Season 2 Episode 3

Meet the New Boss

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2012 on USA

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  • It's not often you're on Louis' side!

    Snap! To all those associates. Sure it's not cool that Louis happens to really enjoy his role as archaic school master who likes to rule by the rod, but the advantage they get so young and in first year is quite remarkable. So his speech was freaking awesome and I may have just found an inkling of respect for this over-sized hamster. ;)
  • Excellent

    This is the example for all of us, businessmen or lawyers and for everyone! I mean that's how good you must know (be in) your job if you want to be on the peak of your carrier and of course vindicate it by updating yourself every single day, time.... every time I'm watching it, it reminds me and makes me feel to work harder on myself to become the best what I'm doing and going to do!
  • Meet the new Boss

    Wow this Episode was awesome, it had everything in it. The best part for me was with Harvey and Louis, that was so funny.. '' I will say this once Louis, you are the man'' lol Loved the part with Rachel and Donna as well, they were funny when they both went out drinking. All in all a very good Episode and I can't wait for next week