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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2011 on USA

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  • One Addictive Show

    Doesn't matter how many times I've seen the pilot, I still love it and laugh in all the right places. This show hooks you in from the first episode. I hope it stays around for a lot longer!
  • This show is better than The Good Wife.

    The Good Wife is somehow too predictable for me which makes it boring for me. However, Suits may be my better taste of a legal drama. I feel somehow I'm connected to Mike Ross as he's a college dropout due to his friend's betrayal as Ross helped him in drug dealing. His life however changes when he accidentally bust into a room where Harvey Specter is hiring a new associate of Pearson Hardman. Even when Specter found out about Ross's "unhealthy" lifestyle, he still accepts him for his ability to remember anything like Ross can remember the arrangements of the law from a Burtelli (if true) book read by Specter. The characters which are also the most essentail factor in a legal drama show, are also brilliant they all are well rounded and have more than enough space to evolve and develop as the show goes on. I may not be a lawyer, but I do know that I'll never give up in succeeding my dream just like Ross. Well, this is just the beginning for Ross.
  • Suits Is Everything I've Come To Expect From USA

    USA Network is the #1 network on cable, and Suits has definitely earned its slot on the network's summer lineup. Suits is one of the more brilliant pilot episodes that I've seen in a long time, probably since the pilot of White Collar. In the first 30 minutes of the show all of the key players have been introduced, you get a good, yet quick look at their character and circumstances, and the entire premise of the show is succinctly set up.

    Then Suits dives right into the meat of the show and give us a taste of the format for episodes to come. Mike gets his first case and proves that there's more to ones job than just being book-smart (like knowing how to fill out paperwork). He struggles to fit into the corporate world of law and coming to terms with "not being as smart as he thinks he is" -- in the words of Harvey.

    Throughout the second part of the episode it becomes clearly obvious that Mike and Harvey are polar opposites, especially when it comes to dealing with clients--and people in general. Mike is the caring, compassionate lawyer who gets too invested in his clients' cases, while Harvey makes it clear that he doesn't care about anyone and cases are solely about winning.

    TONS of promise in this show. Between the compelling characters, witty banter, and intriguing plot lines, I cannot wait to see what the writers and the producers have in store for seasons to come!

    [Disclaimer: I am re-watching the entire first season during the shows 10-month hiatus, thus I already know what is to come in the season]

  • There is one thing I do not get


    I don't want to spoil the show for anyone that has not seen it, but I sure do not understand how he got his degree. He does something (I won't say what) to get into a college, but I don't understand how he manages to become a legal lawyer. As best as I understand, we are not supposed to understand; we are not supposed to think about it. We are supposed to be stupid, yet this show gives the impression it is supposed to be realistic.

    I hope someone has a valid explanation for how he got his law degree in his name and became a legal lawyer, because I cannot get this small hole in the plot out of my mind and it is giving me a bad impression of the show. An intelligent, capable guy such as him would understand the importance of ensuring that his manipulation of the system is safe from being discovered.

  • Normally pilots are something to struggle through until the real episodes start - not this one!

    I usually don't start watching a show until a few episodes are out and I can skip or skim the dreaded pilot that is inevitably filled with lots of backstory or slightly strained actor (and therefore character) relationships. The number one thing I hear when I'm starting a new show is "it starts off a bit slow but don't give up after the pilot, I swear it gets a ton better!"

    Not this one! I forgot all about it being the first episode and just focused on the likable Mike Ross protagonist and seriously engaging plot, while inwardly musing on ways Litt might be taken down a peg or two.

    I love everything about this and I can't wait until the next episode!
  • Awesome PILOT!

    This one starts with a BANG!!! Unlike many series that take a few episodes to really grab you, this one does it within the first 30 minutes. In this episode a time wasting genius with a photographic memory utilizes his gift of superior intellect to land a great job! They really managed to squeeze alot into a pilot that lasted about 72 minutes. This show has ALOT of potential and if the episodes to come are as good as this we will be in for quite an enjoyable viewing experience as first the series progresses. I would encourage anyone to check this one out.
  • A great new legal drama that has all of the essential components to be a USA drama.

    When I first saw Suits advertised I thought that it looked great but worried that maybe all of the best bits were in the promos but, thankfully I could have not been more wrong and so glad that I gave the show a chance and now I cannot wait to watch the rest of the season.

    Watching the promos I saw hints that this show would be a really great fit for USA as, it had the essential wit and humour that all the great shows on the network have. And watching the pilot I found that it more than certainly does.

    The characters which are also the most essentail factor in a USA show, are also brilliant they all are well rounded and have more than enough space to evolve and develop as the show goes on.
  • Clever new TV Show...

    Loved this first episode, about a intelligent guy who is forced to be a transporter of drugs to pay his grandmother's bills and lands a job at one of the best multinational lawyer firm imaginable...
    He confronts a lot of problems, among which are working with a difficult boss who delegates everything to him and gives little advice, being bullied by a partner in the company...What I liked about him is he has the will to succeed, as not many people can stay long in the office nowadays...Most want their 8-4 job and be at home even sooner...
    I reckon this will be a really good TV Show to watch, and I am fond of the lawyer shows, especially now after "The Defenders" was canceled.
    What I learned from this new show is that Everything is possible.
  • Pretty decent beginning to a show that has potential.

    USA Network has a habbit of having really awesome original shows. Covert Affairs, White Collar, Psych, In Plain Sight, Royal Pains, and the cream of the crop, Burn Notice.

    The only way I've heard of this show is because USA Network put this show on the same thursday night lineup as Burn Notice, which is the best viewed show on USA. Now, USA would only put a GOOD show alongside their best, so this got me pretty curious.

    After watching Burn Notice's Season 5 premeire, I turned the TV off and didn't watch Suits, but after reading some pretty decent reviews about it on the internet, I decided to watch it on Hulu.

    The first 30 minutes bored me, but I continued watching despite that and was pleasently surprised. It got considerably better in the last hour than it was in the first 30 minutes. The characters are interesting and not without their flaws. Both of them are considerably flawed, as a matter of fact. The new lawyer guy is a drug addict, and the lawyer boss guy is an arrogant pr!ck. Their interactions were interesting and their interactions with supporting characters were also interesting.

    Burn Notice is a USA Show where everything is awesome. The story, the characters, and the acting. So far in Suits, all I can say is that the characters and the acting are great, because it doesn't show any signs of an over-arcing story or plot. But I look foward to watching it alongside Burn Notice every thursday this summer and seeing how their cases get more complicated, and how the characters develop.

    Good beginning to what will hopefully turn into a great show.
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