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Suits S04E07: "We're Done"

I hope someone made sure Meghan Markle didn't dehydrate during the filming of "We're Done" because I don't think the woman got to film a single scene that didn't involve hysterically bawling her eyes out or delivering such clichéd, sopping romance lines as "I love him... and I lost him." *SOB* Pls stop talking. 

But if you put all of the annoying Mike-and-Rachel stuff aside—which is hard, because it dominated the episode—"We're Done" managed to do something that's kind of cool and kind of not-cool at the same time. Suits has essentially hit the reset button on its status quo. Mike is back at Pearson Specter and almost-but-not-quite dating Rachel, and once again, his great and terrible secret about Harvard is at the center of everyone's concerns—well, everyone except for Louis, whose continued ignorance to the truth formed the basis for Harvey's argument against Jessica's OH HELL NO stance on bringing Mike back. 

Poor Louis. Not only is he essentially being blackmailed by Charles Forstman, but yet again, he's lost a chance to be with Sheila by trading his reward from Jessica for Mike's return to the firm. It would be sweet if he wasn't acting on faulty information—and Harvey did raise the valid point that Louis has already lost and willingly given so much for Mike's place at Pearson Specter (unbeknownst to him, of course) that to let him in on the big secret now would be a disaster. 

Louis isn't the only one making sacrifices for Team True Lurve: Harvey put aside his pathological hatred of cheating women to encourage Mike to try to work things out with Rachel instead of just calling it quits on the spot. Admittedly, Harvey has some issues in that realm he needs to work out, but at this point, watching everyone go out of their way to push Mike and Rachel back together is getting old. Rachel and Mike have just never come off as all that special. While they're certainly Suits' primary romance, the "meant to be" vibe has been lacking from the very beginning. And that only adds to my frustration over Rachel never being allowed to be anything other than Mike's love interest. Since that's her reason for existing, everything always comes back to Mike—even when it doesn't really make a lot of sense. 

Look at it this way: Suits has hinted at past and possible future Donna/Harvey action on the show. There is a fan following that wholeheartedly supports the pairing and can actually point to concrete evidence over the course of the series as to why Donna/Harvey wouldn't be horrible together: their chemistry, their history, their repeated displays of dedication to one another, etc. However, Donna is a fully realized character who regularly does things that have nothing to do with her potential love life with Harvey. Sure, Rachel is in law school now, but even that arc has only served to illustrate how much she needs Mike: He encouraged her to do it, and he rallied for her to get time off so she'd be able to do it. Now, I am excited for the potential hinted at with Mike's return, that he and Rachel will have to work together on a more equal footing now that she's Harvey's righthand gal, but based on what we've actually seen so far, Rachel's law school storyline has simply continued Suits' tradition of making every Rachel story a Mike story at heart. 

Regardless of the ongoing awful that is the Mike and Rachel Soap Opera Hour, "We're Done" put Suits in a good place as we head into the homestretch of the first half of Season 4. The SEC stuff isn't over, and Jessica apparently fired Malone so that they could continue their romance without all the annoying workplace politics stuff (that happened, right? Or was she kidding?). Plus, while Mike is back at Pearson Specter, that's hardly something worth celebrating, even for the characters who are celebrating. Yay! Mike is back to being a fake lawyer! Now we can go back to working under the impending doom that comes with harboring his secret! And finally, the Louis stuff is simply fantastic. It's totally going to blow up in like an episode or two, and I can't wait. 


– Harvey dropped Logan. This means we never have to see him again ever, right? 

– Donna ripping Harvey a new one for his stunted emotions was a long time coming and so, so good. 

– How do you think the Louis/Forstman story is going to play out? 

– Is this truly the last we're going to see of Logan? 


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