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Suits S04E02: "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner"

Sometimes I like to pretend that all those awful episodes with Ava Hessington and Darby never happened because almost everything that's transpired since their departure has been delightful. Suits has returned to telling stories that are driven by the characters we know and love, and "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner" was no exception. Louis struggled with feeling unappreciated—which isn't exactly new territory for him, but this time it was resolved on a sort of high note. The Jessica/Jeff relationship has added new and interesting angles to Jessica, and it's nice to give Gina Torres something to play with other than "stern boss," because we all know she's capable of so much more. 

And of course, Mike and Harvey have competitive tunnel-vision now that they're serving opposing interests. Mike may've won this round, but I think we all know that this is far from over, Harvey isn't going to take defeat lightly, and things are probably going to get nasty before they get better. Meanwhile, Rachel's ex was invited to jump into the mix because if Rachel isn't reduced to being one corner of Suits' never-ending love-triangle, then she might as well not even bother existing.

I wonder if anyone realized, when Suits was born, that some of the show's best material would come from the unlikely awesomeness of Louis and Katrina. When Katrina first appeared, I didn't much care for her—but when she linked up with Louis, their mutual ambition and general disdain for everyone else in the office evolved into something that just skirts the edge of cartoonish without overdoing it. This week, Louis was (yet again) crushed when he prepared a pitch for Jessica about why he deserved to take on the SEC on Pearson Specter's behalf, only to find himself summoned to her office to show the new guy—former SEC flunkie Jeff—the ropes, including a swanky corner office that Louis had been eyeing for probably forever. 

Louis becoming a named partner seems like the sort of thing Suits will never allow to happen. It's sort of like how we're never going to know exactly what Donna and Harvey do with that can opener—however, unlike the can opener shtick, Louis's quest to become a named partner defines his personality and motivation on a base level. It's all he wants and all he thinks about, and everything he does, he does with the intent of accomplishing that one goal. 

Suits has established that Louis IS a great lawyer. He's no Harvey, but he has strengths that lie elsewhere—and in certain areas, he surpasses Harvey. Louis's weakness rests in his loyalty and the fact that it can often be manipulated due to his insecurities, which creates a sad sort of cycle where Louis feels unappreciated because he isn't a named partner, and therefore lashes out, and then is overlooked for a promotion because he lashed out, which makes him feel unappreciated.

Of course, Donna knows all things and managed to put an end to this round of Louis vs. Self Esteem before it caused some real drama. I love me some Donna-and-Louis bonding. 

And Louis scored a small victory (that was actually huge for him) when Jessica relented and gave him the corner office he wanted. 

Mike's victory was less decisive. He outsmarted Harvey, then relented and did things Harvey's way, which compromised his do-gooder intentions, which were compromising his ability to do his slimy banker job in the slimy manner he was expected to—so while Mike won, he won in a way he didn't want to win, which might as well not be a win in Mike's book. Also, Rachel is pissed at him because the Mike vs. Harvey fight is making both Mike and Harvey awful and she can't escape them at work or at home. Her defensiveness toward her ex, Logan, paired with her Mike problems and the way that her Mike problems create Harvey problems, is pretty prophetic. This show loves its love triangles. 

I'll let it slide, though, because in general, Suits' fourth season has gotten off to a strong start. We knew that Mike and Harvey were going to fight like children playing a very expensive game of dress-up, but it works—plus it would be weird if they didn't fight every time they encountered one another. It's also a welcome change to get Mike out of the law office (for now) and give him new problems, like being too nice to work in banking—which is kind of silly, but hey, at least it's a new problem. 


– "Balls are never debatable." —Donna

– "You're gonna stop writing in that pussy diary!"-- Katrina

– Louis vs. the SEC was a glorious presentation. Also, I need his head Photoshopped onto a dragon, stat. 

– How do you feel about the Jessica/Jeff stuff? 

– Rachel's totally going to bang Logan, right? 

– LOL @ Jessica daring Harvey to say "bang" one more time. 

What'd you think of "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner"?

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