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    I tried watching Suits 2 times because of Meghan's association with Prince Harry. IT IS THE WORST SHOW EVER. ACTING IS TERRIBLE, EMOTIONLESS AND THE PLOT OF THE SHOW IS MEANINGLESS. Who cares about Rachel approaching another paralegal because her work was done by someone else. The plots are super boring. Other good shows like Walking Dead, their acting makes me feel like I am there with them. BORING BORING BORING BORING

    Sorry Meghan and Prince Harry. Show stinks. You're better off marrying Prince Harry and not embarrass yourself.
  • What's with all the profanity in the script???

    This writing is the worst of any TV show on the air. In the latest episode I counted 67 incidents of profanity in the dialogue. Such lazy writing! You have RUINED this show. Every scene is an argument. BORING.
  • Suits Sinks Below Bar

    Suits is a great show with terrific characters and an excellent story to tell. However, the writers are destroying it by using the name of Jesus Christ in vain when anyone (any and all characters) is even moderately frustrated. This deplorable writing started to turn me away from the show last summer, but now I see it has gotten even worse and I will not be watching Suits. I am probably not the only Christian on this planet that feels as I do. This profanity is limiting the audience for no good reason and significantly lowering the otherwise high intelligence level of this show.
  • The premise of this show does not simply stretch the truth. It is impossible. IM-PO-SSI-BLE.


    Just for one moment, could we all please address the 600 pound gorilla in the room? This entire show is based on an impossible premise. The premise I'm talking about is that Mike can practice law just by having passed by the bar exam, and that the only deceit is that he graduated from Harvard. DOH! To practice law you need to be admitted to the bar of the jurisdiction in which you intend to practice. In New York, as in every state, to be admitted to the bar, passing the bar exam is NOT ENOUGH. Among other things you need to show proof that you graduated from an accredited law school, and that proof must take the form of a final transcript showing that you graduated and showing three years' worth of grades. So, obviously, Mike is not and cannot be a member of the New York bar or the bar of any other state. As such the scams and deceits of the show's characters pale in comparison to the scam that the show's producers and writers are perpetrating on those gullible enough to tune in every week. And I should know - I'm a lawyer. And a member of the New York bar. And, for the record, a graduate of Harvard Law School. (Don't get me started about all the baloney about HLS that the show propagates ....)

  • Suits commercial

    Never seen the show but just heard GD on a commercial for it. Please I do not want to hear this and I don't want innocent children to hear it either!

  • Hard Work

    I don't know why I continue to watch suits. Terrible show used to be good not so much now Goodbye suits
  • The stitching is coming apart at the seams

    This is a review for any episode you like from the last 3 or so seasons:

    Character #1 starts explaining something to character #2 in such a way that character #2 misunderstands and interrupts half way through, over reacting and going straight into a very harsh rebuke. Character #1, instead of explaining what character #2 has misunderstood, then retaliates with further harsh words until both characters are not speaking to one another. Then both characters do something without telling the other, which is found out later on by the further misunderstanding of intention and more harsh reactions.

    Rince and repeat.

    I used to love Suits, I've given up now. If the writers come up with a different plot line, someone give me a poke.
  • Is it just me, or did suits season 6 go to shit?

    I used to really love this show but since the start of season 6 I find it almost unwatchable (final few episodes of season 5 were starting to get silly as well). The scenes with Mike in prison are so unbelievably fake. Marble floors in a prison? The entire setting from the prisoners, prison guards and conversations are such bullshit.

    The character interactions and dialogue are total garbage. I'd love to have a great Secretary too but if I had a smartass know-it-all like Donna I'd throw her out the window.

    Suits used to be inspiring (if somewhat overly dramatic), but now it's just idiotic and best "suited" (pun indented) for simpletons who really believe this is how people at the top of their game actually behave and talk.

    Never seen a great show jump the shark so badly. With so much other great tv on right now I can't justify wasting any more time watching it.
  • Must be new writers this season

    The previous seasons were interesting and well written.

    This season, it has turned into a soap opera. Boring as hell with lots of screaming and over acting.

    I have removed it from my watch list.
  • Clich, to say the least.

    This show is so clich that it actually hurts. I know there are many out there who likes these "goodfeel" happy-ending stories, but I am certainly not among them. The show has some entertainment value while watching it, but when you reflect over what happened a bit after this I was left with one thought: "Wtf?" The story is not credible, and the awkward Mike Ross characters is one the least well characters I've probably ever seen. The dialog between him and the gorgeous Rachel is so fake that no breathing human being can give it credit. Not to mention how predictable it all is. For those who have seen the show "White collar" it's a lot of the same. Every time something goes wrong you can see the solution coming from miles away. The character Harvey Specter is a little bit more likable, but still doesn't impress me. Reminds me of Robert Dawney Jr. in Iron Man. This guy is too cool for himself, and I'm definitely not buying it. I sincerely recommend you find something else to watch. But maybe this is just me.
  • Suits - Ready for the Thrift Store

    The new season of Suits has started with to lack luster bickering episodes that are a waste of TV users time. Hope the show corrects the downward spiral they are acting out in the show.
  • No more fun !

    Everyone has become a caricature of themselves. Louis is getting ridiculous and I want to slap his face, when he screws up his eyes.

    I am surprised that Donna did not recognize that Stephanie is the same as she. Donna would not have done work she did not deem up to her skills.

