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Suits S03E02: "I Want You to Want Me"

You know, tearing Louis Litt apart for comedic effect is getting really old, Suits. One of the best things this series has done in recent seasons is flesh out Louis (and so many of its other secondary characters) and "elevate" him from an actual villain to a guy that we can readily understand, complete with quirks, hang-ups, and personality extremes that at times make him incompatible with the rest of the world. We all know people like that. Some of us are people like that. Guess what? Weird people are still people. 

One thing that has the potential to be a great is Suits' lowering of Harvey's great and wonderful perfection. Harvey has always been a dick, but in the past, there's always been enough justification for his dickishness that we could look past it and cheer for him anyway. Either the poor dunce on the receiving end had it coming or Harvey was in god-like rockstar mode and it just worked, but it wasn't hard to like Harvey in the beginning. He was a grown-up Jim Stark in an Armani suit. He was flawed, to be sure, but his heart was usually in the right place. 

The push to turn Harvey into a potential enemy of Jessica, of the firm, and of anybody who doesn't immediately concede to his wants and whims is great. Harvey's biggest weakness has always been his ego, and it's taken quite a few hits recently. His vendetta against Jessica and his anger at Mike were a logical progression from the end of Season 2—but that doesn't mean that Harvey's right, which is where I'm having some problems with jumping on the usual Team Harvey bandwagon and also why Mike's decision to go back to Harvey elicited an impressive line of profanity in Casa Sleasman. It was the equivalent of two brahs having a disagreement at the cool kids' lunch table, one of them ditching that scene to go slum with the dorks in the corner, including that kid who snorts his ritalin because it turns his snot blue. Brah #2 turned out to really like hanging out with the losers. They sincerely valued his presence. They watched tentacle porn without the subtitles on and dude-bro slowly learned how to kick some ass in Magic: The Gathering (full disclosure: I have no idea whether Magic is still the game of choice for the cool nerds of today).

Anyway, eventually Dude-bro #1 got over his bullshit because his girlfriend and Dude-bro #2's girlfriend were tight and they couldn't hang out unless #2 came back because high school, and besides, Mike Ross totally belongs at the cool kid's table because... well, because.

I think I just made myself feel worse for Louis Litt. "Life is high school." Man, Louis couldn't have been more prophetic.

I'll laugh at Louis being awkward in a mud bath. I'll laugh at the self portraits he has all over his office. I'll laugh at him shoving cake in Mike's face. But I can't really laugh at him time and time again thinking he's finally made a friend just to have it blow up in his face. That's not funny. That's really f*ing sad. 

On the plus side, can we talk about the scary amount of power Donna actually has? All she had to do was say the word and Harvey immediately welcomed Mike back to Team Cool Kids—not that that's a team anyone should currently want to be on, except out of fear of Harvey's ruthlessness when in power. I like the Harvey vs. Jessica story, but I'm not yet convinced of the nobility of Harvey's cause. It still seems like he's taking an unfortunate professional choice on her part extremely personally. His "Hey, you should take your girlfriend on a date!" seemed forced. Their reunion probably isn't going to fix the rift between Rachel and Donna anytime soon—and WOW that got nasty—with people once again interpreting career moves as personal attacks. 

While the parallels between Ava/Nck and Jessica/Harvey were so obvious it hurt, I don't mind when the cases mirror the workplace crises of Pearson-Darby, especially when that's really the only point to featuring said cases. Suits strength is in its characters, and the threat that looms when focusing too much on the procedural stuff is one of not giving those wonderful characters room to flourish. We couldn't have had "I Want You to Want Me" without last week's "The Arrangement," but between the two, this was definitely the stronger installment and puts us in a more interesting spot moving forward. 


– Louis said that Mike is "half Louis, half Harvey." I actually think that's pretty accurate. What do you think?

–  It's good that Mike hasn't seen As Good as it Gets because that means he can still see it for the first time. Aww. <3

– IDK about Gary Cole's mustache. 

–  Team Harvey or Team Jessica? 

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