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Suits S04E06: "Litt the Hell Up"

On Suits, there are very few things as fine as an episode where Louis gets to prove that he's more than just comic relief. It certainly made this week's Rachel-is-a-freaking-12-year-old stuff with Logan and Mike easier to stomach—though only slightly—and like so many victories on Suits, Louis's win came with a hefty price tag: his integrity as a lawyer. His careful plotting and planning managed to keep Pearson Specter's purchase/non-purchase of Gillis Industries under the SEC's radar, just like Jessica wanted, and in Logan's hands... just like Harvey wanted. However, the sale carried some sketchy and totally illegal stipulations that Louis absolutely would've reported in a more typical situation—and since he was basking in the glow of Harvey's rarely awarded approval, he kept quiet. Of course, he seemed so torn up about it that you have to wonder whether maintaining Harvey's favor is really worth it. It's such a fickle thing that, chances are, Louis will fall out of it shortly due to some other issue. 

At first, the idea that Louis would compromise his career—and Pearson Specter's reputation—just to keep Harvey smiling seemed strangely out-of-character for him. He's sacrificed a great deal *coughSHEILAcough* to protect the firm in the past, and after four seasons of watching Louis repeatedly get screwed over on behalf of his employer, I think it's obvious how deep his allegiances lie. If he wasn't willing to put Sheila before Pearson Specter, why should we believe he cares so much more about Harvey?

Here's the thing: Louis has gone through a lot in recent seasons. The debacle with Hardman left him distrusted by half the staff. He's been passed over for a named partner position countless times, despite sweeping in to save the firm with his legalese fluency on more than one occasion. He's been the butt of Mike and Harvey's jokes since Mike appeared on the scene, and he's just recently started to find acceptance at Pearson Specter again, patching things up with Donna, connecting with Katrina, earning Jessica's trust and finally—finally—Harvey's approval.

Maybe the man just snapped. He pretty much laid it out on the table for Katrina. If the Gillis deal fell through, he'd be right back where he was before, known as a pariah, a joke, a villain. For all of his villainous antics, it's clear that at heart, Louis Litt doesn't want to be the bad guy—he'll take on the mantle if the firm needs him to, and it's not like Louis hasn't done sketchy things in the past—but he wants to be a hero. He's like a short, bald Batman. 

Meanwhile, on the soap opera portion of the program, Rachel imagined kissing Logan, Rachel kissed Logan, Rachel panicked about it kissing Logan, Rachel kissed Logan again, and then Rachel decided that the only way she could handle this problem would be to get rid of Logan. At their OMG SO TENSE sitdown, Mike and Logan almost reached a deal that would've saved everyone a lot of trouble with the whole Gillis thing, and then Rachel had to open her mouth via Mike and demand that as part of their deal, Logan would have to leave Pearson Specter. Because she can't control herself. 

Girl, if you are having that much trouble not throwing yourself at Logan, maybe it's time to reevaluate your relationship with Mike, which hasn't exactly been the healthiest thing to begin with. Going back to Logan doesn't seem like the best answer, either. I don't know. I hate this storyline so much, and every week I try to wrap my head around how Rachel was even allowed to work on the case at all, given her connection to Mike, which is pretty much the biggest conflict of interest ever—and on that note, why was Mike even put on the Gillis assignment once it became clear that it would pit him against a former employer, mentor, and the employer of his freaking live-in girlfriend? Did no one have to file conflict of interest disclosures? 

Jessica ordered Harvey and the gang to end the Gillis Industries saga, but clearly it's far from over. Mike is once again unemployed, Rachel is doing typical Rachel stuff, and the truce between Harvey and Louis is a time bomb waiting to blow. I'm so scared, you guys, I can't wait. 

J/K, yes I can. 


– "Donna, please don't do your thing on me." DO IT, DONNA. DO IT. 

– OMG the Louis coffee mugs were amazing and OH LOOK.

 So now what should Mike do? What will Mike do? Any predictions? 

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