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Suits S03E12: "Yesterday's Gone"

Last week, in my review of Suits' mid-season premiere, I gushed about how delightful all of the character-driven plots were and how the whole episode felt like a return to the Suits of old. Well, I'm pleased to say that the opinion still stands following "Yesterday's Gone," even if it did involve Mike's major quandary being resolved by once again taking advantage of Louis Litt's desperation to be one of the cool kids. Louis Litt's desire to be part of the in crowd is one of the most enduring traits of one of the show's key characters; this wasn't the first time he's been taken advantage of, and it won't be the last. I'm just overly protective of the guy and, well, Mike is living a lie and putting the entire firm at risk every time he comes to work, so I kinda see where Louis is coming from. 

But no, Suits, you're right, Louis's quest was all about his ego. 

"Yesterday's Gone" dealt, quite happily, with dualities in its characters and its plots. When Jessica's ex-husband, Quentin, passed away and named Jessica and Harvey co-executors of his estate, Jessica was forced to reconcile the life she had with Quentin before their marriage fell apart with her role in his life at the end of it. Jesseica's relationship with her successor, Lisa, was alternately combative and supportive, and even at the conclusion of their story, I never really got the sense that it had changed. They may understand one another a little more now, but those two are never going to get along completely. 

There are two sides to every character on Suits; Harvey is both a douche and a gentleman. One of my chief complaints about the first half of the season was that Suits gave us more Douchebag Harvey than Gentleman Harvey, but in the last two episodes, the show has reestablished a more balanced duality. Harvey sincerely wants to do right by Scottie, but doesn't have the greatest track record of showing it. He's uncharacteristically out of his league, which was another theme running through "Yesterday's Gone." When Louis's plan to out Mike was revealed, Harvey hopped on a plane to intimidate the fabled ethics professor into never showing his face at Pearson-Specter again... and the professor basically told him to eff off. Harvey employed his best Harvey Specter Intimidation Technique and he lost. He returned to New York and told Mike to brace for the worst. He also struggled to make peace with the fact that he failed at something that's been such an integral part of his personality for so long. He told Mike that he isn't Superman, but for all intents and purposes, on this show, he is. 

We even got glimpses of Donna's ongoing Harvey issues, which are such a huge part of her character, but also not. Donna without the romance-with-Harvey backstory—which, if we think about it, is a pretty recent development—would be every bit as awesome as she always has been. However, knowing everything that we know now about their history, every one of her actions has the potential to mean so much more it appears to, especially concerning Harvey and Scottie. She very clearly wants Harvey to be happy and seems willing to help him get there, even if it means buying non-sucky gifts for his college sweetheart (though, to be fair, certainly wouldn't have complained about a $12,000 bottle of Scotch). And as an audience who's privy to more info than the characters are, we know that as much as Donna protests and puts on her uber-professional face, her feelings regarding Harvey are far from definitively dealt with. I'd really rather not have a jealous Donna story, but the potential for it is there. The potential for a Harvey-torn-between-Scottie-and-Donna story is also there, which I'd probably be a little more receptive to even though love triangles make me gag. 

Elsewhere in "Yesterday's Gone," Rachel also fought the fight between balancing a personal and a professional life. Freaked out that Louis may have seen her smooching Mike on the way into the office one day, Rachel panicked and then got over it and told Louis about their relationship and no one cared. Actually, this was another one of those Rachel-is-an-afterthought episodes, which is very much vintage Suits. Didn't she get into law school? Can we have more of that and less picking out furniture? This was the second episode in a row involving Rachel picking out furniture. Somebody help. 


– "You're one of three very expensive things I recently purchased." <3 Donna

– On Harvey playing the "Yeah, Louis, we're TOTALLY friends" card to save Mike's career as a fraud YET AGAIN: At worst, it's overused and sad, but once could also argue that there are two sides to Mike and Louis's relationship, and that yes, Harvey and Louis ARE friends. It's just a weird, messy situation with lots of confrontation and questionable actions on both sides. If anything, I'd categorize them as "frenemies." 

What'd you think of "Yesterday's Gone"?

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