, and Harold, my precious, you're better off now that you're far, far away (or, you know, like a block away). Still, Harold's verbal smackdown of Mike was lovely. 

Putting aside the usual complaints about the nuances of the Suits-universe and how literally everyone is awful, "Endgame" gets love and brownie points for finally ending Hessington Oil's drama and doing so with a great callback to the very first season of Suits and our very first meeting with Cameron's glorious mustache. Actually, I don't think he had a 'stache in Season 1. Whatever. It was nice to see wrongly convicted Clifford Danner around town, even if his own endgame was horribly depressing. Despite his argument that he didn't owe Harvey anything for getting him out of his charges because Harvey, under Cameron's guidance, brought the charges against Clifford in the first place, Clifford was swayed by Mike's insistence that he owed Mike because Mike is just everyone's savior like that. (See also: Harold.)

Clifford ambushed Cameron in a nice plaza and reminded him about how there's a special circle of hell reserved for people who don't learn from their mistakes and tamper with evidence and screw innocent people over aaaand... Cameron kind of didn't care. He cared enough that when Darby offered him a convenient way to not railroad Ava into a life sentence, he reduced the time to eight years and then dropped it altogether, but it's not like Cameron had some huge revelation about his misguided career choices and suddenly decided to renounce his skeevy ways. 

Darby's "admission" also paved the way for Jessica and Harvey to ship their rival back across the pond, never to be seen or heard from again since he lost his license to practice law in the U.S. of A. as part of his deal with Cameron. Suits' season-long reset is almost complete—but with two episodes to go until the mid-season finale, there's plenty of time to upset the status quo again. 

In the wake of British Harvey's big evil reveal, Donna and Original Recipe Harvey's sexual tension and UGH WHY WON'T YOU TWO JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY??? is back in full bloom. I really thought this latest romantic disaster would finally break them of their reluctance to be a thing. I'm just really sick of scenes with Donna standing on the sidewalk looking sad while Harvey walks away. Donna/Harvey hasn't yet reached unmanageable levels of "JUST DO IT ALREADY," though—which works in Suits' favor. The reasons that Harvey and Donna detailed as to why they can't, won't, and shouldn't are perfectly understandable, and to ruin the generally good thing they have going right now with romance would be terrible. I don't think that Suits will do it, but I could see the pair's refusal to formally date, or even put a name on whatever their relationship is, stretching for seasons and seasons to come... and that actually probably wouldn't suck. 

Still, everybody put on your sad faces for Donna! Girl just has the worst luck, doesn't she? Her role in delivering bad news to Stephen not just once but twice may have soothed some of the burn that goes with "Oops, I slept with a murderer," and scary Donna is one of my favorite Donnas. On a similar note, I have to admit that I'm kind of loving the Rachel and Louis Adventures these days too. Her general sweetness and ability to think rationally nicely complements his pettiness and occasional zaniness. 

So that's a wrap! Mostly! As delighted as I am that the bulk of this story is finished, I'm concerned that the next two episodes will be spent wandering aimlessly in its aftermath—I mean, that's what happened last season. What about you? What are your predictions?


– Stephen was a total sleaze, and he hurt Donna, so he had to be destroyed. But he wasn't wrong in his argument about how just because Donna and the others don't go around ordering death for those who get in the way of "progress" doesn't mean they don't contribute to awful things happening for their benefit in other ways.  

– Louis has had some really great stories over the past two seasons—why must he be reduced to a petty man-child again? STOP IT, SUITS!

– "A man is judged by the photos he displays." That entire exchange was glorious.

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