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Can we talk about the suits (and dresses) on Suits?

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    I confess, one of the things I am addicted to on this show is the clothes. Yes, I watch certain shows just for the way the characters are dressed. Does anyone know who designed that gray motorcycle inspired dress Jessica was wearing at the 'Mike's Been Made' dinner? I read that Donna's costumer is also the designer of her clothes - I wonder she/he also does Jessica's.

    Donna's black dress was a snoozefest and the weird draped/ruched things that Jessica sometimes wears are fugly. On a plus note: Rachel was actually wearing tops that weren't 2 sizes too small for a change (s2e1, anyway)!

    What about Harvey's suits? They are very well fitted and there are some quite a few tailoring details I will save rambling about for later (if people want to weigh in on this topic.)

    Any other costume/clothing designer/fashionistas swoon or eye-roll over what the cast of Suits wears?

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    I love what both Harvey and Mike wear. It "suits" their personalities, their ages and experience levels, their present place in life (Harvey: well established, powerful and wealthy; Mike: starting out, on the rise but also needing to stay slightly below the radar).

    For myself, my style would be more towards Mike, mostly because I don't believe I could pull of a power-suit; too boy-next-door-ey.

    Of the ladies, Donna and Jessica in particular are always stand-outs. Jessica should, of course, being that her name is on the door. I don't know if it's Donna's red hair, how tall she is, or just her overall Donna-ness - the fact that she's "Donna" and she knows it - but she and her style stand out more so than Rachel. That also makes sense given Rachel, like Mike, is a worker rather than a managing partner or a Donna.

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