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Suits S03E09: "Bad Faith" 

Pearson Whatever can never do anything with ease, can they? With Darby's firm revealed to be the actual Secret Society of Super Villians, Pearson Specter was granted the much sought-after Get Out of Jail Free card—but canceling the merger is proving to be a bit more complicated than just calling the whole thing off. Further complicating the great escape, work and play got all mashed together on Pearson Specter's side of the pond, and what should have been a straightforward plan of attack kept getting muddled by the wants of those individuals tasked with executing it. I wasn't surprised by Mike's dilemma. I was marginally surprised by Harvey's. Louis's just confuses me.

At first, I was mad. Oh look, another dig at how Louis is a joke. Another depiction of Louis as a crappy lawyer who can't be trusted to deliver when it really matters because he gets overly emotional about cats. Louis's story in "Bad Faith" could have been really great—and parts of it definitely were great—but the catalyst for his initial blunder was just so strangely sitcom-y. It was hard to get into at first. Even with Louis's established adoration of cats, and Nigel's cat in particular, the idea that the man would so quickly and thoroughly botch such a huge assignment seemed out of place on a "serious drama"—even one that's as occasionally lighthearted as Suits

That said, "Bad Faith" was pretty great overall. Scottie returned. Yay. Yay? Is that a "yay" situation? I'm rather ambivalent about Scottie, and after such adorbs Harvey/Donna action with the purse shopping, Harvey's other almost-a-thing thing was borderline unwelcome—but only borderline, because I'm not entirely sure where I stand on Donna/Harvey myself.

The big bombshell-that-wasn't-really-a-bombshell-if-you-watched-the-promo-last-week concerned the decision by Awful Ava to drop Harvey and Co. as her law firm of choice when pesky murder charges pop up from time to time. Everyone was sooooo shocked, but we need to think critically about this for a sec before we declare Ava to be any worse than she already is.

Sure, Pearson Darby Specter managed to get Ava's name cleared... but was it really a positive experience for anyone? Really? Ava's reputation and her company's name were still dragged through the mud. Her legal team spent most of their time working on her case by running around like headless chickens. The only reason she managed to escape jail time was that Darby stepped up and squealed on British Harvey. Sorry, Pearson Specter, but I wouldn't flaunt the Hessington Oil case as a selling point for other companies to hire you.

They barely won, and the victory had little to do with the actual expertise of the firm and its staff. If I was Ava, I'd probably shop for a new law firm too after that fiasco.

On The Mike and Rachel Domestic Hour, Mike floated the idea of moving into Sassy Dead Grandma's unused apartment and Rachel was okie-dokie with it until she found out Mike name-dropped her and their relationship to get Daddy Zane to cut Pearson Specter a check for Folsom Foods a quarter early. Mike is a moron. Now Rachel isn't shacking up with Mike just yet and, having been accepted to Stanford, she's threatening to move to California because that's how rational adults act. 

Whatever, Harvey and Louis had a bro moment and Mike was miffed about it and for once, I'm actually in my Suits happy place as we head into next week's summer finale. See you then! Kisses! Bye!


– "The couple that wakes together..." "Bakes together?" 

– Will Harvey and the gang convince Ava to retain them? Should she?

– Rachel's not going to go to Stanford, right? Probably not?

– Just what is the general consensus on Harvey/Donna as an actual thing?

– What do you hope to see in next week's mid-season finale?

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