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Suits S03E01: "The Arrangement"

The last time we saw Mike Ross, he was banging Rachel in the copy room and the interwebs collectively groaned because "Seriously? This shit again?"

Oh yes. Again. And again. 

"The Arrangement" picked up two days after the events of "War" and despite essentially winning at life at the end of Suits' Season 2 finale, Mike was plagued with nightmares that started out pleasant enough—with Harvey randomly declaring Mike a partner because he's so OMG AWESOME—and then quickly ended with Mikey-poo getting arrested after Rachel busted into the soooooper-secret partners meeting to tattle on him about that tiny little not-actually-having-a-law-degree thing. Pesky plot point, that. 

I'd sympathize more if Mike hadn't spent most of Season 2 making me hate him just a little more with every episode. At this point, I'm mainly here for Donna and Louis. OH, and Nigel. He's just a sad, bitter, dude who's out to rule over those employees who hurt his fee-fees with a draconian fist. Raspberry granola bars? Uniball pens? NO. FEEL MY EPIC PAIN. 

Yeah, so Nigel and I just get each other. <3

The Darby-Pearson—or Pearson-Darby, depending on Darby's mood, apparently—merger provided the backdrop to Harvey being Harvey and Jessica desperately trying to be BFFs with Mike. Confirming the sentiment that over at the former Pearson-Hardman, Harvey and Jessica are mommy and daddy, and mommy and daddy don't really like each other all that much these days, Jessica gave Mike a new office and compared it to the car her mother gave her when her parents split. In the end, Mike turned it down in an attempt to stop pissing everyone off—everyone being Harvey and Rachel—and asked Jessica if she would have given the car back if it meant her parents would get back together. Jessica said the question didn't matter because she didn't have that opportunity. IDK about you, but I was slightly expecting her to say that she wouldn't have passed on the wheels and I still feel like, deep down inside, that's how Jessica truly feels, because Jessica Pearson is cold and it's awesome. 

Unfortunately, Mike's eagerness to keep the fam together might have been in vain, because Harvey—stifled under that irritating non-compete clause, unhappy with the new merger, and stuck with a seemingly impossible-to-win case—has declared war on Jessica, allying himself with Darby in an attempt to oust her from power. He's in full-on rockstar mode once again, and it's fun, though I'm stuck here in the corner with Mike in that I just want mommy and daddy to stop fighting. STOPPPP, YOU GUYSSSS!

So I guess those Game of Suits promos that USA has been running all week are a pretty accurate portrayal of what we have to look forward to this season: backstabbing and betrayal for everyone! Also: romance—though I'd much rather Rachel had a purpose other than being Mike's bunk buddy/conscience. We came so close to that last season, Suits! So close!

For me, "The Arrangement" lacked some of the shock and excitement of the game-changing Season 2 opener, but it was by no means a bad start to the season. The Jessica vs. Harvey conflict has been building for some time, and to finally be diving into it completely is exciting, particularly with the added weight that the firm's traumatic experience with Hardman will bring. 

We know that Jessica and Harvey have some sort of history, that Harvey is largely in the position that he's in because of Jessica's previous interest in him and the potential she once saw. At one time, they were great allies, which makes their current conflict seem that much weightier and, to an extent, tragic. 

Harvey and Jessica's previous friendship also makes their conflict intensely personal in the sense that they each have intimate knowledge of the other's life, and given that part of their divide stems from personal hurt as much as it's rooted in public business disagreements, who knows how deeply Jessica and Harvey may be willing to cut each other in order to come out on top? 

I think this is gonna get messy, kids—and I can't wait! 


– I see Mike's point, that in a firm like Darby-Pearson, everyone has their credentials enshrined in their offices, but even still, hanging up your fake degree is pretty brazen, bro. 

– Rachel had such an awesome moment in her verbal smackdown of Mike, pointing out that he gets all the glory for a forged piece of paper while she's been trying for years to earn it on her own... and then they had sex and ruined it.

– JUST SAY NO to creepy foreplay invoking your co-workers.  

– I miss Sassy Grandma. :(

– Hitler Louis was so random that I'm not sure that it was actually funny. Donna's methods of torture normally seem way more sophisticated and delightfully underhanded than that. 

– Scotty: I kind of wish a woman would turn a man down on this show and actually mean it. You know, other than Donna/Louis. 

– I'm really excited for Nigel vs. Louis and Jessica vs. Harvey. What are you looking forward to most this season?  

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