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The Saga of Ava Hessington: A Slow Burn
This season’s primary storyline took a backseat to a whirlwind of origin stories for all of our major characters this week. However, there was one minor development. Another shady play by our antagonist Cameron Dennis had Mike and Harvey on the defensive this week with the possibility of a new star witness who could testify to Ava ordering the murders of the civilians during the taped bribery exchange. After a short barter exchange about deals and parole with Cameron, Harvey deduced that the entire thing was a bluff and sent Mike to tell Cameron off. Only then did we find out that this season’s supervillain (bad call Donna) Stephen led Cameron right to the only person who could screw Ava over.

Let’s Get to The Important Part: Harvey and Donna’s Very Very Complicated Relationship

So it happened. The two questions have been answered – yes and 10 years ago. Harvey and Donna’s work relationship at the prosecutor’s office was very much the same as it is today at Pearson Darby Specter. Donna sees all and knows all – and most importantly keeps Harvey on the right path. The one significant difference between now and then is the amount of flirting going on between the two in the past. This could best be explained if you consider the 10 years ago Harvey and Donna as the new couple, who are still feeling each other out and today’s Harvey and Donna who are like an old married couple – they both know what they need, there’s no need (or as we found out, room) for that kind of banter anymore.

This episode did an excellent job making me feel for both Harvey and Donna and their respective viewpoints on the matter. And that feeling was primarily sadness. Donna is responsible for saving Harvey from both Cameron Dennis and his own demons. Cameron Dennis may have been all about there being a tiered relationship between himself and Harvey, but I think Harvey considers himself and Donna to be on an even level (aside from the outburst in the past, which Harvey I think understood rather immediately was a mistake). I think that’s what Harvey has always wanted – someone that he considers an equal, which has placed some impossible standards (remember, consider Harvey’s opinion of himself and how he treats Mike (or when we thought Donna made a mistake) – mistakes, errors are not an option) on the other women he’s been invested in over the past seasons.

We haven’t seen too much of Donna outside of the office aside from some jaunts out with Rachel or when Mike was trying to convince her to come back to work. We have only been led to believe that Donna’s life outside of work (socially at least) is nonexistent. However, one of the strongest statements that can be made for her character is the amount of support that she has had for Harvey’s (failed) attempts to connect with other women. This is one of the major reasons why I think we were all pleased that Donna finally had her chance this season with Stephen – and for a while he was the perfect Harvey replacement. However, that definitely seems to be turning.

I think we can all understand the rationale behind the rule about not dating people that you work with. But, do either Donna or Harvey seem particularly happy with how this is turning out (especially the scene in the cafe)? They have more or less been partners now for over 10 years, could they really find happiness without one another? Is it that simple? A quick bit of snark that could be mentioned here that is another TV show trope, while Harvey was free to do his thing and expect Donna to be okay about it, as soon as Donna had her own fling Harvey lost his mind. Or do you think Harvey is only upset this time because it is a workplace relationship (which you could claim the he wanted all along?).

The Return of the Mike We Want To Root For

I was dreading the Mike storyline this week, because I like all of these characters and bad things happening to them makes my heart hurt. It didn’t turn out to be too heartrending, as it turned out that Mike’s downfall came as the result of some astoundingly bad luck. First he lost Trevor’s money in a card game where his opponent cheated, then in order to get Trevor his money (gotta pay Omar) and since he was abandoning Trevor to head to Harvard he was guilt tripped into selling test questions and answers. Naturally the dean(?)’s daughter was the buyer, which led to the dean being forced to resign and led to him expelling Mike and getting Harvard to reject Mike. As usual if you trace everything bad that has happened to Mike in his past it will somehow involve Trevor.At least Mike was doing selfless things for his friend this week, which made me hope for the return of good guy Mike.

Mike and Rachel

Status: unchanged. Mike decided to support Rachel’s decision to apply to Stanford.

Harvey vs Jessica: Harvey Realized He Was Throwing a Temper Tantrum
Harvey told Jessica that he had arranged a deal behind her back to take over control of the firm, but that he didn’t want it anymore. Jessica was having none of it (and she shouldn’t have).

“I need a day”

What is Stephen's endgame?
Will Jessica ever forgive Harvey?
Will Donna and Harvey be able to recover back to normal?
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