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  • Season 8

    It is not the same without Mike Ross. I do not care about Rachel. She is not important for the show. But nobody cares who gets appointed as the next named partner. At least they should bring up some interesting cases! It ist getting BORING!
  • Suits is not attention grabbing

    I watch suits and liked the actors actresses but it was very boring. I could not feel connected to any of the characters as they seemed like people you just past by. The banter between them was not enjoyable and i just felt sad for the lead for having so little in his life and just seemed to be grasping at straws for survival. That stuff sucks in real life why do i want to want it on . The clothes were meh too. High school kids have better style these days. He could of gone to school while working as a paralegal. A lot of people do that anyways.
  • Far-Fetched

    The whole premise of the show is far-fetched. No lawyer is going to knowingly hire a guy as a lawyer who isn't one. That opens up the entire firm to negligence, malpractice (or whatever the legal equivalent is), and would taint every case he would touch.

    He could be useful as a researcher but he'd never be able to go to court. It would be found out pretty quickly by someone. And that would bring down everyone along with him.

    As a whole, the first season was kind of fun. But the longer I've watched, the more the series has deteriorated. It's gotten predictable. Each of the characters have to keep lying more and more to cover up the lies they've already told and committed. Plus, the over-the-top yelling and arguing is just too much.

    All the lying and the covering up and the subterfuge is just stomach-turning. It's why I've stopped watching so many other shows.

  • Good,bad or ugly?

    Suits which started out as bigbang is now divert it main theme from suits to 'harvard thing' not sure harvard had pay them or something else but a good masterpiece with ravishing storyline

    I tried watching Suits 2 times because of Meghan's association with Prince Harry. IT IS THE WORST SHOW EVER. ACTING IS TERRIBLE, EMOTIONLESS AND THE PLOT OF THE SHOW IS MEANINGLESS. Who cares about Rachel approaching another paralegal because her work was done by someone else. The plots are super boring. Other good shows like Walking Dead, their acting makes me feel like I am there with them. BORING BORING BORING BORING

    Sorry Meghan and Prince Harry. Show stinks. You're better off marrying Prince Harry and not embarrass yourself.
  • only so long you can watch ...

    only so long you can bare to watch a show full of single character has an ego as big as (fill in)

    i need a break ,i ll watch this season sometime next year

  • Awful language

    Have been watching the latest series of Suits. I have noticed they are now using the f word in the script. It was actually nice to be able to watch a favourite show without that. Surely the scriptwriters dont need this gratuitous form of talk. I can't be the only one who doesnt see the need to spoil it.
  • Bad Script

    I use to love Suits, but this new season all the characters sound the same, same charactor played by different actors. Everyone says God damm right, it use to be used once or twice during an episode, by Harvey or Jessica, now it seems like the writer only use that and lately Jesus Christ for dialog?! What happend? Losing interest fast. Please be more
  • SUITS R BACK with the new season!

    Great TVshow. But starting with the end of 4th season it's impossible to watch it! Love it... if I'm watching without Sound. Before there were beautiful songs at a RIGHT moment, now there are just playing stupid music every min of the show. Music as the cheapest way to enhance the viewer's senses.

    And the SUITS R BACK with the season 7!
  • Suits commercial

    Never seen the show but just heard GD on a commercial for it. Please I do not want to hear this and I don't want innocent children to hear it either!

  • No more fun !

    Everyone has become a caricature of themselves. Louis is getting ridiculous and I want to slap his face, when he screws up his eyes.

    I am surprised that Donna did not recognize that Stephanie is the same as she. Donna would not have done work she did not deem up to her skills.

    Does anyone know who is playing Dr. Lipschuetz ? I can't find him in the cast and I like him.
  • Bad language and arguments among the partners isn't improving the show

    I watched season 1 of Suits and thought it was pretty good but as it has progressed, it seems all the partners do is fight among themselves and curse unnecessarily. The use of God's name in vain, especially in places in the dialogue that it doesn't even fit, is really convincing me this show is headed to the toilet. It's also a bit astonishing that you never see the supposedly largest and best law firm in the city with the brightest lawyers and they never have a case go to court.
  • Derivative Melodrama

