Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2011 on USA

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  • Decent end to the season

    Brilliant cliff hanger, excellent episode. Just when it looked like things were tying up nicely for the end of the season, Trevor drops the bomb!!!

    Enjoyed the cynical look at the frustrations of the legal system, that in spite of evidence that could free a man, the legal system could prevent it from doing so. Good episode.
  • I like the Subtle Hints.

    When will Louis learn that everyone knows loyal he is to the firm and that is why when he threatens to leave or try to do a "Harvey" they call his bluff. If you are going to negotiate learn how to back it up and quit always over analyzing stuff and thinking the worse in people. Not everyone does what you do Louis. I loved the episode and trying to free a wrongly convicted man, but glad they did not make it easy. The DA did not want to win, but he also was trying to preserve the integrity of the DAs office and he, the judge, and the detective kept dropping subtle hints of where to look and who to see.

    Mike really needs to let Trevor go like Harvey said in the beginning that guy really is an Anchor and brings nothing but trouble. He states he changed etc, but as ever only looking out for himself. (I thought Cell Phone voice mail had a passcode?) If Jenny could not get up to the offices how could Trevor even with his suit he would need something like a pass or something.
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