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Suits S03E10: "Stay"

I couldn't help but snicker at poor Scottie trying to make her point about loyalty and asking Harvey if he would just throw someone under the proverbial bus after working side-by-side with them for ten years. Woman, where have you been all season?

Oh, right... England. 

Anyway, the answer to Scottie's question is "yes." Yes. Under the right conditions, Harvey would totally turn his back on a mentor/BFF/partner figure. He almost did so with Jessica. In a way, he did do so with Cameron back in the day, and if you ask Donna, she'd probably refuse to talk about that one time last season when she got fired and was humiliated in front of their peers while Harvey sat there like a doofus. None of those situations were exactly like Scottie's, and all of them were mostly justifiable in their own ways, but still—after a season of increasingly complex storytelling and character motives, Suits' frantic attempts to simplify everything in this mid-season finale seemed a little desperate at times. 

I had a hard time buying Scottie's unwavering loyalty to Darby since she's basically Female Harvey and we're all pretty well-versed in how Harvey's loyalty works at this point—not to mention, Harvey just plain had a logical argument in favor of Scottie jumping ship that made so much sense, even I was getting frustrated with Scottie—and I don't have this off-putting super-hatred of Darby that everyone else at Pearson-whatever-the-hell-they're-calling-themselves-this-week seems to have. The dude was slimy. It's hard to find a lawyer on this show who isn't slimy. I'm disappointed in the way that Darby taking the fall to get Ava's name cleared has been reduced from a challenging decision built on, well, love and loyalty, frankly, to "NOPE. HE'S A MURDERER. TTYL, NO LOVE, PEARSON-SPECTER." I guess it's just simpler that way, and it's been a long half-season, and we're tired. 

In the end, Harvey apologized to Scottie for assuming she screwed him over last week and they drank wine in his swank bachelor pad and most assuredly screwed at some point while off-camera. Harvey also apologized to Ava for—IDK, not doing things her way?—and she hastily dropped her lawsuit against the firm, proving yet again that everyone on this show is an actual child. (And the point of bringing Tanner back was... ?)

Speaking of the children, while Harvey and Scottie were actually making progress, Mike and Rachel regressed momentarily when her newly energized consideration of Stanford over Columbia led Mike to issue the classic Insecure A-Hole Boyfriend Ultimatum. If she chose Stanford over Columbia, he'd dump her because everyone knows long-distance relationships never work out. Sure, they're harder. Trust me, they're harder. But they're certainly not impossible. Mr. Fiance and I were hundreds of miles apart for most of the first few years of our relationship. You just can't act like a freaking CHILD, MIKE, OMG. Me or Stanford! STFU, Mike Ross. 

Oh well, the crisis was ultimately averted. Even though Rachel admitted that Stanford was the better option for her, she chose Columbia because she wanted to be with Mike. I'm only slightly disappointed—and honestly, I'd probably be more understanding if Mike hadn't handed her that gross ultimatum—but I sincerely think that Rachel has more going on than what she led Mike to believe at the end of "Stay." Her confrontation with Jessica was glorious, and frankly, it was one of the best Rachel moments—if not the best Rachel moment—of the series so far. So proud of her, yay! <3

Over in Litt Land, the Lady Litt, Sheila, hooked up with Louis and got all grumpy when he didn't pick up on her signals that she wanted to be exclusive—until he eventually figured it out and conveniently ended up meeting her in the Harvard Law School master files of every single student ever, where he conveniently looked for Mike's and conveniently didn't find it because obviously we need to return to that storyline. My theory now is that Rachel has paved the way for special-snowflake non-Harvard grads to work at Pearson-Whatever, and when the truth about Mike's missing Harvard pedigree comes out, the official explanation will end up being that Mike actually graduated from a different law school, and while no, he didn't attend Harvard, he still totally attended law school, like for realz, Louis, we swear. 

It's just a theory, and a flimsy insta-theory at that. But what are yours? What do you want to see when Suits returns this winter? And what did you think of "Stay?"


– "We should tape it to the wall." Louis and Sheila are such weirdos. <3 them. 

– Will Harvey/Scottie last? Do you want it to? 

– I actually appreciated Harvey's bluntness when Mike was all, "TEACH ME HOW TO BE EMOTIONLESS AND DEAD INSIDE LIKE YOU!" I think we're all sick of iceman Harvey. I think even Harvey is sick of iceman Harvey. 

– Do you think this is the last we've seen of Ava?

– No, really, what was even the point of Tanner this week? Like, we get it, he's the anti-Harvey and he has this unhealthy obsession with beating Harvey... but he barely even registered as a threat here. 

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