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Suits S04E08: "Exposure"

"Honesty is the best policy," or so the saying goes, but judging by Suits' fourth season, it seems that the truth is far from setting anyone free. "Exposure" found Rachel and Mike still on the outs and Louis still frantic to keep his deal with Forstman a secret. While Rachel's brutal dose of the truth concerning that time she totally walked in on Mike and Tess doing it ultimately brought the quarreling couple closer(ish), something tells me Louis's decision to tell Jessica about his trouble with Forstman isn't going to work out so well—though kudos for not dragging the Louis vs. Everybody story out until the mid-season finale, show.

And that very finale is fast approaching! With only two episodes left until hiatus and the Gillis storyline mostly wrapped up, it looks like Pearson Specter vs. the SEC is going to be the main attraction from here on out. Convinced that they have nothing to hide (for once), MIke encouraged Harvey and Jessica to let Sean Cahill have the freaking Gillis files—to let them have all the files—to even have a giant cake made out of all the totally-legit-and-definitely-not-questionable-in-any-way files. 

Of course, we all know that while Mike and Harvey have nothing to hide, that doesn't mean that the entire firm is in the clear. Poor Louis. He's never playing big damn hero again. 

Louis's progression from Sometimes Villain to Mostly Hero has taken up a large part of his character arc, and in a way, Louis has shown more growth than MIke, Harvey, or anyone else. This current storyline simply wouldn't've worked in Suits' earlier seasons. We needed to see Louis come so far in order for his potential fall to be that much more poignant; it would've been hard to care about Louis's problems back when he was mostly on this show to terrorize Mike. 

Mike and Rachel spent most of this episode being utter children about their not-a-break-up, as Rachel did the "clingy girlfriend" thing and Mike acted like she'd slept with every ex she'd ever had. To be fair, both Mike and Rachel were insufferable and annoying in "Exposure," but even though their storyline is one that no one in my house particularly cares about, lines were drawn and it was interesting to see who took Mike's side and who took Rachel's. While the two of us agreed that Mike and Rachel are the actual worst, I argued that Mike was being excessively dramatic, and it's not like Rachel actually cheated and it's not like she lied or hid it from him. My handsomer half backed Mike, because Rachel was being really annoying and needed to just leave him alone for like 10 seconds. Did you have similar divisions among your co-watchers? 

Suits is gearing up for a serious shakedown, as things are looking increasingly bad for Louis—and really the entire firm by extension. Something tells me that Louis will find a way to shoulder the brunt of the fallout once Cahill inevitably stumbles across the papers that Forstman the Hilariously Evil Bad Guy made him sign, sparing the firm as much punishment as possible. For the first time in awhile, I'm finding myself actually concerned for Pearson Specter and its employees as they face their latest onslaught from a deranged enemy. For once, they actually didn't do anything wrong or questionable. For once, telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth actually seemed like the best possible idea... until it wasn't. 


– I love that the "Litt up" mugs are still a thing. 

 Of course Mike gets Harvey's old office. Of course he does. 

– Katrina's loyalty to Louis is the cutest thing ever. 

– I may have cheered when Rachel brought up Mike banging Tess. YEAH GIRL. 

– Whose side are you on, Mike's or Rachel's?

– Do you think Donna really had a date? I mean, she blew it off pretty fast once word came down about how much trouble Louis was in. We know that she and Harvey are much more complicated than she claims. It just seemed a little odd. 

– How do you think Pearson Specter is going to get out of this one?

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