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Suits S03E13: "Moot Point"

There was quite a lot of gift-giving and friendship-declaring in "Moot Point," but the strings and asterisks attached to many of the prezzies made the love a little hard to spot. That's not to say that it wasn't there: Suits has long revolved around the notion that deep down inside, the employees of Pearson-Specter are GOOD people, and while the competition may get heated, at the end of the day, Harvey, Louis, Scottie, and everyone else plays for the same team and usually wants the same thing. 

Except sometimes they don't. Or sometimes they let petty, ego-driven stuff get in the way of "the greater good." Or they realize that dating your co-worker is hard, especially when you can't tell her that your associate never actually went to law school and you've been helping him hide it for like three years and taking a huge personal and professional risk because reasons. This is particularly unfortunate if you just had the honesty talk a mere two episodes ago. 


So Scottie/Harvey was eye-roll-inducing, though not unexpected (and probably eye-roll-inducing because it was so expected) but the Scottie/Louis battle was pretty glorious until it got nasty. Louis's own draconian bylaws bit him in the ass when he arrived late to a partners' meeting due to circumstances beyond his control and learned that Scottie stole his merger project. Scottie did it on purpose, picking a fight with the meanest partner at the firm in order to prove her worth and dispel all that chatter about how she's only there because she's Harvey's girlfriend even though she's totally only there because she's Harvey's girlfriend. It was so spiteful and the antics were so childish and so them that I was more upset about Louis playing the Mike card against Harvey because it marked the end of the conflict, not because it was a terrible low point for a character who has slowly but surely been evolving beyond his usual villain status. 

Okay, I was sad for Louis too. It totally killed him to go to Harvey. Despite his default "IDGAF" operational status, the truth is that Louis does care very much about how he's perceived, and he's been desperate to sit at the popular kids' table since the start of the series. The problem is, as Harvey pointed out, he can't have it both ways, and there's a part of Louis that has come to embrace his outsider status. He likes being a hardass. He likes being hated and feared because in his mind, that equates respect. Harvey and Louis are two sides of the same coin and Louis has long accepted that he can't be worshiped like Harvey, the firm's golden boy, but he can fill a different role—an important role—and be valued for that. After all, it's not like Louis isn't a good lawyer. Louis is valued, he just isn't beloved. 

Despite his protestations, Louis wants very badly to be liked... just not at the cost of what respect he's managed to achieve for himself. Louis doesn't trust friendship (and with good reason) and he can't bring himself to compromise what he sees as a sure thing (his reputation) just to help Harvey, and to be fair, it's not like Harvey hasn't screwed Louis over in the past, justifying it with, "Of course we're friends, of course I see you as my equal, of course I like you." 

I don't doubt that Harvey sees/saw Louis as a friend and despite his usual dismissive-on-the-surface attitude. In fact, I'd bet that Harvey thinks of Louis as an asset and maybe even fears him a little—but actions speak louder than words and all that.

Since Harvey is the guy who has everything and just goes out and buys what he wants, Mike decided to show his appreciation for Harvey's deepening of the pit of lies and scandal by setting up an opportunity for Harvey to finally beat the lawyer who bested him all through college, a period that Donna referred to as Harvey's "shameful losses." <3 her. 

Elliott Stemple (Patrick Fischler of Mad Men, Lost, Southland, aaaand Californication) wiped the floor with Harvey all throughout college and did a pretty solid job of shaming him into a panic this time around, too. It was kind of delightful watching Stemple—a slimy, pathological liar—constantly out-think Mike and Harvey. It was also pretty great watching Harvey grovel before Jessica for help because Harvey doesn't grovel nearly enough these days and I think it's good for him to be humbled from time to time. 

In the end, the Pearson-Hardman dream team came through and exposed Stemple's case for the corporate espionage that it was, a feat so impressive that a magazine called Jessica to arrange an interview with the brilliant lawyers at her firm... except when you're a fake lawyer with a fake Harvard pedigree, any publicity is bad publicity and while I get why Mike was disappointed when Jessica asked him to take his name off the case, I'm not looking forward to the fallout. Because you know that disappointment is going to fester and gradually become resentment and it's going to be awful and I just want everyone to to get along like they did in middle school and bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles that everyone can eat and be happy. I'd also appreciate it if Suits would slip some Mean Girls quotes into Mike, Harvey (and now Louis's!) vernacular. You know Louis would watch the hell out of Mean Girls

Ugh, "Moot Point" was so good and this part of the season has been so good and I'm so nervous because the first half was so awful and even though Suits isn't even on the end-times radar, Mike's current predicament has gotten me thinking about the future of Suits. It will only get more frustrating if, throughout his career, Mike can't enjoy any recognition for the good that he does. He can't stay an associate forever, but can he be promoted without forcing someone, anyone, to take a closer look at his credentials? Won't someone eventually find it odd that Jessica keeps the firm's mini-Harvey wunderkind so far from the spotlight? It's not even like Mike can just go to law school now without compromising every case he's ever worked on at Pearson-Specter. But either way, I'm really excited that we're back to focusing on this story again. 


– "The bigger person? You should have known that wasn't me." True.

– "What happened to the skirt-chasing degenerate I knew back at Harvard?" Man, college Harvey sounds so awesome

– "I'm Moby-god-damned-Dick!" <3

– Benjamin the Tech Guy is so precious. He needs to show up more. 

What'd you think of "Moot Point"?

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