Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on USA

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  • Overall Good Episode BUT...

    Harvey, Mike and Jessica find a savior to their financial problems in the Folsom Foods lawsuit in the form of Dana Scott, Harvey's rival and occasional bed partner. Harvey is reluctant to take help from the woman who tried to backstab him in season 1, but eventually he warms up to her (as well as sleeps with her) and they come up with a way to defeat Hardman. Jessica, meanwhile, meets Dana's boss, a friendly british man named Edward, and realizes that the only way to be rid of Hardman forever is to merge with Edward's firm, and, thanks to a legal loophole, all of Hardman's sins would be revealed WITHOUT breaking the agreement. Harvey, after figuring out Jessica's plans, doesn't really see merging as a good idea, setting up the next episode.

    This is a great episode because it gives a logical way to defeat Hardman once and for all, as well as establishing that Harvey's pride is actually beginning to have an adverse affect on him. This might have been a perfect episode if not for one person: Katrina, Harvey's new associate. Last time we saw her she was in a humorous B plot with Louis, but here she's front and center, competing with Mike as to who can one-up each other. She humiliates Rachel twice, and forces Mike to flat out break the rules in order to get her to stop. Her reasons for being so bitchy? Same as Harvey's: she always needs to look strong. With Mike and Katrina butting heads so much, I just wonder when they're just going to make out already.

    Louis, meanwhile, only appears for about 10 minutes in this episode to help Rachel out, showing once again that he can be nice to people that aren't afraid of him and treat him with respect. His relationship with Rachel is really amazing in how it evolved, since in season one's episode "Undefeated" the two of them couldn't stand each other, and now he's willing to take the blame for something that wasn't his fault to spare her from being heartbroken. Very noble, Louis... hope it doesn't come back to haunt you...
  • Explosive!

    loved this episode. Harvey took the spotlight by a mile in this one. Good to see more professional crisis than personal in this episode + season.
  • Quite Serious

    This episode of Suits was quite a serious one. Except for a few witty comments from Donna, nothing was meant to laugh. As the series is progressing, the suspence element has also increased. I am in love with three Harvey, and are awesome and how aptly they fit into their respective roles.

    I just noted that has removed the name of Louis from the permenant cast. I hope he continues to stay. He was one villain whom I did not like but not hated and that is one unique thing about this serial, that you dont hate any of the characters.

    The first one that has the tendency to be hated is that of the new entrant Katrina but lets hope she is a guest star.

    Waiting anxiously for the next episode