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Suits S03E03: "Unfinished Business"

No, Suits, giving Louis Katrina as a consolation prize for losing Mike does not make this situation better. In fact, I had happily forgotten that Katrina existed. No thanks for the reminder. 

While "Unfinished Business" featured quite a bit of good storytelling, the introduction of British Harvey (His name is Stephen Huntley? Really?), a Harriet Spector/Michelle Ross sighting, and a probably brief but generally welcome return to the status quo, the episode also featured some serious WTF moments. Like Katrina's baby video. W.T. Ever-loving F? Are we in high school?

Actually, yes, yes we are. That was established last week.

As nice as it was to generally see everyone playing nice, however, can we talk about the Donna/Harvey/Mike circle-jerk this episode ended up being? Katrina—rightfully or wrongfully—tried to undercut Mike with Harvey and BOOM, Donna was there to profess our love of all things Mike, reaffirming his place as the Robin to Harvey's Batman, and reminding Katrina that the cool kids don't like her. 

Katrina fought back—however bizzarely—and there was Harvey, acting like his coup had already reserved his seat on the throne and promising Katrina that she now had no future because she was mean to his pet associate and oh yeah, everyone hates her. Mike was supremely touched. You could tell by all the rainbows and hearts shooting out of his eyes when Rachel told him that St. Harvey had eradicated the evil she-scourge in his name. 

Ugh. Everyone is so awful these days.

But none are as awful as Ava Harrington, who was surprise-charged with conspiracy to commit murder this week and didn't even bat an eye at the allegations. In fact, she all but admitted to the wrong-doing because, eh, that's what defense lawyers are for, right Harvey?

In the past, Ava's obvious guilt and total lack of remorse would've been a storyline in and of itself. We've seen Mike struggle to honestly defend clients who clash with his personal moral code, and Harvey, for all of his slimy flaws, has also generally erred on the gray side of morality rather than committing to full-blown evil-doer status. However, Harvey currently needs Darby to back his war against Jessica, and to keep Darby happy, Harvey needs to keep Ava happy, out of prison, and relying on Pearson Darby for all of her law-abusing needs. Not being a complete and total evil bastard is great and all, but not when it clashes with Harvey's career/ego goals. 

Harvey and Mike's descent to the dark side could be an engaging and fulfilling story, but my problem with Suits' current approach is that once again, we're all just supposed to accept that no matter what the deranged duo does, they're right and we should cheer for them the entire time. Harvey and Mike are always right and they never make bad decisions because they're charming and charismatic and duh, they're the stars of this show. Katrina and Louis are awful because they're sneaky—regardless of the fact that many of their actions and personality quirks are forced upon them by a rather sucky workplace—but also mostly because Suits has decided that we have to dislike them. Why? Idk. They're weird and not terribly friendly and kind of awkward. Suits is really embracing this high school analogy, where the pretty and popular kids are always right and good simply by virtue of being pretty and popular. Depending on how cynical we're feeling, we can make the argument for that being the case in real life, too, but at least in real life, those sorts of shenanigans are generally frowned upon. Generally. At the very least, they aren't as wholeheartedly embraced as they are on Suits

The flaws in "Unfinished Business" weren't the fault of the episode itself, but rather indicative of my complaints about this season as a whole so far. While the Harvey vs. Jessica story is by no means a travesty (yet) and we haven't reached painful-to-watch-territory (yet), just beneath the surface lies a thick layer of issues that I'm having a hard time reconciling in order to gleefully flail at every zinger Harvey dishes out. He's just not terribly likable this season and unlike generally unlikable characters on better-executed shows (The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc.), the story on its own just isn't strong enough, nor are Harvey's motivations interesting enough, for me to handwave his dickishness and pull out the House Spector banner. 

Maybe it'll get better. I have complete faith that with a little tweaking, it can get better. But in the meantime, I'm just cheering for someone, anyone, to pull the rug out from under Harvey and Mike.


– "Donna. It's like a name and a title in one....You'll see." <3

– Pretty sure Rachel's semi-crop-top with the key-hole back would never pass in an actual professional environment with an actual professional dress code.

– Harvey Spector/Stephen Huntley, the reversed initials are just too much, guys. We get it. They're basically the same person.

– Mike and Rachel are official now. I really don't care. 

– How do we feel about Donna and Huntley?

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