Season 2 Episode 14

He's Back

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on USA

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  • Daniel Hardman's revenge

    Harvey's case against Folsom Foods is hindered thanks to Robert Zane farming out the case to an old nemesis: Daniel Hardman. Hardman, as it turns out, is representing his former mistress in a sex discrimination lawsuit against Pearson-Hardman, and, thanks to a confidentiality agreement signed by Jessica in the mid-season finale, the only surefire way to beat Hardman is blocked.

    I LOVE this episode. Daniel Hardman drops his nice-guy persona and shows everyone just how evil he really is. He doesn't even care if his client wins or not; he just wants to see Jessica suffer in a no win situation. Either she honors the agreement and they lose the case, costing the firm its credibility and most likely losing the Folsom Foods case, or she violates the agreement, winning the case but having to pay Hardman $15 million in penalty fees and not being able to finance the Folsom Foods case. Either way, she loses. (or so it would seem) This is a perfect plan for a mastermind like Hardman, and I applaud the acting by David Constable. No one could pull off a misunderstood nice guy in one episode and the physical form of the Devil Himself four episodes later.

    I also like how Jessica, like Harvey, has major pride issues, refusing to take a deal that Mike helps facilitate simply because she doesn't want Hardman's client to win. The big difference between Jessica and Harvey is that Jessica knows when she errors and will admit that she's wrong. Harvey, on the other hand, might do what is right, but will never admit his pride made him make a mistake. This was shown two episodes ago with Louis.

    Speaking of Louis, it was really refreshing to see Louis and Harvey back to being cordial. And Louis's confrontation of Hardman in the elevator is a scene I replay on my DVR over and over again. Rick Hoffman, I adore you as an actor.