    Does anyone know who is playing Dr. Lipschuetz ? I can't find him in the cast and I like him.
  • Bad language and arguments among the partners isn't improving the show

    I watched season 1 of Suits and thought it was pretty good but as it has progressed, it seems all the partners do is fight among themselves and curse unnecessarily. The use of God's name in vain, especially in places in the dialogue that it doesn't even fit, is really convincing me this show is headed to the toilet. It's also a bit astonishing that you never see the supposedly largest and best law firm in the city with the brightest lawyers and they never have a case go to court.
  • Gone to Cr@p

    Was one of best then season 6 came out and it is like a totally different show. Novice, amateur script writing that even good actors can't pull off convincingly- so bad. How does one go from hit to miss so quickly? Fire these writers - cheesy, predictive and unreal. Just end already so my cringing can stop.
  • It ain't just the Baptist that're offended.

    I have decided to stop watching Suits. Last night was the last straw. No less than 3-5 G-Ds in less than 3-5 minutes. I stopped watching in the middle of the show, deleted the program, and deleted the series from my recording schedule. Never again.
  • Does anyone have a creative idea

    I feel like Suits is on a continuous loop. Why don't you focus on clients instead of just rehashing the same old stories with the partners? It is really getting old.
  • endless infighting - I cant watch it anymore

    This show started out after the first 2 seasons, deteriorated into endless infighting between Gabriel and the lady who is the Managing Partner. Its just hi-level name calling. I stopped watching or DVRing this show. The Law Firm they are in seems to have dissolved and been reconstituted 10 times already.
  • No Law Degree?!

    OK. I love the show but I'm so over the thing about people finding out that Mike didn't go to law school. I was hoping since Mike and Harvey are at different firms that this story line is in the past for good. But I guess not and may not watch the rest of this episode or any others because of it. Very childish. So is the jealousy with Rachel.
  • Bad Script

    I use to love Suits, but this new season all the characters sound the same, same charactor played by different actors. Everyone says God damm right, it use to be used once or twice during an episode, by Harvey or Jessica, now it seems like the writer only use that and lately Jesus Christ for dialog?! What happend? Losing interest fast. Please be more
  • Do something different

    I really have no idea why am I watching its the suits :))

    WHAT IS GOING ON???.... it's a total absurd. And the managing Lady - what is her deal.. uuuu I'm here, everybody listen to me now.

    Just take some plots from other shows.... just do something
  • Too mean and nasty

    So tired of the infighting, backbiting, and betrayals. No integrity or redeeming value gained in watching this show.
  • Season 4- horrible scriptwriting this season, guys

    I never usually write comments or reviews, but Suits used to be my 2nd favourite show. USED TO.

    and now... apparently theyve employed bold and the beautiful scriptwriters to write season 4

    so sad

    and so disappointed. Characters who i used to love are now predictable, boring and 1 dimensional. How did luis turn into the constant loser all of a sudden? donna's not coming up with anything new or interesting.

    ill watch the last 2 episodes just so i can say with 100% confidence that this show has turned shit. mike's too good for your stupid dramatic soap opera with no substance or wit.

  • What's with the GD?

    Why all the sudden are you spewing GD all over the place? My home is my safe haven from all that trash and I don't allow that in my house.

    Good bye Suits .. keep your trash talk to yourself
  • When Did Suits Become an Estrogen Fest?

    I use to like Suits. It was light with a fun premise that we all enjoy (see "Catch Me if You Can"). BUt, when did Suits abandon it's original "Buddy/imposter"premise for the Estrogen Fest? This is a different show. It use to be about 2 guys. Now its about 3 or 4 women a couple of minor characters (played by the original 2 guys). Also, when did it go from fun episodes that had all kinds of clients (and conclusions) to one story about one client (with some lame attempt at a weekly cliffhanger) for the entire season. It's a feakin' Soap Opera now. I love shows that I can watch with my wife. This use to be one of them. Now even she's rejecting it because it's not the same show. USA has a diverse viewership I'm sure, but this show has abandoned regular guys. Maybe USA just wants to get it syndicated on Bravo or OWN. And bringing on all that great talent just makes it worse because they are so underutilized. And giving Louis a pussy to fight for? OMG, did the film school dropout director just watch "The Departed?"
  • blindsided

    I love the show but this epi sucked. Mikes holier than thou attitude went overboard to stupidity. And what kind of shitty weed were they smoking? No one got high?

    I still love the show but please get it right.

    I find that good writers can make their points and compel an audience without profanity. I have enjoyed the storyline and characters, but the increasing amount of profanity has taken away from any pleasure in the program. I certainly hope the writers will aspire to better choices ,and find the purity in writing to reveal the characters without demeaning them and robbing them of class. Yes, I can and will choose about further watching of what was a great program.
  • lose the mean,bullying Litt

    Just watched the season Litt is like this the next will stop attitude did NOt allow me to enjoy this at
  • This show is bullshit

    Come on writers, find a new curse word. The next time I hear one of your bullshit characters says "bullshit"... Are there any good drama series left?
  • only so long you can watch ...

    only so long you can bare to watch a show full of single character has an ego as big as (fill in)

    i need a break ,i ll watch this season sometime next year

  • Scenario

    Possible Scenario Season 6. Why did Gibbs take the plea without getting Harvey or Jessica? Maybe she also knew that the verdict was not guilty. Possible prosecutorial misconduct?
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