    Does every conversation need to be so intense and emotional over every problem? Does anyone else find there's way too much arguing, repetitive plot lines, and melodrama with nothing good ever happening, making it really draining to watch? Can't they move onto a story that doesn't involve endless infighting between Jessica, Harvey, Mike, Lewis, Donna, and Rachel? The structure goes something like this: Heated arguments in Harvey's office then Jessica's then Lewis' then the filing room, then arguments at Mike's house then Harvey's house, then Donna and Rachel console each other in the washroom, then walk n' talk arguments to and from the office, then a brief moment outside on the sidewalk, and a brief moment in court, then a catchy song, and then they roll the credits. They also argue quite loudly about confidential and private information where they confess to serious crimes that can be heard from a long distance. Why haven't they been caught by someone yet? Why has production settled to shoot this show in 5 basic sets and never on location? Is there no other story than someone trying to continuously divide and conquer the law practice of Pearson Spector Litt, season after season? Does every problem need to be handled by leveraging someone and character assassination? Where's the show about the practice of corporate law? Do you remember when this show was fun and playful and shot on location without excessive infighting and the ratings were 4.5? Remember when it wasn't a melodrama and the ratings weren't 1.71 like the season 5 finale?

    I ask these same questions over and over again at every episode, and I only vent my frustration because the ratings are so low and Suits could be a contender for best drama if they listened to my advice and reverted back to the things of season one that worked, as in, dial down the emotional outbursts over nothing, stop the soap opera infighting, move the camera back and film more coverage on location to improve the look and quality of production, reduce the number of episodes to force the writers to fight for the most important ideas which should increase the number of events per minute, spend more time building cases and practicing corporate law, and flesh out an original story that isn't based on someone bringing down the firm because that's been done to death!

    In season 6 I'd fast forward several years, and kill off Rachel as nobody cares about that relationship anyway and turn Mike into an alcoholic law professor who's trying to solve the case of her murder and in the meantime takes cases on the side with Harvey's small law firm, while training young students on how to excel in a world of suits. The show was good when it was about young lawyers overcoming Lewis. It would also be filled with trial law cases (as they're more interesting than the boring strategic maneuvering involved in corporate law cases) and they'd be current and unique, and they'd take time to establish and develop, all the while revealing more and more information about what happened in the missing years through backstory. I'd even put Mike back in his old apartment in Brooklyn! I guarantee that's a far more interesting idea, than whatever melodrama they're about to do in season 6.

    Suits should look to Better Call Saul for inspiration, as that's how a law show should be done.
  • language

    I love to watch Suits. But why does Harvey, Donna and others have to take Gods name in vain. They say Jesus Christ like it means nothing It is so discouraging to have a great show like Suits lower themselves using Jesus Christ as a swear word. Come on writers, you guys are better than that.
  • The stitching is coming apart at the seams

    This is a review for any episode you like from the last 3 or so seasons:

    Character #1 starts explaining something to character #2 in such a way that character #2 misunderstands and interrupts half way through, over reacting and going straight into a very harsh rebuke. Character #1, instead of explaining what character #2 has misunderstood, then retaliates with further harsh words until both characters are not speaking to one another. Then both characters do something without telling the other, which is found out later on by the further misunderstanding of intention and more harsh reactions.

    Rince and repeat.

    I used to love Suits, I've given up now. If the writers come up with a different plot line, someone give me a poke.
  • Is it just me, or did suits season 6 go to shit?

    I used to really love this show but since the start of season 6 I find it almost unwatchable (final few episodes of season 5 were starting to get silly as well). The scenes with Mike in prison are so unbelievably fake. Marble floors in a prison? The entire setting from the prisoners, prison guards and conversations are such bullshit.

    The character interactions and dialogue are total garbage. I'd love to have a great Secretary too but if I had a smartass know-it-all like Donna I'd throw her out the window.

    Suits used to be inspiring (if somewhat overly dramatic), but now it's just idiotic and best "suited" (pun indented) for simpletons who really believe this is how people at the top of their game actually behave and talk.

    Never seen a great show jump the shark so badly. With so much other great tv on right now I can't justify wasting any more time watching it.
  • Going down hill

    Remember when it was in NY with Austin Martin's and Teslas. Now it's in Toronto in a GMC Suburban. They are not even trying anymore. I mean you can't escape seeing a Petro-Canada gas station on their way past the King's highway exits or Their office being in front of a Scotia bank. It's all too distracting.

