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Episode 2 Season 2 - The Choice - Someome please tell me its not an alien?!?!

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    [1]Jul 7, 2012
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    Ok, I realize how this sounds and no I am not some alien chasing weirdo. With that being said, I know what i saw... Anyone with this episode on dvr will be able to queue it right up and see what Im talking about. Now remember, with a dvr we can fast forward commercials but they are still on the recording. I say this because at minute 19 of this episode (minute 19 with commercials included) during the scene of Harvey speaking to the client one on one there is something that looks like Gumby thatruns behindHarvey and the client whiletalking. This Gumby/Alien hopsalong the back of the shot andkind of in front of thewindow. You can see this Gumby looking alien behind and on the right of Harvey asit runs towards the left of theframe/shot,then is blocked out by Harveys body, until it passes and then runs to the left directly out of the shot. I say runs but its more like a half run sort of hop. Smooth hop? You will see, its weird and completely unexplainable (so far).

    I know how crazy it sounds. But im telling you, I paused this and went still shot by still shot. And sure enough this thing just hops along (definitely not a human) in then out of the scene. I dont know what minute it is in a recorded copy of the episode without commercials however its the first time Harvey talks to the client hes taking on for the firms bankruptcy lawyer. I would guess maybe withoutcommercials its around the 15min mark. Again though, with commercials it was at minute 19.They are inside the firm and I believe either inside or just outside of an office. Its been a few weeks since I watched it but you will see if you are looking for it. Its somewhat faded but still clear enough. Looking forward to hearing any feedback to anyone who actually views the episode.

    By the way, great episode as is the show as a whole!

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    it does sound crazy because the scene doesn't exist. At the 15:00 minute mark without commercials they are in the bank, mike and harvey and the banker.
    after that is mike and rachel in the library, then harvery and the bankruptcy guy in his office but nothing like that. Was it some station identification graphic?
    then mike and harvey with the building model
    prior to that harvey only meets with the client on site.. with mike not alone..
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