Season 1 Episode 7

Play The Man

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2011 on USA

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  • Mike might have "lost" but he comes out on top

    He is a good person, and as a goody two shoes who wouldn't and couldn't cheat the way he does, I still love his heart and his morals. We are not our deeds, but our choices, and he's been making better choices... since AFTER that big one to take a job he's not qualified. But seriously, since then, he's a good guy. And I'm proud of him.
  • This week's theme was passion; for life or business or romance... And it was a very good episode.

    First, Mike lost a trial, albeit a fake one, and that was refreshing to see. One can tolerate consistent victories on legal shows for only so long before it becomes tiresome. The mock trial was indeed a test: whether Mike is ready to concede his moral principles or not. I guess that's the nature of top lawyers; willingness to compromise their personal sense of right and wrong for a victory in court. You can argue that he lost the case, but won his soul. Because, while we would all want Harvey Specters of this world on our side in court, we wouldn't want such a person in our personal lives. I didn't blame Dana Scott for leaving: a woman wants someone who is going to sacrifice his ego for her. Harvey mentoring Gene – that would turn into "devil's apprentice" and it wouldn't be nearly as good as the pairing of two opposites. You can even argue that Mike is Harvey's "human credential" – also challenging Harvey's outlook on life. On a lighter note, writers get brownie points for the shirtless Mike scene. Also, points for Harvey and his unbuttoned shirts… But, after "victory se*" his hair is still perfectly in place? ;)
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