Season 2 Episode 3

Meet the New Boss

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2012 on USA



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    • Harvey: (while outside and after witnessing Hardman doing his work behind his back and rescheduling his case) Daniel, maybe you don't know how it works these days. When I'm on a case, the only thing there's 0 percent chance of, is me losing.
      Hardman: Harvey. I said i've changed. Don't mistake that change for weakness. I told you my name is on the door, didn't get there by me taking shit from the likes of you. You wanna work together on this, i'm open to it. You don't, this is how it's going to be.

    • Rachel: (while tapping the hell out of the keyboard) Screw you!
      Donna: Mine likes to be scolded too.
      Rachel: I keep getting these dating sites pop-up, it's like my computer is accusing me of being single.
      Donna: Do you know why it's doing that?
      Rachel: My mother is in there.

    • Hardman: Harvey, I have changed. But I don't have to prove anything to you.
      Harvey: Not as long as you sit in this office and pretend to practise law, but when you stick your nose into my cases... that's another story.
      Hardman: If you hadn't notice, my name is on the door. They're all my cases.
      Harvey: The name of this firm is Pearson/Hardman, you said yourself you're number 2. I answer to number 1.
      Hardman: And no matter who you answer to, one way or another, you will learn to treat me with respect.
      Harvey: Fine. I respect you, but I don't work for you and I sure as hell don't work with you. Pick up the phone, little Lannie deserves the best.

    • Mike: Oh, my God. Our dinner. I have been working so hard, I forgot what day it is. That used to happen to dad.
      Edith: That's what happens when you care about your job- you don't give a rat's ass about your grandmother.
      Mike: Well, yeah, that is why I put you in the home.

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