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Suits S04E01: "One-Two-Three Go..."

Its been three months since the events of Suits' Season 3 finale, and Mike sucks at his banker job because he has a soul and can’t bring himself to screw the poor rich people over. Lol, this show.

Prior to this premiere, we'd already seen hints of impending conflict, given the near-disaster that facilitated Mike’s exit from Pearson Specter in search of greener pastures, and “One-Two-Three Go” delivered multiple upsets. In one swift career move, Mike went from being Harvey’s underling to being Harvey’s client, and the pseudo-superiority that role grants him led to our first Mike-Harvey smackdown of the season. But it’s okay, because they eventually got over it when Harvey admitted he was being an ass (as Harvey does), plus Mike is going to need that fake-lawyer job back eventually.

Uncharacteristically, however, the usual Mike-and-Harvey drama didn’t dominate the episode. Instead, the shift away from cringeworthy cases and toward a focus on the interpersonal stories of Suits' main characters—which began in the latter half of Season 3—really came through in this premiere. Even with Mike out of the office and Rachel spending half her time at law school, the political drama at Pearson Specter is threatening to invade the couple's blissful existence. Scottie and Harvey are dunzo (for now), and Jessica got to have a sex life for a hot second before prioritizing her career and the thing that her firm likes to pretend is integrity.

From the outside, it’s easy to see that the drama and political maneuvering of Suits' first three seasons has created a sort of toxic environment at the firm formerly known as Pearson Hardman, formerly known as Pearson Darby, and now known as Pearson Specter. (Srsly, which show has the most name-change craziness? Suits or Mad Men?) When Suits first debuted, the firm was presented as the gold standard among NYC law outfits. Harvey was a rockstar. Jessica was a goddess. The show made the courtroom genre look glamorous again.

But it’s understandable, given the upheavals the firm has experienced, that its luster has faded, that its reputation has tarnished, and that the negative connotations associated with those blows have trickled down to the staff. Pearson Specter curently seems like a pretty god-awful place to work, with zero stability and a corporate culture and direction dictated by the whims of the senior partners. That's probably true of a lot of places, but it’s so obvious—and in the cases of Harvey and Jessica, so infuriatingly petty—that it’s tough to watch. Anticipating Mike’s inevitable return to the firm is like watching a man who just escaped a burning ship jump back in because he just doesn’t know any better. And Rachel’s game of hardball to secure a spot on the team as a lawyer following the completion of her degree—despite that degree not coming from Harvard—seems inexplicable, considering how intimately she knows the inner-workings of Pearson Specter.

There was a time when Pearson Specter was among TV's “cool places to work,” but that hasn’t been the case for about two seasons now, and that’s okay. The firm’s hardships are no secret, and Suits' return to personal stories that focus on Jessica, Harvey, Mike, Louis, and the others could make for a strong fourth season, particularly with regard to the mess that Pearson Specter currently finds itself in. The outside influences are finally gone; it’s time for The Harvey and Jessica Show. They’ve spent season after season ranting about how they would run the organization, how much better they would do, and how great it would become under their leadership. There are no more Hardmans or Darbys to ruffle feathers and turn the partners against one another. Even Louis has been tentatively brought into the fold. Pearson Specter has room to grow and the tools and leadership to do it. Now is the time to show us what they’ve got.


– Did anyone else find Rachel’s reveal about the affair underwhelming?

– Katrina and Louis will never get old.

–“I used mousse in high school. It was the '90s.” “Was it?” You in danger, Rachel.

What did you think of Suits' Season 4 premiere? Were you shocked by its reveals? What do you think the show is headed next? 

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