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Suits S03E07: "She's Mine"

"She's Mine" was one of those episodes that comes along after a time of great change on a show and basically resets everyone to the original factory settings, which leads me to believe that Darby's days at Pearson Darby Specter are numbered. The WTF-ery of Louis and Nigel's cat custody hearing aside, the outcome swiftly restored Louis' place as overlord of the associates. He rewarded Rachel for her service by pulling some strings and ensuring her a spot at Columbia, which means that no only does she no longer have to maybe possibly move to California to attend Stanford, Rachel doesn't even have to leave the city. Someone in the writers room remembered that Mike is supposed to have photographic memory superpowers, because his mad skillz were a vital part of ousting British Harvey for the snake that he was and with that confirmation of Stephen's villainy, Donna was free to go back to pining for her boss because that's totally healthy. 

It's not necessarily a bad thing that Suits put its toys back in their rightful spots this week. Worst kept secret at TV.com? I'm not crazy about this season so far, which is a shock that I'm still working toward getting over. The constant deferral to Harvey's omnipotence isn't new, but it's been grating this season because while every other character on the show underwent noticeable changes, Harvey not only stayed the same, but openly fought against the evolution of the firm. With Harvey's status as the constant on this show and the continued effort to void any big changes made to its characters, Suits seems to embrace stasis and if that's the game Suits wants to play, then okay, fine, let's play. 

Generally, a static story on a TV show is considered a more-bad-than-good thing, but there are certainly exceptions, and Suits itself has name-dropped two of those exceptions quite a bit in the past few weeks (though I didn't notice any obvious ones in "She's Mine"). The Sopranos and The Wire both embraced the idea that people, places, situations just don't change. After six seasons, Tony Soprano is still a probable sociopath with a soft spot for animals. After five seasons, Baltimore is still a declining, drug-infested industrial city with bone-deep corruption forcing the game into an endless checkmate. The Wire and The Sopranos are Great-with-a-capital-"G" shows and if Suits sees fit to draw from either or both of them in any small or large way, then yay for Suits. 

SO, here's what all went down in "She's Mine:"

Cameron wasn't bluffing about having Ava's evil general on his witness list. Jessica was PISSED–but some of that pissiness was left over from Harvey admitting to trying to overthrow her and part of that was just general Jessica pissiness. The parts of "She's Mine" that weren't occupied with that weird Louis/Nigel mock trial were mostly concerned with Jessica, Mike, and Harvey figuring out how Cameron got the general in the first place. 

STEPHEN–IT WAS STEPHEN. Why? Idk. He was acting on orders of Darby who was acting under orders of Nick or Ava or Nick and Ava and apparently, no one ever actually ordered the murders that got us stuck watching these crusty one-percenters bicker but someone–Steve probs–told the general to take care of things and he decided homicide was the way to go. Classy. British Harvey was pegged as the obvious choice for evil because he was on a rugby team with our general back in the day. Also Mike's superpowers. 

While the adults were trying to get things done, the rest of the office and Harold apparently didn't have to work and participated in a mock trial to determine who got custody of Nigel's cat–Nigel or Louis. Louis won and all of the associates realized that they actually appreciate him despite his casual daily mistreatment of them. It was actually a great little boost for Louis, who himself has been rather abused this season and definitely deserved the pick-me-up. But it was just such a weird story–and it took up so much time in the episode. 

But hey, Louis gets to go back to terrorizing the underlings, which has always brought joy to my heart when watching Suits. Yay Louis! 

Then Harvey punched Steve, because no Suits season is complete until Harvey punches someone in the men's room.

Now can we all get back to work, please? Kthnx. 

Case Notes

– So do you think Stephen was using Donna the entire time and their entire relationship was a sham, or was there a nugget of sincerity there? 

– Even if Ava is innocent-–and she probably is because that's how Suits rolls–can we talk about how all of this murder and bribery was happening and she had zero idea? I mean, I get trusting your second in command to not order murder in your name, but maybe a little bit of checking in from time to time would have helped? 

– What did you think of "She's Mine?"

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