    It went from Suits to Cheap Suits.

    After watching season 1 I thought this was a but with layers who outsmart everyone in the end. But then as you progress in seasons it becomes more soapy than clever.
  • Lazy Writing could kill this great show

    We have always LOVED Suits!

    This season especially, most of the characters use "God-damned" as an adjective or adverb in half of their sentences. It's getting tired and old.

    Feedback to your writers: If you've received a jurisprudence degree, you're among the most educated in society. It seems not accurate and somewhat lazy for the script writers of educated characters to use so many expletives rather than more creative adverbs and adjectives. Please clean up their mouths a little more so we can better enjoy the wonderful, creative writing that Suits has always been!

  • A different show!

    Now... I know that this would have probably happened sooner or later, but I didn't expected that it would have happened like this!

    Suits was one of the brightest show on tv untill last year, and now, this season has turned into something completely different, boring and so out ot theme that I'm starting to be really annoyed!

    And now even Jessica is out of the games, she was the last strong character that interested me..

    I hope that it returns to its glorious, I always loved the loyalty fact about this show and I still do, but without Jessica they need to step up or it will never be so good again!
  • Gone to Cr@p

    Was one of best then season 6 came out and it is like a totally different show. Novice, amateur script writing that even good actors can't pull off convincingly- so bad. How does one go from hit to miss so quickly? Fire these writers - cheesy, predictive and unreal. Just end already so my cringing can stop.
  • Plummeting

    Writing has gotten lazier and lazier as phrases such as "shit the bed" have become the norm on this used-to-be-great show. So disappointing to have the plot completely played out and now it's boiled down to predictable and silly foreshadowing and how many swear words can we squeeze in this week. Time for the actors to move on and put Suits to bed.
  • What's with all the profanity in the script???

    This writing is the worst of any TV show on the air. In the latest episode I counted 67 incidents of profanity in the dialogue. Such lazy writing! You have RUINED this show. Every scene is an argument. BORING.
  • Must be new writers this season

    The previous seasons were interesting and well written.

    This season, it has turned into a soap opera. Boring as hell with lots of screaming and over acting.

    I have removed it from my watch list.
  • Hard Work

    I don't know why I continue to watch suits. Terrible show used to be good not so much now Goodbye suits
  • Great series

    Love it
  • Goodbye suits!!

    I used to love Suits... Now it's just a bunch of foreshadowing and lame punchlines. There's no real interest in the characters anymore.. We used to watch so we could see how witty Mike would be in his very interesting maneuvers in his legal cases. Same reoccurring storyline that keeps going on forever. The fake lawyer still being a lawyer in jail.. It's almost as if there are new writers for the show because it's super corny. Anyway TaTa..... Suits.
  • suits

    The best serial ever !!! Top on the top !
  • August 3rd Episode

    I really enjoy your show when I can see it and I loved last week's episode. That young guy who I haven't see before was so adorable, i'm talking about the "stuttering ass clown". Oh that scene was the best, so funny and he was so sweet and innocent. Are you going to have him a recurring part. I could see some real good character development with his stuttering and innocence. And what a cutie for the younger girls. Loved this and look forward to next week and hoping to see him again.
  • Same over & over again

    I really do enjoy Suits, perhaps i should have said "did", why oh why are the writers on a loop of everyone trying to get Harvey removed from the firm, every time he manages to fight them off it lasts a couple of weeks & then someone else tries it. Why has no-one suggested that Mike actually trains legally to be a lawyer, more & more people are finding out the secret & yet no-one has blabbed? ridiculous, & bringing Daniel Hardman back again is just a boring groan, i think they need to add a few more lawyers in to the filming so they can broaden the story lines, all that seems to happen is that they jump from firm to firm to beg them not to leave them & take their business else where, please writers, get off the merry-go-round ts getting to repetitive & at times boring x freshen it up with new ideas for these fabulous characters
  • Hell, I'm in

    A common thread I find in series I'm drawn to is character interaction and development. This is a great cast, playing characters I care about. While Mike's early betrayal in prison was telegraphed enough as to have been intentional, the dynamics within the remnants of the firm promises a nice twisty ride. The writers could go insane and plunge Jessica and Company through a time tunnel into some dude ranch, and I'd still probably tag along.
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